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Including what we found in Scientology before it became a cult

If you are tired of buying your way up the Bridge…

You need to consider what is available in the world of independent scientology. (As opposed to Corporate $cientology)

We have professionals who care, we have field practices that handle you as an individual, not your dwindling bankroll. We have academies that actually teach you valuable skills instead of holding you hostage for repeated crush registration events.

We don’t have vast, echoing Idle Orgs with frightened staff members and surly security guards eying you suspiciously. We don’t have time to put on ginormous events full of empty pagentry and high impact implant technology pushing half-baked ideas.

We are too busy servicing those who want to go free to spend a lot of time coaxing the cowed masses to abandon the steaming wreckage of the cult of Miscavige. We welcome those who make the decision to save themselves, but they need to decide for themselves what they wish to do. The coercion of the cult does not exist out here and those who expect to be led by the hand will find that taking responsibility for oneself is expected, not optional.

You will have a chance to discover the treasures that once made Scientology the holy grail for seekers of spiritual adventures. There was a time long ago when people with amazing spiritual abilities gathered and shared ideas in the heydays of Scientology. Those people can now be found in the independent field and they are made welcome and their abilities are swiftly rehabilitated after long years of invalidation by the cult of mediocrity that is run by D Miscavige.

The prospects are incredibly bright for those who have made their way out into the world of independent scientology. A spiritual reformation is taking place and more people are getting involved every day.

All that is required is for you to honestly apply the Doubt Formula to your personal life and choose the course that leads you to greater survival for yourself, your family and your community. Not all who yearn for freedom will break free of the cult of Miscavige. Some will be frightened by the need to take responsibility for their lives and will return to the smothering reassurance of cult life.

Freedom may not be everyone’s idea of a good time. It has to be earned, after all.

When you are ready to experience freedom, we will be here to help if needed.

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solal  on May 17th, 2011

I see that there is written in my old mngmnt ser vol 1 esto series that there is no esto series 34. this is at the bottom of esto ser 33.pg.259 So where would this come from? My Vol is dated 1986.

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