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OT abilities expand in a high ARC environment – part 3

We have a new title for this series of posts: OT abilities expand in a high ARC environment

I have updated the title of this series of articles to more accurately capture the fact that an environment full of life and good feelings encourages people to develop and expand their OT abilities. That was Scientology in the early Seventies and before.

Environments full of invalidation and fear make people pull back into themselves and inhibit paranormal abilities. That is what Scientology became in the Eighties and beyond.

What happens in a oppressive and hostile environment?

We have a situation in the Church of Scientology today where people are audited into higher states of awareness and then are forced to deny what their abilities reveal.

Ignoring the rampant psychosis in upper management must be an ordeal for an OT VII. If an OT allows herself to think about what is occurring, she could be denied further auditing. If she denies what she is seeing, she is invalidating her case state. This is madness in the making.  (must reach – can’t reach!)

Ignoring the blatant imposition of off-policy actions requires you to turn a blind eye on everything you learned as a student and requires you to not-know the Keeping Scientology Working policy letter.

This not-know by Scientologists in the church is so similar to life in Orwell’s “1984″ that it is truly scary.

Where can you find the joy of creating OT abilities?

Right now, the high ARC environments seem to be found outside the church where a growing number of people are finding that they are Clear and can get a variety of services that address what they want handled. People who have been stopped on the Bridge for years by arbitrary decisions of the CofS are now proceeding up the bridge and getting every service they were once denied.

What about OT abilities in the Church?

Inside the church, you will only find posters promising freedom and tired staff trying to get you to donate for bigger buildings. After you run the gauntlet of registrars and ethics officers, you face interminable Security Checks from increasingly paranoid service organizations.

If you have read this blog or any of the other Independent Scientology blogs, you are toast. According to the CofS,   “Ignorance is Strength”.

People are still moving up the Bridge, God bless them, but it takes incredible dedication and a willingness to endure more evaluation and invalidation than was ever necessary in past years. If you have OT abilities and mention them you will probably get sent to Ethics for squirreling.

What were the good times like?

I was a Mission Holder in the Eighties and Nineties, but I managed to stay below the radar by delivering good products and never having refunds. SMI, the group the ran missions, had its hands full with more important matters and I was able to run my mission for many years without interference.

We seemed to have an unusual number of PCs and Staff who had been in Scientology or associated with Scientology in a former lifetime. I audited a number of them to Clear and some went on to make major contributions to Scientology  organizations.

We had Friday night lectures and I covered the standard topics like the Dynamics and how they worked, Handling Conditions, the value of training, etc.. However I also covered the LRH lectures on time and on handling mental image pictures, which gave the listeners an opportunity to ask questions and discuss what could be accomplished by a being in good shape.

We would organize impromptu exercises where we would use our OT abilities as a group.

Here is just one of our adventures:

Our lease was up in a less than desirable area and we knew we needed to move to an upstat area where there was more traffic and a more aesthetic environment. After the mission closed one night, we discussed what we needed in a new location and we discussed how the move would be accomplished.

We agreed that the move would be made and I asked them what color truck would be moving us. They got the impression of a white truck and even identified the owner.

I then asked them to get the idea where the truck would go when it left with the furniture and moving boxes.

Everyone immediately got the idea that the truck would be heading down a particular highway a few miles southwest of our current location. Some got an impression of a shopping center on the left hand side some 8 miles away.

We piled into our cars and drove to the spot where we had all “seen” the truck and continued on down the highway. A number of miles further on we spotted a small but upscale strip mall anchored by a coffee shop on the front end. It was after dark and there were no lights on in the strip mall or on the big sign at the entrance.

We looked all over the strip mall and could see no vacancy but the longer we stood there the more certain we were that this was the place. We were still puzzled when we left and I felt there was a mystery to be solved.

I came back the next day and the first thing that met my eye was a card saying “VACANCY” on the big sign at the entrance.  I called the number on the sign and found a large display room with living quarters located immediately over the coffee shop. It was a fantastic location with a view.

I rented the place and we prepared to move the mission.

Something happened which suggests that the future is predictable and it also mutable.

After all, LRH says the universe itself in a continuing series of postulates and counter postulates and the future is a result of your postulates and everyone else’s postulates. You intend something to happen and it happens if you intend it to happen (and no one else has a counter-intentention).

In the very beginning of our OT ability project I had asked the group what color truck would pull up in front of the mission and move us. Everyone immediately saw the medium-sized  white flatbed truck and we all saw the truck parked heading toward the parking lot.

On moving day, the white truck arrived but it was parked the wrong way with the front wheels pointing down a short flight of steps!

This was upsetting, as we had all clearly seen this truck facing the other way. On asking the driver, he said he had considered backing into the area in front of the mission, but decided that he could drive the truck down the steps fully loaded with no problem.

He was right. There was no problem and I learned a valuable lesson. The future is created by those who are involved in it so what you “see” looking at a future event may change as others change their considerations.

It doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t look but it shows that the future is affected by the  decisions of those involved.

My wife and I used a similar technique later to find out which used car dealer had the car we were going to buy.  We just “looked” to see which direction we drove the car home from. We knew we had to have a car and we knew our price range. All we had to find out was which dealer would have the right car for us. That’s where we would be driving from.

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lunamoth  on January 8th, 2010

My 2D and I used to play a game much like this!

It was simply visualizing between the two of us the “ideal scene” for some area of our joint life. It was just fun to mock it up, describe it, admire it, grant it complete beingness and reality, and then put ourselves out there in the future, interacting with it. We haven’t done that in a long time…

What do you know.

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