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You are PTS until you escape the suppression of the Church of $cientology

Some Confront Required :(I published this a year ago and am posting it again as there are some people who still don’t get the fact that being connected to the CO$ puts their survival at risk.

One of the most unfortunate effects of David Miscavige’s efforts to create a cult mentality in the church of $cientology was the creation of a culture that is afraid of change. They are desperately unhappy with what is going on, but they are even more afraid that they will lose their place on the “Bridge to Total Freedom”. This is a prime example of a middle class culture as described by LRH.

Church members are given wrong indications, are made to repeat actions that they have already completed to a win, and are subject to being declared “Not Clear” or “Unflat” on an OT level at the whim of the CL IV auditor who currently runs the church, but they submit to these bizarre orders and stifle any counter-thoughts for fear of being declared Suppressive.

They are in constant fear and will go ballistic when any of their friends show signs of breaking away from the treadmill and escaping from the church of Scientology. Their lives are a constant hell of having to watch what they say, what they think, and who they associate with. They do not recognize that they are living under enormous suppression and are contributing to the suppression of others every day.

If any friend or family member shows signs of knowing about the abuses at Int Base or asks to be shown LRH policy, this drives them frantic because they will have to disconnect from that person and everyone who supports him.

Let’s look at how this affects you as a loyal, hardworking and productive Scientologist. If you are an employee of a WISE company, or your customer base, clients, or tenants are scientologists, your livelihood is put in immediate jeopardy as soon as you are suspected of heresy or of asking questions about management decisions.

You can try to cover up your secret yearnings to be free, but your attitude will eventually give you away. You will be spotted by those who watch for signs of disaffection and marked down for a special interview.

It is hard to feign unquestioning loyalty as you continue to receive wrong indications about your contributions and your state of case. At some point, you will probably relax your guard and the toady squad will spot your lack of enthusiasm and report you as disaffected.

It may be at an event when you fail to cheer and clap at stats that you know are false. It may be late at night when you fail to respond cheerfully to an 11:00 pm call for a Special Briefing. It will definitely happen when you refuse to remortgage your house for the Idle Org project because you know it is a scam. At some point, you will flash back against the madness and find yourself realizing that you have been denying your knowingness for years.

You may have broken your conditioning at this point, but you are now going to come under attack from the people you consider to be friends. You will be attacked with insane ferocity because you have restimulated the fears that your friends have been desperately suppressing for so many years. They are going to take it out on you because you are escaping and they will come under investigation. They are PTS to the Middle Class and you have been also, but you are on your way to handling it.

Here is what LRH said about that kind of situation. I am sure he never expected that the middle class he describes in this quote would be the loyal church members of the CofS.

In MORE ON PTS HANDLING, HCOB 16 April 1982, LRH says; “PTS is a connection to an SP. That is true. But what may be overlooked is that persons of the middle class (which is a culture, not an income bracket, to which belong all the puritan hypocritical mores of the cop and the get-a-job-be-a-moderate-plugging-success) frown very terribly on anything that at the least bit tries to make a better world. The middle class wants the world of a job and order and even hypocrisy and cops because they are AFRAID. They hold their narrow views because any other views may disturb their twenty-year house mortgage, the store, the job. So when someone decides to make a better world, they look on him as a direct menace even though the dull middle-class world is a sort of slavery and suicide. It is the middle class that tries the hardest to keep the down-and-outer out and down, who go along with a cop America and hate support of anything not in their class. And nearly every PTS you have will be found one way or another to be PTS to the middle class. As a group, not as individuals, the middle-class parent world suppress anything different. So you have PTSes.

Those of you who are reading this and cannot comment under your real names, know exactly what I am writing about. Your connections, either family or business, seem to make it impossible for you to bring sanity into your lives. I am not suggesting that you throw caution to the winds and announce your true feelings if that would bring financial or marital ruin, but I do suggest that you recognize that YOU ARE PTS and should apply the tech necessary to get you out of this painful and debilitating situation before it affects your health and your sanity.

You do realize, I hope, that it is self-destructive to be walking around with all of these withholds and unkind thoughts about Sea Org abuses, Miscavige’s villainy, and your inability to achieve stable case gain.

What I can say for sure is that your IQ and your abilities and your enjoyment of life will skyrocket once you figure out what you have to do to handle your PTSness to the middle class of $cientology.

When you make that decision, you will find that there are many people willing to help you out here in the world of Independent Scientology.

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Penny Krieger  on May 25th, 2011


Another excellent post and so true! Five years ago when I last had auditing at the AOLA, the whole program I was on, which was supposed to be OT Preps was WRONG. I have been around the block, trained on a few auditor courses and if I had/have charge on something, I am the first to “get right to it”. It was pretty horrifying having no one to discuss this with for at least 4 years after I extricated myself from that org! I thought maybe my case was different than anyone else in Scientology when they (the auditor & CS) kept trying to run me on stuff that was either never charged in the first place or had already been handled. Had an L under my belt, KTL, LOC, Clear and many great rundowns, like the HRD, FPRD, and so forth. My attempt to get onto OT1 after finishing my Solo 1 was nothing less than a nightmare. Came back home and went to work. One game in life where NO ONE can invalidate my wins. This was a little over 5 years ago.

We all want to be free and realize our full potentials but it is virtually impossibly with the current out ethics regging going on for altered LRH books (the basics), IAS which per LRH policy is illegal, Sec Checks in the middle of major rundowns (OT VII) which is gross out tech per LRH, to say nothing of having to redo and redo and redo the bridge one has already done!

Luckily, I had a brief chance to meet Jason Begeigh, years back, when he was just starting out at CCLA. At that time, I observed that he was very nice and granted a lot of beingness. It was the talk of CC, at the time, how he flew up the bridge so I definitely had him slotted firmly in my memory as a social personality. When I saw something on AOL about his leaving Scientology, it got my attention.

By now, I had been simmering in my own BPC for over 4 years and decided to take a look and the enlightenment began. Watched, listened, continued and watched some more. Personally, I had many more wins than he did as he goes into detail about certain rundowns that did nothing for him but, I do not discredit that he was coming in from a very able space and know for a fact that he did not receive standard tech. He is a world class communicator, very honest and dynamic. He has done much to help the violations of human rights that are occurring in the SO as I type these words and I admire him, just for the record.
That was the beginning. Pulled away from my online research for a week as many of my stable datums were getting shaken down to the bone but then began to truly look online for everything and anything that had to do with my questions about Scientology, particularly for the last 25 years, which coincides pretty closely with LRH’s death.

I have left the church but use the tech daily AND have gotten into session out in the “Independent Field” and did not get INVALIDATED by the auditor or the CSing and had my basic goodness validated. For those of you on the fence…you can do your bridge and get more standard auditing and CARE than you will ever get in the nightmare that is the current C of S. “When in doubt, communicate.” L. Ron Hubbard, and I agree. Keep reading!

OldAuditor  on May 26th, 2011

Penny, I am glad to hear that you have been getting in session.
Thanks for sharing your story.

Getting your abilities and your basic goodness validated must be such a relief after the long nightmare of the C of S.

As your story makes clear, leaving the church is only the first step. Handling the by-passed charge from wrong indications and out-tech actions is vital to making a full recovery.

Those who leave the church but do not handle the effects of that suppression are still connected emotionally to the suppressive influence. Getting in session with a caring Independent auditor can restore failed purposes in just a few hours.

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