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Are you letting others cut your reach?

Life can be considered to be a matter of reaching and withdrawing on various matters and dynamics.

A reach is expansion while a withdrawal is contraction. Life at its best is a balance of reaching and withdrawing.

For example, a pleasing conversation is a matter of reaching out and communicating, then withdrawing to allow the other person to reach back with an answer. The pleasure moments that stick in your memory are usually those times when you were in really good communication with someone else.

A stimulating planning or design session involves reaching and withdrawing by all participants. If an equitable balance is maintained by the group leader, everyone involved feels invigorated by the session.

The closeness of a personal relationships is defined by the balance of reaching and withdrawing that exists.

Too much reaching overwhelms others and you will lose your circle of acquaintances. Too little reaching denies you the pleasures of being a group member.

You learn through experience that there is an appropriate balance of reaching and withdrawing in every area of interaction with other lifeforms. Life is best when you set your own balance of reaching and withdrawing on all dynamics.

Contrast this with those times when others prevented you from reaching out to communicate or to contribute. The action of cutting your reach was an effort to diminish you and destroy your effectiveness. It can be done at many levels on the tone scale.

Others can cut your reach by grabbing you by the neck and screaming in your face, as is practiced in the highest levels of the Church of Scientology today.

Physical violence may have been by parents to cut your reach as a child. It is often used in groups that are low on the tone scale.

Ridicule is a way of cutting your reach and is used by those who are afraid to use physical violence on you.

At higher tone levels, you are shushed or told to be quiet so that more important people can speak.

At the highest tone levels, you are acknowledged so thoroughly that you stop reaching because you realize that your reach has succeeded. You got your point across and it’s time to start listening to what is coming your way.

If you are experiencing too many efforts to cut your reach, you need to evaluate the entire scene. Are you stuck on compulsive outflow where you are reaching more than you are withdrawing?

This can creep up on you in a relationship where you are being rebuffed far more than you are being encouraged. It can also be observed when you let your communication go on automatic and you become a bore without realizing it.

On the other hand, if you are being subjected to frequent ridicule, verbal attacks or physical violence, you have probably allowed yourself to slip into some sort of degraded relationship and you need to get help. Staying where you are will result in your becoming physically ill and emotionally damaged.

If you find yourself in this last condition, get some advice from an Independent Scientologist. There are more of them available every month. They can point you to the technology that will help you deal with your situation.


Thought provoking  on January 11th, 2010

Awesome article and great examples. This concept has helped me so much over the past few years. It is actually how I determined that I needed to withdraw from the church. It was never a disconnect, just a withdrawl from the scene. The various blogs have been my first major reach back into Scientology. It is possible that I may have reached earlier had the blogs been available. The service they provide is invaluable.

Jonathon  on January 12th, 2010

“At higher tone levels, you are shushed or told to be quiet so that more important people can speak.”

No one has gone out of their way to shush me, but I have come to this conclusion on my own. After all, if there are OTs grouping up to reform the church and save Scientology, I should fade into the background as a spectator and allow them to do it without my interference.

I don’t know if others feel like this.

OldAuditor  on January 12th, 2010

My point in writing this was to get people to examine whether they were unknowingly letting their reach be cut by others.

Please don’t be reasonable. If you have something to say or to contribute to any activity, do it!

There are always people with more training or more ability, but that does not mean that your contributions are not important. You will gain certainty as you contribute to any activity.

You will also notice that the leaders of any activity are not always going in the direction that is right for you. If you don’t speak up, you will never know whether their choice of directions is based on data or on some arbitrary.

If you choose to sit at the back of the bus and be a spectator, you may be surprised and possibly disappointed when you arrive at the final destination.

P. Henry  on January 12th, 2010

Old Auditor, very good article! Thank you.

Reach and withdraw is such an incredibly powerful tool. It was a tool that I been using, as was ARC, way before I ever crossed paths with Scientology. But when I got involved in Scn and began to learn the mechanics of R & W and ARC, at that point, those tools became Super Tools!

Around the time I was learning the mechanics of R&W or soon after there was a movie that came out that had a great R&W scene. The movie was The Black Stallion by Francis Ford Copolla. In the beginning of the movie there’s a scene where a young boy and the Black Stallion are marooned on an island and there is this incredible demo of R&W between the boy and the stallion played out on the beach. It was a beautiful scene.

Ummm…I just now had the cognition that where I first discovered the use of R&W was in my own experiences in working with horses.

I love youtube! I just found the scene I was talking about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1ihzkEFwqE

Note: I recently posted a new blog: http://scnstories.ning.com/profiles/blogs/how-in-the-hell-did-i-get-here

P. Henry  on January 13th, 2010

Old Auditor,

Just so you know, I imported your article to my ning network, Walking Around the Elephant.

See it here: http://scnstories.ning.com/forum/topics/are-you-letting-others-cut

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