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How to make sure you get the most out of your Independent Scientology auditing

Some of my readers are ex-staff members who are now getting auditing from Independent Scientologists. From the questions I am getting it appears that some received very little auditing that would produce case gain while on staff and as a result they have never been well set up to be “in session”.

Based on recent reports I have read, the Sec Checks some received were wildly non-standard and were designed to cave the person in rather than to get meaningful data. As a result, some staff members may have less reality on real auditing than public  just off the street even though the staff members spent years in scientology.

Furthermore staff members have often gone in session with out body rudiments just so that they could actually get some needed auditing.

With this kind of background, a former staff member should take the time to learn about sessionability and how auditing is really supposed to work before he goes in session. Your auditor is going to work with you as he is motivated to see that you get case gain, but you as a PC need to take responsibility for getting case gain also.

Just because you have found a great auditor who grants beingness and really knows his stuff, don’t expect that the auditing is going to fly on its own.

All the auditor is doing in a session is coaxing you to look. Auditor and PC need to be in very close communication for the PC to handle charged areas.  You are the guy doing the heavy lifting and you need to have an auditor that you trust. If there is a lack of trust for any reason, auditing will not occur. If you have not been completely open with your auditor, auditing will probably not occur.

You can be eager to get auditing and have great ARC with your auditor but there may be things going on in your universe that you have not thought to mention. There are a million things that can prevent gains and they are not all obvious to you, the preclear. Here are just a few:

Is there something that you want handled that is not being addressed? Do you have considerations about auditing that you aren’t able to discuss? Do you have expectations from auditing that you have never shared with your auditor?

If there are things that you are not willing to talk to the auditor about, that will create a huge barrier to getting gains in session.

If you are taking medicines that prevent you from seeing mental image pictures, you will struggle in session even with the best available auditors.

If you are not getting enough sleep, you may still be able to function and work, but you will have a hard time finding things in auditing.

If you have handled all that I have mentioned and things are not going as YOU EXPECTED, you need to speak up and get a metered interview. A metered DofP interview might cast light on what is going on.

Auditing is not a matter of going on hoping. An auditor and the CS must get information from the Preclear when things are going slowly.

There are many ways to clean things up and get you winning in session. Metered interviews and correction lists are among the tools that are used to find out what is creating a problem for the preclear.

As a PC, I did not run well in life repair at all until someone ran me on a special correction list and blew my case apart. After that, I was able to get wins in every auditing session.

If your auditing is not going well, talk to your auditor and make sure that you tell him or her everything that is on your mind. After years of auditing at every level on the Grade Chart, I have certainty that you will resolve any issues if you work with your auditor and CS and ARE COMPLETELY OPEN WITH THEM.

By being completely open, I mean that any consideration you have about the auditor needs to be communicated also. If the auditor’s TRs are out so that you have to be careful what you say, you will not make case gain. If the auditor’s appearance or actions causes any negative reaction in you, it will cause a problem in your auditing.

Auditing is for you and you need to be fully  in session to get the gains expected.

I have audited hundreds of PCs and no two were the same. Almost every one of them had gains beyond their wildest expectations. The technology is that good.

The only PCs that ever had difficulty getting gains were doing things that they never told anyone about BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T THINK IT MATTERED. These things were so suppressed and so justified that they didn’t register on the meter. The other area that can cause trouble is if you do not really understand what the auditor is doing and what the commands mean.

Remember this, all the auditor is doing in a session is coaxing you to look.
You need to know what to look for and how to communicate what you are seeing.

There is a definition you should study and make sure that you fully understand it:

IN SESSION: interested in own case and willing to talk to the auditor. Both need to be in for success as a PC.

Good luck!


Dmarie  on January 14th, 2010

Great article!!! I am having problems with my auditing. I always have & I have been living on the hope that one day it will start working. I have spent alot of money & ended up feeling worse than when I started. I am going for another intensive next week. I will talk to my auditor & together we can sort out what’s going on.
Website like this keep me going because I read the stories and think all these people have to have had real wins & it is going to happen to me soon.
Thanks for this article. It hit home and I will get in comm with my auditor.

Fellow Traveller  on January 14th, 2010

True for any auditing. I too have had some difficulty. All of the above is way true. I would like to add that LRH speaks of a wicked tool, extremely neglected as far as I can tell. That tool — 2WC. I have observed at the places I have been that the terminals there seem to be oblivious to it. My supposition is that 2WC requires that there be at least one thetan present and the current training seems to produce all knowing robots.

Dmarie  on January 14th, 2010

Fellow traveler could you explain 2WC? If you don’t mind me asking how were your problems resolved?

OldAuditor  on January 15th, 2010

Fellow Traveler has a wry sense of humor.

2WC is short for two-way communication, which is ideal communication whether it involves auditing or not. Most of the pleasure moments that you can recall are those moments when two-way communication were taking place.

Two way communication, 2WC for short, describes alternate reaching and withdrawing from both ends of a communication line.

The person talking to you invites you to originate communication in return.

The term describes communication where complete cycles of communication originate from both ends of the communication line. You do not see that in the CofS very much. It is generally not encouraged.

For example: a cycle of communication consists of (1) an origination, (2) an answer, and (3) an acknowledgment. That is still only a one way communication. For two way communication, both parties must be free to communicate.

Fellow Traveller  on January 15th, 2010

Thank you for bailing me out of difficulty once more, OldAuditor!

Thought provoking  on January 15th, 2010

Excellent article for those wanting to get the most out of their auditing.

My first bouts with auditing were pretty rough. I was fairly new to Scientology and quite cluelessas as to what was occuring in session. I didn’t know that I had a lot to do with the success or failure of my auditing results. This was while I was on staff. I also was awarded auditing by afield auditor. As a result, I feel that I put too much of the responsibility on the auditor for my case gain.

After quite a bit of Scientology “life” experience, I decided to buy some auditing. It had been many years since my last session and my last grade chart action had been arduous and long. I was investing a lot of money so I wanted to make sure that I got everything I could possibly get from my auditing. I assumed full responsibility for my sessions. I made sure I uderstood every command fully before it was run. I asked lots of questions and my auditor answered them all. I made sure that my body rudiments were fully in, taking naps if needed, religiously taking vitamins (which had been my biggest downfall previously), getting good sleep (including CS remedies used when I was having trouble sleeping) and eating well (lots of protein). I made sure that what I ate would sustain the session. I even did high energy drinks with extra boosts of vitamins and protein. I probably went way overboard but I wanted to make sure it went well. While I was doing my auditing, I made it my top priority, handling things in life so that I wasn’t just handling present time problems. My attitude was, if I can handle it now, I won’t have to use auditing hours handling it. I also arranged to have my auditing done intensively. This really helped prevent wasting auditing time handling present time problems. Communicating EVERYTHING to my auditor was VERY helpful.

I had just been CSed to do the CCRD and the “woman’s monthly revenge” came knocking at my door. I was crushed because this usually meant a day flat on my back for the first 24 hours. There was no way that I could be “in seeesion” the next day and I REALLY wanted to go in. I told my auditor who got the data into the CS. The CS met with me to get more specifics on what occurs, sat down with me and we worked out an exact handle of suppliments for me. I followed the recomended CS and went into session the next day on my CCRD. Not only did I not have any attention on my body, I attested to clear. By the way, I still used that CS to handle the monthly issues and it works like a charm!

It looks like a lot of effort to go through but the result was the best auditing that I have ever had. I was so exilerated that I couldn’t sleep. Not only did I work a full time job, I got so blown out by auditing wins that I joined staff part time (20 hours)on top of that plus continued with my auditing (daily). Sounds exhausting but it wasn’t. I had that much energy! I had a great team. I knew that our combined efforts were to get rid of the bank. I was running the show with my sleeves rolled up and we got a lot done.

Tell your auditor, D of P and CS anything that has your attention. They have been doing this for a long time and have this incredible collection of tools to help people win in auditing. Handbook for preclears is a great book that goes right along this subject. I wish everyone excellent wins in session!

Dmarie  on January 17th, 2010

Could you post your secret lady cycle remedies? That time of month derails me on all dynamics. Ouch!!! I’ll try anything;)
Also thanks for the suggestions on auditing. I think I have been just holding the cans expecting the auditor to pull the case out of me. Also I have been I think just handling all my ptp’s with my auditing time. Like I’m just trying to climb back up to ground zero. But in between auditing I get loads of ptp’s accumulated. So I’m in this vicious cycle. I will tell my auditor all these cognitions I am having when I see him next week.
After stumbling in the freezone & getting ripped off($1000 for TR coaudit, more than the cult charges) I have found a great auditor who really listens to me & I feel comfortable saying anything too. I consider him a real friend. We will get up the bridge together as a team:)

Thought provoking  on January 19th, 2010

The reference is “Let’s Get Well” by Adelle Davis. She wrote 4 books but I think this is the one that had the data. It should be available in your local library. Just look in the index and you will find the recommendations based on symptoms. The program we worked out was tailored to my symptoms. Postulating many wins in your auditing!

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