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Handling your OT case…

First of all, you should realize that everyone has an OT case,  and some can contact it easily even though they have done few services.

Until very recently, the only “approved” way to deal with your OT case was to spend incredible amounts of money until you were deemed worthy of getting auditing on the OT levels as defined by the Church of Miscavige.

This route has not produced many OTs in the last few years because the technology devised by the non-interned class IV auditor who calls himself COB is quite flawed. One is more likely to get cancer or commit suicide than to achieve the results that were easily attained in the 1970′s.

What has happened is that many people actually went clear despite the fumbling efforts of the current crop of Gross Altered Tech (GAT) auditors and were denied recognition of the fact. The early technology devised by Ron Hubbard is so powerful that it produces releases and clears even when delivered incorrectly.

When someone goes clear they are free of their own reactive mind, but they are still directly affected by the thoughts, pictures and intentions of their OT case. If the person is handled by untrained auditors and C/Ses they never learn to distinguish the difference between their own thoughts and the thoughts and mental image pictures of the entities that make up their OT case. They accept the wild thoughts, strange fears, and bizarre impulses that beset them daily as their own.

By OT case, I mean all of the entities that surround you and essentially run you until you achieve the ability to deal with them and bring them into present time. To refresh your memory,  let’s start with an excerpt from a publicly available bulletin from Ron Hubbard:

Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex



When one is associating with or attempting to guide or handle a person, it is necessary to know something of the nature of a being.

If a being were a single unit, separated from all other beings, conditions and current influences, the task of understanding him would be relatively simple and philosophers would have had it all worked out long before Dianetics and Scientology.

A single unit being responds to the most elementary and simple rules and laws you will find in Dianetics and Scientology. …/…

The fact of the matter is that when one addresses a person, a human being “in the flesh” one is not addressing a simple being. …/…

What you see as a human being, a person, is not a single unit being. …/… There are also the entities (as discussed in “Dianetics, The Modern Science of Mental Health”, pages 84-90, and also “The History Of Man”, pages 13-14, 43, 75-77). These follow all the rules and laws and phenomena of single beings.

(end fair use)

If you have gone clear in this or in a previous lifetime and are not getting auditing on your OT case, you are definitely at risk. Your OT case is very much like Pandora’s Box. Once you contact it, you cannot shut the door on it and pretend it isn’t there. Entities may not be powerful enough to kill your computer and make your car fail in inexplicable ways, but they can pester you and mislead you until you are a seething ball of rage and find yourself causing machines and projects to fail.

Entities can make you uncertain and lose confidence in yourself. They can suppress you in so many ways that you begin to doubt your abilities. They can duplicate the effects of service facs, of implants,  long term upsets, and other insanities. When you see OT8s like John Allender and Izzy Chait behaving in bizarre ways, you are looking at unhandled OT case.

Outside the CO$, there are  auditors who can address the factors of your OT case and can put you back in charge of your life in short order. Contrary to what you have been told for years, it takes very little orientation, if you are clear, to start handling your OT case on your own – without a meter. You start by getting repair auditing to get off all of the invalidation of your abilities and the auditing shows you how to smoothly handle your OT case, one entity at a time. You study as much material as you want on the anatomy of your OT case and are thoroughly checked out so that your handlings become swift and sure. You learn that your OT case is  has been artificially divided into OT III, OT IV and NOTS instead of being treated as entities of varying degrees of awareness. You quickly learn to handle whatever you encounter as your auditing progresses.

You can continue to get auditing on any Grade chart  actions you have missed and you get immediate handlings if any of your OT case goes into restimulation and you can’t handle it by inspection alone.Those who have formal auditor training will get trained up to be able to solo audit using a meter.

OTs have written for years about the incredible gains they enjoyed getting NOTS auditing. Those gains are now being enjoyed by a growing number of preOTs on my lines who are handling their NOTS case while doing their Grades.

If you have been troubled by your OT case, send me an email. I will answer your questions and may be able to provide you with some recommendations.

- David St Lawrence

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Centurion  on June 11th, 2011

Very interesting information. Thank you.

I look forward to doing the OT levels in the independent field more than ever.

PJ  on June 12th, 2011

“Those gains are now being enjoyed by a growing number of preOTs who are handling their NOTS case while doing their Grades.”

What is the LRH reference on that??

OldAuditor  on June 12th, 2011

Peter, thanks for your question. I added the phrase “on my lines” to clarify the preOTs I was referring to. As far as I know LRH put NOTS handling after OT III, which is fine for people who are on their first trip up the Bridge.

My pcs/preOTs handle their OT case when they become aware of it, not when some some group says they can. All are clear and most were prevented from attesting to that state. Some were last-lifetime clears and OTs as well.

These are people who have had extreme difficulty getting services from the CO$. Their active OT cases produce reads that many auditors cannot interpret and these unfortunate pcs were hounded for withholds they did not have. Their active OT cases also prevented them from attesting to clear because they were being subjected to mental image pictures and incidents that were not theirs. Dating and locating the time you went clear is damn near impossible when you have helpful entities responding to every question.

Robotic efforts to replace observation with policy rarely produce memorable or useful results.
GAT auditing is an excellent example of this.

ottocscotto  on June 12th, 2011

I know that what David says here is true, because I have experienced it directly, and first hand.

In my first contact with Scientology … this lifetime, I “went up the Pole” (which Ron speaks about in the Philadelphia Doctorate lectures … I highly recommend you listen and study all of them) … JUST on the strength of a thorough O/W write-up (done as part of an Intro to Scientology Ethics course) and a very little bit of Self-Analysis auditing. I was, then, in the state that I think most people who experience scientology, dream of. It was a marvelous state. Not stable, of course, and as Ron predicts in the PDC tapes, about 3 or 4 months later, after having astonished myself and been entirely unaffected by any case whatsoever, I fell off the pole with a resounding splat. Part of the reason for this is that no one at the CofS place I was receiving services would recognize or deal with my originations. The prescriptions Ron gives for ‘handling’ a being in such a state were not followed … meaning it was not acknowledged … and since I was too green to know what was happening, I did managed to topple myself as Ron predicts will happen.

In the 11 years I spent in the CofS after that, I got, exactly no where. All they could figure out to do to help me when I came in to the org after having splattered all over the place, was to have me run PAB6. Which did — combined with a chiropractor who realized that my body was dying and who put me on a regimen that brought me back to life — at least keep me on this planet. After that I encoutered stop and stop and stop and stop and stop, and request for money and money and money and SO people trying to recruit my 16 year old daughter, and more demands for money. I did manage to get the purif done … albeit off org lines as the orgs couldn’t provide it and again, I got miraculous results.

But, really, none of this had anything to do with the CofS. That was just a stop.

So, by some fashion or other, I found the Independent Scientologists, started my Grades, acknowledged Clear after a few intensives, am continuing my Grades even now, and am … because this is what comes up, handling my OT case.

I have had win, after win, after win. I have become able to distinguish myself from the influence with these other entities (which Ron refers to in David’s post) bring to bear on my existence. I have cleared up suppressive situations (which of course, I had to participate in or they wouldn’t suppress me!). My reach has increased, my income has increased, people around me are happier, I am happier. I have recalled the long ago and far away prior existences I have participated in.

This has been accomplished through the good offices of an Independent Auditor. I have actually been acknowledged as the being I am instead of being ‘made’ to be afraid to look. My auditing handles what bothers me.

I am, finally, getting the kinds of gains I KNOW scientology can generate but which I did not get with the CofS.

To me the CofS is irrelevant.

What is relevant is Ron’s work which is readily, and fully, available through the Independents.

Regardless of what Ron did not do before he was … well … before he went away … what he DID do is leave a bunch of tech which can be studied and learned without permission from anyone.

Apply THAT tech and get on with it. The indpendents are here to serve you. All you need to do exercise your own personal integrity and seek them out.

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