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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

You may be running out of time – the Cult of Miscavige is stalling on repayments

Repayments were slow in 2010 and they have stumbled to crawl this year. It took me 140 days of constant emails to get my money back in 2010 and I recently got a report of repayment delays exceeding a year.

If you have been delaying asking for your money back you may have missed the opportunity to get money without a class action suit.

The basic problem, aside from the criminality of David Miscavige, is that your donations are not set aside to pay for your services. All money goes to pay current bills after Miscavige skims his share. There IS NO MONEY on account. It actually gets spent the week your check clears.

When you finally bait and badger an organization into acknowledging your right to a repayment, they have several more ways to stall. They have to put your repayment into Financial Planning for scheduling and THEN THE STAFF HAS TO EARN THE MONEY FROM CURRENT INCOME!

Have you looked in the door of any org recently? Almost all are operating with a skeleton crew except in those weeks when there is an all hands effort to convince gullible public that there is something worth celebrating.

These events are set up to suck in money for the IAS, so don’t expect that your repayment will see a penny of the money raised.

Almost all org staff members are moonlighting to make ends meet and the orgs are behind on their rent, their insurance and their staff pay. Your repayment may the the most important thing in the world to you but the overworked staff members are frantically trying to keep the orgs afloat and are going criminal in the attempt.

They are stripping money from unused accounts to meet book quotas which only puts them further in the hole as the money does not really exist in any bank account. When you ask for a repayment, you need to check your account balance for fraudulent transactions.

Cults typically treat those who serve them as expendable resources.
They use them up and then discard them when they can no longer produce.

The sooner we drain the CoM of income sources, the sooner staff will cognite that they need to be elsewhere in order to survive.

If anyone raises the issue that staff are being deprived of their livelihood, the correct answer is that they are allowing abuses and out tech to continue by covering up for off-policy actions. They are either remaining willfully ignorant or are complicit in hiding the human rights abuses of others.

If they want to carry out their original mission of helping mankind, they need to join the independents who are actually doing that.


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I strongly suggest you follow the suggestions I have posted earlier but don’t expect that you are going to get the money in time to pay your mortgage.

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ottocscotto  on June 18th, 2011

Delay in receiving a requested, and owed, refund is nothing new, by the way. In 2003, I demanded a refund from an Org … and it took me over 120 days to get my money back.

What this indicates to me is that the CofS has been operating at the level of criminal exchange for sometime … certainly long before the turn of the millenia.

Yes, if you want your money back, do it now. And, enlisting the aid of the U. S. Department of Justice to do so might not be a bad idea.

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