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Including what we found in Scientology before it became a cult

What does a big Scientology FSM see in the mirror these days?

Probably the same kind of image that greeted marketing people for the tobacco industry. When you sell a destructive product, you can justify it for a while if you are making enough money to suppress your native integrity.

FSMs or Field Staff Members  bring new people in for Scientology services.  A long time ago Students and Preclears were cheerfully disseminating their wins to their friends and would bring these new people in for services.

In the more recent past, a number of highly skilled salespeople found they could make a decent living becoming full-time FSMs.  When you consider they make a 10-15% commission closing people for high ticket Scientology services, you can see how some have incomes in the $200K-$300K range. These are the Power FSMs who pull in the money that fuels the Miscavige empire.

If you take an objective look at what these FSMs are doing, you will realize that they are selling their selectees a bill of goods. The promise is that the selectee can achieve the personal power and certainty exhibited by the power FSM.

The actuality is that the way up the Bridge is pretty well blocked by arbitrary sec checks during major case actions and the selectee runs a continuous gauntlet of crush reg cycles for everything from Miscaviges book packages to off-policy Ideal Org campaigns and manufactured IAS crises.

It is becoming more apparent every month that FSMs are perpetrating a massive ripoff on gullible selectees and living quite well off the proceeds.

Power FSMs are usually in good case shape themselves so they can set a good example for the selectees they are persuading to buy auditing and training.

What is not apparent is that many of these FSMs achieved their exalted case states before the current management team corrupted the technology and introduced actions that cut across Bridge progress for most PCs.

As a Mission Holder, I was expected to select people to higher orgs and for a few years that was a thoroughly rewarding activity. It didn’t take long however before I was advising my selectees against certain activities that were cutting across their progress up the Bridge.

Once I found myself at cross purposes with those who were pushing IAS cycles instead of Clear packages, I withdrew from FSMing and concentrated on training and auditing our mission public.

As off-policy arbitraries continued to encroach on our mission activities, I finally decided to withdraw from the game until management came to its senses. That was in the mid-Nineties and management sanity and CofS stats have gone downhill since then.

Meanwhile, the top FSMs keep raking in the commissions and living quite well on the people they bring into the spiritual morass that is Scientology today. They are killer salespeople, there is no doubt about that, but they are not introducing people to spiritual freedom these days. They are more like the Judas goats that are used to lead sheep into a slaughterhouse.

I’m sure that some of these FSMs feel that they are doing noble work and consider that they are really decent people at heart. But when they look at themselves in the mirror, how do they justify their complicity in hiding the outrages perpetrated by church management under Miscavige or can they pretend that it has nothing to do with them?

How long before one of the big FSM cracks under the strain of ignoring the out tech and the invalidation of case states while hustling new marks into the tent. Will they have a “come to Jesus” moment or will they silently slip over to the dark side and make money without a twinge of conscience?

From a technical viewpoint, these people are committing overts on their selectees and this will eventually cave them in and cause them to self-destruct.  The more honorable FSMs will be the first to go.


Fellow Traveller  on January 19th, 2010

Just saw the New Year 2010 event. Actually the same sort of pomp and circumstance event we have come to expect. My observations: 1) front rows had no recognizable staff. A big change from what I recall. I did see Freedom medal winners. 2) and the relevant point here — no FSM awards this year for Power FSM. Not even a hint of it. I may have a copy of the event should anyone really care.

Fellow Traveller  on January 19th, 2010

Perhaps I might add that the GAT why is fully manifest: The Blind leading the Blind. Leading the blind to oblivion perhaps, but leading they are.

lunamoth  on January 19th, 2010

You must have read my mind. Seriously.

I was just looking at a piece of promo the other day and there, smiling back at me, was an individual who I know personally (and do not particularly like), who is also an OT VIII and Power FSM. I looked at how he seems to have aged so much in the past couple of years, and how there is something about this smile that is different from the one he used to wear in these photos; somehow weary? He seemed to just be smiling with his mouth, with none of the “twinkle” in the eyes that makes a smile warm and convincing. I actually thought to myself, how does he continue to do this? What does he tell himself and what does he have to pretend he doesn’t see, doesn’t know, in order to continue?

I certainly don’t know. The Judas Goat is
an inspired metaphor, though.

lunamoth  on January 20th, 2010

I think the answer to the question is that they see only their physical reflection and nothing more.
We wonder how Power FSM’s can go on pushing people into orgs. Behind that question is an assumption we may need to re-evalutate.

Haven’t we been told, over and over, that Power FSM’s care about people? Havent’ we pretty thoroughly bought that their motivation is doing “the greatest good?”

When I actually think about the power FSM’s I know personally now, all are energetic individuals who have made it to OT themselves, above-average salespeople who are very status conscious, both of their own status and yours.

But none of them are what I call caring individuals, and none of them have ever made me want to be FSM’d by them. In fact, my reaction to these high-pressured-salesmen has been to stay as far away from them as possible because I have found them either phony or too pushy. I have known many caring scientologists, many of them OT’s, but not one of the Power FSM’s I know would I put into the category of “caring friend.”

If you assume that these guys are what they are promoted by the church to be: amazingly caring people who just want to see everybody winning, then you would not be able to understand how they can continue to feed their fellows to a monster the likes of which the church has become. But looking at what is really in front of me in terms of the Power FSM’s I’ve known, this doesn’t present a contradiction at all.

Maybe the really caring ones have lost their stomach for it.

Robert Worstell  on February 3rd, 2010

This “Power FSM” nonsense has been going for decades. There even used to be two categories of these, one for those who got the most people into Scn and another for those who got the most commissions. The commission guys won out, since they help RTC get their income up.

Case gain is a daily scene. You have to work at it daily to keep it. As these guys continue to do bad to people they are trying to “help”, it gnaws at them.

Practically, corporate $cn is becoming more and more inbred. Last study I did of it was that they were still working over the “Clears” who hadn’t moved on, not making more Clears by getting people in at the bottom levels.

The problem, again, is management. Just like WWW, RTC stats are based on how much money they have, not how many people they’ve helped.

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