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Including what we found in Scientology before it became a cult

What lies ahead for Scientologists leaving the church?

First of all, many of you will experience a resurgence of case gain that will amaze you!

You may not consider that you have been studying and getting auditing in a suppressive environment, but I can guarantee that you have been told what books you cannot read and what people and family members you must never speak to again and many of you know a staff member who has been ordered to abort an unborn infant.

This is suppression you can live without. Once free of it, you will begin to find your feet again and will learn to live without fear.

There are literally thousands of trained people who have left Scientology and you will find that many of them are willing to help you adjust to life outside of the church.

You will probably be a bit gun shy at first and may think of working in a scientology company as a transition to “real” life. Don’t do it!

Most of the WISE affiliated companies I have encountered have more squirrel admin that you will find in the CofS. You will often find  ex Sea Org execs in these companies dramatizing can’t-haves on staff and trying to enforce a bastard version of ethics tech on hapless employees.

Get yourself a real job where you get paid on time and get your weekends off. Stifle your impulses to surround yourselves with people who are heavily into Scn terms and habits. Work a job where you produce real products and you are not ducking registrars on your lunch breaks.

Use all of your training to good advantage, but learn your way around before you try to introduce any Scn concepts at work. You will find to your surprise, that most companies run far more efficiently than Scn organizations with far fewer meetings and less robotic supervision.

Hook up with those who have abandoned the mothership before you, but you need to choose friends who are doing positive things that will help you adjust to your new life. You will find that there are many avenues open to you in this news life of Independent Scientology.

You can protest the inhuman treatment of staff and public by the church or you can join the many support groups that exist for ex-Scientologists and ex-Sea Org staff. It is totally up to you.

You can choose your own path up the Bridge now or you can even roll your own path to address what you want to handle.  The number of solutions available for achieving case gain seem to increase every year. Investigate all of them and choose the one that works best for you.

Connect up to your old friends on line at sites like Marty Rathbun’s blog, Leaving Scientology, Scientology-Cult, and the Ex Scientologist Message Board. Each site has its own feel and code of conduct but all offer information that you will not find elsewhere. For a more complete list of sites look at the right sidebar. There is something there for everyone.

Some staff members come out of the church so traumatized that it takes them years to recover from the experience. With the current growth of online communities and the availability of competent and caring practitioners, that should not be the case any more.

The biggest adjustment you will have to make is in your own attitudes. For years you have been told that practitioners outside the church are evil and suppressive in the extreme. Take your blinders off and just look at what these people are doing today to help you and others like you. It will blow your mind when you find that you have been listening to lies from people you trusted for many years.

You will find as I did, that the madness was not outside the walls, it is inside and the saner members of the church left the building long before you did and are waiting for you now.

Welcome to the free world!


lunamoth  on January 23rd, 2010

Yup, once again, Old Auditor, I have to agree. That’s exactly what it was like for me, too, especially the part about realizing that the crazies were actually on the inside, not the outside.

It’s the difference between a reality based on group agreement (when inside) and a reality based on personal observation (when outside). Group agreement is so rigidly enforced within the church that one learns never to question it. On the outside, there are so many different realities one is completely free to form one’s own, or to find other realities to agree with.

Another important difference is that I have rehabbed my love of mankind immensely since rejoining the human race. I have so much more affinity for all kinds of people because I’m not mentally individuated from them by some imagined superiority endowed upon me by my training, auditing, or “ethics level.” Those things are all advantages, but they’re not important differences.

And with regaining my membership in the human race, I have felt my dynamics finally align – CLICK!

Isn’t this exactly backwards from the way we all thought it would be? Life’s funny.

craig  on January 24th, 2010

Indeed, Lunamoth, it is backwards but — hey at least now we’re getting the gains! All of this swelling independent movement we’re seeing, all of the personal stories, the St. Pete articles, they are all extremely de-PTSing. And as the PTSness comes off well — that’s freedom. That’s all we were after in the first place. I guess we just had to go into the prison before we could realize that being outside is better.

lunamoth  on January 27th, 2010


Yeah, well, now I”m “scared straight,” that’s for sure!Hahahahaha!

So, yes, I have to agree. I have had more tone arm action in the past few months that I have had in years. And not waiting to have my f/n called has been great! Funny thing is that I’m actually more interested in scientology now than I’ve been in a long time. God, I love irony!

Fellow Traveller  on January 27th, 2010

What turns it on turns it off. TA goes up before it comes down or goes free. Perhaps this is a necessary 3D process we need to do to actually go free for real. And we process a group by processing it’s members. Gosh, makes we wanna quote the great and inimitable Dirty Harry: [I]t can blow your head clean off. Now, you must ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well do you, punk?

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