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I have personal certainty that by gradiently increasing knowledge, responsibility, and control, a being at length discovers his power and command of life. There seems to be no practical limit to this relationship.

I have also gained certainty that the commission of overts shoots the hell out of my ability to take responsibility for an area of my life and this crashes the other corners of the KRC triangle.

In Scientology as it was practiced 20 odd years ago, one achieved case gain through auditing up the Grade Chart and kept those gains by getting Confessional auditing periodically as ones awareness increased. By Confessional auditing, I mean expertly done confessionals FPRD style that left the PC or PreOT clean and shining.

In the absence of such auditing, withholds accumulate and with that accumulation comes a lessening of responsibility for one’s actions and ones life.

Such confessionals are not just a nice thing to do, they are a necessity for an OT to stay OT.

Staff members are so used to making it go right that they often spend years without getting the auditing they deserve. I have seen the results of such a course of action too many times. Overts are committed on public and other staff and are justified by this organizational Service facsimile: “The ends justify the means”.

The executives involved invariably go downtone as they accumulate “laudable withholds” which are often criminal acts. When it becomes more important to hide evidence from the public than to deliver standard tech, the organization is on the skids to oblivion.

Policy is perverted or ignored and current targets by top management are made senior to all else.

Does this seem familiar to anyone?

The only “confessional auditing” I see mentioned in recent reports is squirrel interrogation on a meter with more then one terminal claiming to see reads and using them to intimidate the person under interrogation. This is a far cry from the original purpose of the confessional whether done as auditing or as a security check.

Miscavage has not been on a meter for many years according to reports I have read. It would be interesting to find any date coincidence between his last sessions and his descent into his current psychotic state.

On a more fundamental level, there are many reports of Ron’s high-toned, positive and generous behavior during the 1960s and the deterioration of his behavior by the late seventies to that which Miscavage now typifies. What happened during that time that would cause him to stop applying the tech he had discovered and developed for others? Why would he not consider putting in his own rudiments?

If the most powerful individual in Scientology spends his last years in hiding and in a lowered case state it is not an indictment of the technology, it is highly likely that overts were committed and were never cleaned up.  A lowered case state can also result from unhandled auditing errors.

Those  interested in learning why LRH exhibited changes in behavior during  and after the development of OT III might want to read these accounts by two different people.

Otto Roos’ Story

Declaration of Larry Brennan

The KRC triangle works…both ways – for everyone.

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OTTO  on December 26th, 2010

First, it is curious to me (although probably no one else) that I hit upon the moniker “OTTO” before reading anything by Mr. Roos. So, perhaps there is some pre-connection there, perhaps it is just happenstance. There are a lot of “O”s and “T”s in scientology and dianetic. :-)

Second, Mr. Roos makes too much of LRH’s missing folders. Not that the loss is trivial, mind you. But, they are more interesting from an historical perspective, and from the standpoint of auditing efficiency, than as necessary items to have in order to clear up LRH’s obviously messed up case.

It was LRH’s altitude and the fact that few people had the certainty in the tech to handle him as a PC that was the problem. Certainly no one with certainty in the Tech to the degree which the Tech deserves, would have allowed LRH, or anyone, to run roughshod over them — or rather The Tech — just because the PC (being LRH in this case) said so.

While there was a ‘lot of water under LRH’s auditing bridge’, so to speak, a trained Class XII, properly applying the Tech, would have been able to get everything straightened up … if only LRH’s Commodore hat, and his PC hat were not conflated.

He wasn’t, and isn’t, God. He neededed auditing like anyone else.

Lastly, all we can do now is apply the Tech. Even if LRH reappeared tomorrow, we would not want to repeat our mistakes of thinking him infallible and not subject to question.


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