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Have you heard from Sid lately?

Sid is much older than this guy.

A cult member calling an Indie

I got a call from SID last night. (Not his real name of course. SID stands for Still In Denial.)

He still is a well-respected $cientology Opinion Leader and he  has been very careful about the amount of entheta he gets exposed to. He reads articles on this site, at least the headlines, and he seems to know that Marty Rathbun is writing about people he knows very well.

Because he is a successful businessman, he is looked up to by anxious cult members and they call him asking for advice.

When he calls me, it is usually to see if something he has heard about the Independent field is true.

What is most interesting to me is that he almost never asks what I know about the situation at Int or about the Idle Orgs.

He says he is going to the Maiden Voyage event and hopes to see some of his old friends there. I know he has gone to some of the major events and has even spoken to people from Int.

I used to think he had a high confront of evil, but the more I talk with him it seems that he does not recognize the evil in his church environment. On the other hand, he must be encountering some unknown sources of suppression because his anxiety level increases with each call.

He takes great precautions not to be detected calling me. He calls from a disposable phone where he can’t be overheard and it is always late at night. I used to feel it was like a Deep Throat scenario where I was getting info from inside the cult, but now it seems more surreal, like something from the X Files.

In his last call it was obvious that his level of fear has ratcheted up significantly.

For example, I saw his caller ID and said, “Hello Sid” when I picked up the phone. He was visibly upset and swore to himself. I asked what was the matter as I could see his caller ID. He told me that he had no caller ID and it must have come from my stored contact information!

He told me he would have to throw away the disposable phone he had called me on and asked me to erase my contact information and to delete his email address from my computer.

I have deleted his contact information from my computer and from my phones.

This is someone I have known for years and it is painful to see what his willing association with a destructive cult has done to him. He is bright enough to see many CO$ outpoints and even comments on them, but he doesn’t seem to understand why his knowledge reports get no response.

He is steadfastly maintaining that things will work out somehow but it upset him that we independents know that he is on the OSA spy list, that we know the stats of the Idle Orgs and how few auditors are produced in the church in recent years. He has difficulty understanding how independents like me who live way out in the woods know more about the church than he does as a loyal donor and volunteer.

I haven’t broken it to him that everything he asks about is on the Internet.
He must have a Net Nanny on all of his computers.

I am sure that I am not the only independent who has a friend like Sid.

UPDATE 6/26/11

Sid, when you read this I want you to realize that your cult of $cientology donations are paying for the despicable harassment of Marty and Monique Rathbun in Ingleside by the Bay. Take a look at what your donations are buying:


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Fellow Traveller  on June 26th, 2011

I feel I may have been Sid at one point. No more, thank you very much David. I may know a Sid or 3, but of the Sids I have known, I know I know one less.

He’s the only one I do hear from these days. Censorship?

Bruce Pratt

Jack Airey  on June 27th, 2011


Sad, sad to read about your Sid. I would tell Sid to go to a public library, get on a computer and Google Scientology. Don’t forget to tell Sid to take a sack lunch.

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