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Scientology Dating Service??

I shudder to think what is going through the mind of the chief cult marketing guy/girl. It appears that this unfortunate person is so overwhelmed by COB’s vast ideas of overwhelming popularity that the cultee’s brain has snapped. The latest bright ideas look more like promo for a dating site than a church. My sympathies go out to the unfortunate staff members who were roped into posing for this promo.

Here is the latest:

I can imagine the calls now. “Hi, my name is Mark, can I speak to Teresa?”

Another recent promo piece is for female prospects, I suppose. Or guys looking for guys. It’s hard to tell, but it certainly does not look like they are advertising for professionals to train as auditors.

The cult is such a target-rich environment, it’s hard to see how they will survive for another year.

We don’t have to watch “Fringe” for a glimpse of an alternate universe, the cult of miscavige is serving up new examples daily.

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immortal  on July 9th, 2011

Yes, and you know what else struck me? The words on the promo piece, I assume, are supposed to be describing attributes of the person pictured? “Creative, gifted, innovative, clever…imaginative, bright….spunky, animated, cheerful….” Here’s the thing. People may be like that if/when they sign up for staff, but that is quickly (immediately) killed. From the viewpoint of staff executives I’ve had the displeasure of working with, these attributes have no place in the very serious application of KSW #1 as a staff member. Very soon that new staff member will learn to suppress those attributes and be a church drone/clone like the rest.

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