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Miscavige’s 2011 Maiden Voyage Events

This year there are only two “Maiden Voyage” events. The dates vary by area, but in the Los Angeles area, the first event was held on July 2 and the second is slated for July 9. This is down from the usual four events.

In my local org, I mentioned that the Maiden Event events were coming up, and a person newly-arrived at the org — having been offlines for twenty-five years — asked me “Maiden Voyage of what?”

I sighed, understanding the confusion. I replied, “It’s not really a Maiden Voyage event. It’s a celebration of the anniversary of the Maiden Voyage of the Sea Org Motor Vessel Freewinds.

That, of course, wasn’t good enough. “So why are we shutting down the org and production for two weekends because of these events?” (This, of course, would be the attitude of someone twenty-five years ago.)

Being only the tiniest bit cynical and wanting to be honest, I replied, “Because somebody thinks five pointless time-wasting production-diverting off-policy International Events a year wasn’t enough.”

He laughed, but I wasn’t trying to be funny.

Apparently, though, he wasn’t the only Scientologist confused by the slang usage of “Maiden Voyage” within the Church.

This may be why Miscavige is trying to change the name to “OT Summit”. It may also be why it’s nearly impossible to find the phrase “MAIDEN VOYAGE” in the title frame from the first of the two Maiden Summit, er, OT Voyage, er…whatever…events.

Steve Hall has written about the problem of so-called “international events” on his blog. (http://www.scientology-cult.com/scientology-cult-year-one-in-review.html) I believe him because he was there.

Event videos play no part in LRH’s design for Scientology. In fact, “international events” play no part in LRH’s design for Scientology… David Miscavige suppressed an issue, a CBO (Central Bureaux Order) written in about 1977 by LRH which explicitly forbid any future “Int events” because LRH found they lowered statistics. They lowered statistics because the production of the event took everyone off their normal post functions.

Events knock people’s hats off.

This general misunderstanding about “what’s a Maiden Voyage?” has apparently gotten so widespread that the CO FOLO WUS (Commanding Officer Flag Operations Liaison Office Western United States) issued an Executive Directive in an effort to put an end to the questions about interrupting production with a misnamed event:

It doesn’t bother me that much that the Church has to publish an issue that explains their own off-policy counter-command-intention insanity.

It doesn’t bother me that much that the Church published a document that reads like it was written by an illiterate version of the Cookie Monster…including the misspellings, which apparently slipped by a Superliterate LRH Communicator WUS.

It doesn’t bother me that much that the author of the issue pronounces two events as the single largest event in Scientology’s history before the fact.

What bothers me is that the author of this issue, Lieutenant Commander Lon Watari, the guy who ARC-broke one of my selectees into tears and who chopped up the field and pissed people off and put them in unnecessary debt for eight years, is the guy who was promoted to CO FOLO WUS.

Yeah, that bothers me.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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Fellow Traveller  on July 9th, 2011

It does not bother me that much that this edict justifies the unmocking of management structure — here is the prick in charge verbally instructing public.

At least there is a modicum of truth in the graphic — it looks like the start of a hypnosis process, perhaps entry into some implanting device. Someone queue up the intro to the Twilight Zone.

By the way, is there now a course in ShermanSpeak HyperDrivel? This reeks of it to me.

Bruce Pratt

Watchful Navigator  on July 10th, 2011

Umm, “borne”, one of their misspelled words (do I get the “super-literate” prize here for finding it?) is a freudian slip – yes we’ve indeed had to “bear” these events ever since the Freewinds first set sail! Good choice of alter-ised word, though.

Also embedded in this crafty document is another whopper – that these were the “first OTVIIIs ever” (who also had to suffer the flap of a very incomplete and confusing release of these materials). OTVIII had been earlier available to Class VIIIs and many public who first completed the steeper gradient, “original” (now withdrawn for future release) OT levels IV-VII. Not to mention that dozens – maybe hundreds, of old auditors reached these higher, full-exterior case states in the 50′s doing the yet-to-be-released-as-OT-levels OT drills still found today in Creation of Human Ability, but which I suppose only a few of today’s “VIII’s” would venture to even attempt, either out of fear of being found out, or for lack of confidence in their own ability (either way, a shameful comment on the supposed “freedom” of OT in the highest bands following today’s squirreled-up NOTs).

I am not impressed, you might have figured out by now, with the secret VIIIth degree of the order of Miscavology. Its tragic partial release, documented elsewhere as requiring the recalling of all pre-OTs who survived it and who would go back for the “remedy” (many wouldn’t), is NOTHING TO CELEBRATE.

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