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2011 Maiden Voyage PhoneyGraph OverBloat

The promo I got for the Maiden Voyage events looked like this:

So, boldly disregarding the annihilation of the English language, I thought I’d check the events out.

I just spent two miserable hours watching the first event.

The event was essentially ten minutes of “year in review” and one hour fifty minutes of “all the really cool stuff that’s comin’ at ya in the future”.  When in the future, who knows?

But let’s start with the “year in review”. Miscavige must be reading this blog, because it’s obvious he’s trying to get rid of the outpoints in his ineffectual, self-important, production-diverting, off-policy events.

The first two PhoneyGraph that show up in the event are these:

Bravo Davey! There’s actually some kind of ordinate axis data! We can see that an increase of 784,000 Div 6 course completions occurred in the last six years.  Of course, I can only see that because I have captured an image of the graphic. The thing that’s supposed to impress you is the “50x”.

Alas, it’s still  a typical Miscavige PhoneyGraph.  It has an uptrending line going from left to right, even though there’s only one actually data point provided.

Since it’s not a real graph, we can’t tell if it’s uptrending steadily over the six-year period or if it’s just a report of a single datum – 784,000 Div 6 Course Completions.  Is that in one year? One month, one week?

And as I’ve already documented happened in prior events, the “uptrending line” is the exact same graphic used in prior events, although there’s a different little  logo at the points where the false-report trend line changes slope.

LRH says in Data Series 18 (HCO PL 19 September 1970 III)

An omitted anything is an outpoint.

This can be an omitted person, terminal, object, energy, space, time, form, sequence or even an omitted scene. Anything that can be omitted that should be there is an outpoint.

This is easily the most overlooked outpoint as it isn’t there to directly attract attention.

The omitted in this case is the graph itself. The fact that it isn’t there is camouflaged by the introduction of chartjunk* that looks like a graph. But it isn’t a graph. It’s there to distract you, and to make you think you’ve seen a graph.

But in an environment where the graphic is flying into frame, with overloud music, when it vibrates and blurs like it’s in a magnitude 9 earthquake, with it disappearing after 3 seconds, the carny snake-oil salesman aspect of the graphic escapes one.

With the second graph, Miscavige dives further into the con-job.  As opposed to the first graph, which spans six years, the second graph only spans four.

The key datum one is supposed to take away from the graph is one every twelve minutes.

Okay, I’ll bite. Let’s see: four years times 365 days per year times 24 hour per day times 60 minutes per hour is 2,102,400 minutes. Divided by 12 minutes is 175,200 extension course completions. Wow, impressive.  But the data in the graph doesn’t really tell that story. Let’s try one year’s worth of data: 365 days times 24 hours times 60 minutes per hour is 525,600 minutes.  Divided by 85,000 completions is 6.18 minutes.

Huh! That’s better than one completion every 12 minutes!

So, once again, there’s something false or omitted about this PhoneyGraph.

But the biggest omitted is that neither of these PhoneyGraphs represents Bridge progress. In any way, shape, or form.

Even if the stats were up, in one fashion or another, they don’t represent progress in Clearing the Planet!

RFBO.  Really freakin’ big omitted.

Now, let’s look at the next graphic presented in the event.

Now, I’ve already documented on this site that part of the “routes release” was to get people signed up for new Dianetics Groups whether they audited or not.

So the real datum that would be meaningful would be how many Book One auditing hours were produced by these new groups.

However, as my experience reveals and the event confirms, the subproduct of Dianetics Groups formed doesn’t result in delivery of Book One hours.

So the omitted in this case is what did these so-called Dianetics Groups produce?

You’d think Davey would have learned by now: don’t hand me a shotgun when I’m standing next to a barrel full of MiscavigeFish.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

P.S. Stay tuned.  I captured sixty frames of idiocy from the event.  The problem is…which ones to use in my next blog entry?

*The term chartjunk was coined by Edward Tufte in his 1983 book The Visual Display of Quantitative Information. See Wikipedia for more detail.

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OldAuditor  on July 10th, 2011

The most revealing aspect of this year’s event is that there does not seem to be many actual DONES!

The whole thrust seems to be in the direction of holding out promises of how great it’s GOING TO BE!!

I can’t wait to hear the new target for the release of Super Power. By now, it has probably dawned on any competent tech staff that there is no exchangeable product that they can deliver.

I would bet that there is an increasing attrition rate of Super Power auditors.

Fellow Traveller  on July 10th, 2011

Classic, textbook acumen of PoT demonstrated once more.

I have had the misfortune to see this event video.
I can only face palm and say WTF?

None of these are GDS type stats of course. Perhaps that justifies the double speak and discordant words and music.

As the course completions graph is shown, what’s his name, Diablo Mephistopheles, says “course completions 50x any time in history.” But, but, but, the phoneygraph is only since 2005.

Ok. The blithering idiot does this again. You don’t yet show the book 1 hours; nonetheless, I comment. As he spews forth banality after banality in Shermanesque hyperbabble, he says, and I quote, “Worldwide Book 1 juggernaut generating 20x anything in history”.
History now must have begun in 2009, because this phoneygraph begins in 2009.

I need fresh air, 2 aspirin and a long hot shower.

Bruce Pratt

MafiaWog  on July 10th, 2011

60 frames? Wow. Nice. MST3K template, by the way, very apropos.

So…any chance of leaking it? Or pointing those who want it in a particular direction? Unless you screencapped them while AT the org somehow… which would bestow upon you cyber-ninja status.

John Doe  on July 11th, 2011

Bravo! Hip hip, hooray!

IAS EVENT 2011 PUKEFEST BEGINS  on December 3rd, 2011

[...] Note that the PhoneyGraph line is degenerating as compared to past events. [...]

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