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Word Clearing at its Best and Worst

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My use of Scientology Word Clearing provided me with incredible wins and yet it also revealed significant flaws in the technology and policies written by Ron Hubbard.

First of all, word clearing works wonders when properly done. I experienced extended periods of super-literacy after properly clearing my way through new material. The words would spring off the page and become concepts I could use immediately.

Furthermore, I gained a severe reality on past lives while clearing words.

Some of my misunderstood words, especially important military terms involving battle tactics, would drop me into heavily charged incidents and I could only extricate myself by demoing the incident and what I had misunderstood using larger and larger demo pieces.

Sometimes the charge was so great that I would be fighting to keep my eyes open while I reached for another demo piece. It became very real to me that  misunderstood words had cost me my life in battle and it happened over and over again as I got stupider each lifetime.

It was not that so many words were misunderstood, it was because the words involved key concepts that were essential for survival in a battle. Although this was not one of the words, it was like having a crashing misunderstood on “ambush”.  Duh!

After every round of word clearing, I found that my reading speed and comprehension increased markedly. In this state I would fly through the material and would catch the slightest drag on my attention. Looking up words in this state was a breeze as long as I evaluated the importance of what I was clearing up.

This last is probably the secret to effortless word clearing. One has to decide what is important about a definition and be ruthless about ignoring definitions that do not apply.

If one robotically defines every definition of every word and all the definitions of common articles, one will end up spending valuable time and not become proficient in what one is supposed to study. This is where the student who learns to be self determined will learn that policy is not necessarily correct and that a robotic supervisor is no substitute for a thetan as a word clearer.

Hell is having a word clearer who does not know the material and has a limited vocabulary. For example an early version of the Way to Happiness material used the word “sew” instead of “sow” in the sentence, “to sow discord”. Try to word clear your way out of that with a sup who keeps saying, “find your word”.

This kind of Course Supervisor  could not grasp the idea that LRH might have made a mistake or that the transcription of dictated material might have inserted a homonym instead of the correct word. There were not many errors in the materials I studied but it was a struggle to get past missing words or scrambled sentences until I learned to clear the material without involving the sup or word clearers.

I also learned early on not to go down the rat hole of trying to correct errors in the material. Once I figured out that the game was “Ron is infallible and is not to be questioned”, I decided to figure out where the errors came from on my own and let the church believe what it wished.

I could see from the very beginning that word clearing worked and it increased my ability to grasp material by ten-fold.

I also could see that robotic word clearing procedures were an invalidation of my knowingness and I learned to avoid them completely.

Some of the biggest upsets I saw in matters of study were caused by rote word clearing. I think that contributed to more blows by public than anything else I encountered. Ethics handlings are no substitute for enlightened word clearing and access to true data.

I wonder if true data and enlightened word clearing even exist in the Church of Scientology today. Any reform should begin at this level to be effective.


Tom  on January 27th, 2010

I agree. I had many, many wins word clearing others. And once they “got it” it was time to let them have their win and move on. There is no substitute for understanding…not even a robot army… :)

dmarie  on January 27th, 2010

OMG!!! Perfect for me, Just what I needed. I started my M1 yesterday. I blew charge on the word (by). I looked at the definition and a picture of an ex 2D and me on a ferry. There was an upset and until now I never knew what it was about.
I am so excited to continue with this run down and then the PRD so I can become super literate. I crave information and the ability to apply it to life!!

lunamoth  on January 27th, 2010

Another breath of fresh air, Old Auditor. Thanks for your perspective, and for just saying it.

I have bumped up against the same phenomenon. The rote use of tech, robotic application, surely begets others who can only do the same.

Like all else in this quagmire that is scientology-inside-the-church, personal integrity is key.

In the end, the concept that we as beings are senior to “tech” is pivotal. Everything changes with that realization.

Fellow Traveller  on January 27th, 2010

Too true, lunamoth. Way too true. I think it was someplace in the Phoenix lectures where Ron says something like the only truths are axioms 1 and 2. the rest are consequences and agreements of those 2.
Ax 1 — Life is basically a static.
Ax 2 — The static is capable of considerations, postulates and opinions.

Word clearing and study tech are applicable to axiom 28 — communication, kinda late in the scheme of things if there is any kind of seniority in the numbering ;-) .

Mike  on January 27th, 2010

“Rote” and “Robotic” I think are the two key words used above. Anyone doing w/c that way is not doing word clearing. In the late ’70s my course sup had a little file box on his desk. In it were weird, off-the-wall, or slangy uses of words that Ron used with definitions and usually a reference. I think he also had a list of typos in there too.

John Doe Lurker  on January 27th, 2010

I remember there were a couple of typos on KSW 1 circa 1975, subsequently corrected: One was, “Not one punch of namby-pamby diletantes…” It took a while to correct it to “bunch”, probably because no one had the courage to look for a typo, especially on that issue!

lunamoth  on January 27th, 2010

Fellow Traveller – thanks for that additional data. I’ve never studied the axiom, but that sure seems to support what we have observed here.

Mike – In our academy that little box was labeled as “HARD TO FIND WORDS”. It was indispensable to being able to study, starting with The Student Hat!

Thought provoking  on January 28th, 2010

Another great article! I found two other things were extremely important and often absent in a person studying(despite LRH references which addressed these).

The first is an appropriate dictionary. Many people use dictionaries that are too steep a gradient for their vocabulary getting into endless word chains. Also higher gradient dictionaries often have many inapplicable definitions which simply add unneeded time to study. Simple dictionaries are great and oneonly needs to go to the higher ones when te dictionary they are using doesn’t have the definition they need. Now that makes a fast student!

The second and I think, more important is self determinism. If one is self determined in study they generally apply study tech successfully. Accepting a datum “just because it was written” doesn’t work. Inspecting the datum for oneself allows one to decide if it is indeed true for them.

I used to give seminars on the barriers to study. While talking about the phenomenon of the misunderstood word I would write down each one so that everyone could see. Then I would introduce a word in conversation that I knew was and MU for the group. I would talk circles around this word until I could see the phenomenon was present in the group. People would be yawning, not there, blank, etc. Some were even falling out of their chairs. I would get them to see that they were not interested in what I was talking about because they didn’t know what the word meant. I then would fully clear the word with the group and we’d do as many sentences as needed to get the word cleared up by all and they were indeed bright again. We would review the phenomenon again and they would tell me what they personally experienced. Then they could observe that their interest returned, the tiredness, not thereness, etc. was no longer present. In the future when I would observe that student with MU phenomenon I could approach them and they would be interested in handling it, there was no ridge at all.

Another example is a student who didn’t see the importance of word clearing. As an experiment I had the student read a paragraph the way they normally would and then read the same paragraph but clear up all of the words as he encountered them. I asked him what the difference was for him. He said he actually found out more about the subject and it seemed more interesting to him. This simple action cracked a bad student.

The last two study tapes have invaluable information in them and for any one having any trouble in study I would recommend relistening to them and seeing how they could be applied to your own study.

Jim Logan  on January 31st, 2010

Data Series 9:The reason misunderstood words or typographical errors were not regarded as a barrier to study was that people converted
them or not-ised them.

OldAuditor  on January 31st, 2010

To appreciate the significance of Jim Logan’s comment one really needs the rest of the paragraph:

The reason misunderstood words or typographical errors were not regarded as a barrier to study was that people converted them or not-ised them. In actual fact a word one does not understand makes a missing datum. Reasonableness or nonconfront enters in and one drops the book.

Before Scientology study tech, it was expected that one would convert or not-is words one did not understand.

Thought provoking  on January 31st, 2010

The only time this got a little tricky was when you were M9ing something. Then you had to prove the error to the wordclearer.

Jim Logan  on January 31st, 2010

I’ve supervised literally thousands of students all tolled, crammed thousands, wordcleared thousands and out of all those thousands, I ran across maybe a handful of written issues where a sentence was ‘tough’. (Tapes are a different story, in those he was talking live and there are times when he says A and means B.)

I eventually got to know pretty much every one of these ‘tough spots’. Not all, but realistically, most of them. OK, in handling these spots, there were maybe one or two where it was an obvious typo, or the syntax was ‘loose’. What I did from the very first one of these that I had to handle, either personally or as a word clearer/sup/cram off, was apply what ever piece of sup/wc/cramming tech applied. Robotically saying ‘look up your word’ is not in any piece of that tech that I am aware of.

I never ran into one single instance of any of these types of circumstance that I was not able to resolve using the panoply of tools at my disposal. NOT ONE. If a person has one of these, and it sits there, unresolved then it is simply a point of ‘maybe’ or ‘in the bullpen’ and it was a failure on the supervisor or wordclearer or cramming officer’s part to not get this cleared from the computer AT THAT TIME.

There are Sup’s Code points that you reminded me of in the opening piece of this thread.

7. The Supervisor will be able to correlate any part of Scientology to any
other part and to livingness over the 8 dynamics.

8. The Supervisor should be able to answer any questions concerning
Scientology by directing the student to the actual source of the data. If
a Supervisor cannot answer a particular question, he should always say so,
and the Supervisor should always find the answer to the question from the
source, and tell the student where the answer is to be found.

OldAuditor  on January 31st, 2010

You were like the Course Sups I admired and it seemed that there were more of them in the mid-Seventies than later. However, I had a Course Sup on my OT levels who did a wonderful job helping me to get a full understanding of the material.

Every one of the good Sups operated from a viewpoint that increased my knowingness and certainty Most had a box of “special and hard to find definitions”.

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