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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

How much self-determinism are you willing to give up to be part of a group?

Some Confront Required 🙁

I think this is the most meaningful question anyone could ask themselves when considering joining any group.

“You do not willingly join a group and sign up for “slavery”, but some degraded groups have a series of graduated agreements that entice you to join and be part of a great mission in exchange for your acceptance of conditions of employment that are destructive.

You are recruited for a high purpose and spend years in degrading circumstances.”

Self-determinism is your ability and willingness to be, do, and have whatever you need to play the game of life. Self-determinism is freedom, but it applies only to the dynamic of self and one’s body. If you are totally self-determined, you are a group of one and your survival is limited. A totally self-determined person does not consider the rights or needs of others.

As you gain experience with the physical universe, you begin to realize that you can survive and prosper with less pain and effort when you are a member of a group.

As a group member, you find that you have to broaden your reality to include the needs and goals of others in order to stay in communication with the group and be accepted as a group member.

If you can do this voluntarily and still balance your need to be self-determined on some matters, you approach a state where you are pan-determined which means that you put the needs of the group and it members on a par with your own needs and act for the benefit of the group while maintaining your own identity and your self-determinism.

The problem that arises is that some members of the group identify only with the group and view any effort to be self-determined as treason to the group. If you agree with this and go along meekly, you become “other-determined” and are to some extent a slave to the group.

Now, you do not willingly join a group and sign up for “slavery”, but some degraded groups have a series of graduated agreements that entice you to join and be part of a great mission in exchange for your acceptance of conditions of employment that seem not too onerous at the outset but are destructive in the end.

Once you have made the first agreement, and have assumed a position within the group structure, your lack of experience is used to demean you and you find yourself having to make up for mistakes you have made. This is where you find that you must agree to greater allegiance to the group and must lessen your self-determined efforts.

The first level of reprimand is to withhold promised rewards, pay, and get you to accept a reduction of personal freedom. If you have cut your ties to previous support groups, you will find it difficult to insist on your rights or leave the group.

If you insist on asserting your rights, the group will put a great deal of pressure on you and will threaten legal or financial penalties.

If you are not experienced enough to know you have been lured into a trap, you may knuckle under and your road to degradation has indeed begun.

If you have a personal Code of Honor and follow it, alarms will have been ringing loudly for some time and you will leave the organization which is trying to trap you, regardless of what is being threatened and what people are doing in an effort to overwhelm you.

This pattern can be seen in many different organizations although the Church of Scientology is an outstanding example. A prize or a position of honor is used to entice you to join an organization and subjugate yourself to the goals of that organization. Once you sign up, they take advantage of your inexperience as a reason to lessen your self worth and to bring you under the control of others for purposes you never would have agreed to beforehand.

The prize offered usually involved responsibility for a worthwhile effort that aligns with your personal goals. You are the only one who can head up the Marketing effort for… You are the one who has the right skills to open up a new country… You can become one of the elite who will save the planet… You will get to use your skills to create a new civilization…

These are probably whole track buttons for all I know, because they work time and time again to get people to join armies, protest groups, churches and suicide missions.

The best antidote to the siren call of these organizations and their destructive influence on your life is to examine your Code of Honor and decide beforehand how much self-determinism you are willing to give up in order to be a member of this new group.

If you don’t do it before you join, you will be forced to do it later when you are in a degraded state and are forced to choose between succumbing or escaping with your life and your sanity.  Yes, it does get that bad and the Church of Scientology is only one of many organizations that have become suppressive cesspools of criminal behavior and corruption.

If you have entered the world of Independent Scientology, you still need to ask yourself,  “How much self-determinism am I willing to give up to be part of a group?”

Factions have been formed, loose coalitions are organizing themselves and will become larger and more influential in the months to come.  None seem to have the suppressive characteristics of the CofS yet, but there are groups bitterly attacking individuals in other groups and spreading misinformation in an effort to create unrest in the Independent Scientology community.

Those who have us cut communication with others outside the church are no better than the Scientology Executives driving the church into the ground at this moment.

We all need to maintain our self-determinism and keep our communication lines open for good information from all sources regardless of their focus.

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John Doe  on January 30th, 2010

“The best antidote to the siren call of these organizations and their destructive influence on your life is to examine your Code of Honor and decide beforehand how much self-determinism you are willing to give up in order to be a member of this new group.”

Wow. Well stated. Something that should be very grooved in on any 14 year old being recruited for the SO.

lunamoth  on January 30th, 2010

I can tell you right now, Old Auditor,formal group or not, you’re included in mine. This is insightful and very wise.

This is indeed how it happens that one joins a group that offers what appears to be the best chance for survival across the dynamics, only to find oneself virtually enslaved by agreements of one’s own making. It’s insidious, and without fear of overstatement, it’s evil.

I would add to “The best antidote to this siren’s call” this step: Look at the actual products and statistics of the group you’re considering becoming a part of, or of which you find you have fallen into. If there is no group product or statistic, look at those of the individuals who comprise it, especially those who appear to be emerging as leaders. Ask yourself, what comes of associating with this person/group? What ends are they trying to achieve,and what methods are they employing to achieve them.

Once you’re satisfied that you know this, you might apply this quote from Krishnamurti:

“The means ARE the end.”

Thank you, Old Auditor. Another piece that went straight to the heart.

Thought provoking  on January 31st, 2010

Fantastic article! I would only modify one point.

I still believe in the greater purpose or nobler pursuits and I would like to be part of a group that allowed me to keep my self-determinism while forwarding a great cause.

Rather than “How much self-determinism am I willing to give up to be part of a group?” I would probably ask, “Will this group allow me to be pan-determined if I join it?”

OldAuditor  on January 31st, 2010

I like your wording as it appears to take a more positive approach, but I wonder if it is as workable as what I suggested.

After all, if you read the SO recruiting literature and talk to a SO Recruiter, what do you think you would be told?

“Sure you are being pan-determined! You are helping Ron clear the planet. What could be more pan-determined than that?”

Self-determinism is a necessary step on the way to being truly pan-determined. How many staff members do you know who operate only on the Third and Fourth Dynamic? How many even HAVE a First Dynamic?

Epic Fail, as they say on the Intertubes! 🙂

Thought provoking  on January 31st, 2010

My own opinion is that staff generally slide into other determinism pretty easily when they have not had adequate training and processing while on staff. Look at how many staff have very little training or auditing. The bridge brings a person up the tone scale. Uptone people create uptone ideas and activities.

I would inspect (look, don’t listen style) the group’s tone level, enhancement time and actual products before committing to it. Does policy align with purpase and does management actually allow policy to be used or do they subvert it? If they haven’t passed my integrity test of having those things in, then I am not interested in being part of it. This would not necessarily prevent a group from going awry but it certainly would be a good starting point for me.

I have learned a lot by playing the game, crashing into mest has allowed me to gain knowledge and certainty that I didn’t previously have. I suspect I will continue to do so in any game I play. But, I’d like the next game to have a better chance of success than that which is currently offered at the church.

Whether one has a first dynamic or not is probably dependent upon their own personal goals and how true they are to the code of honor in keeping all of the dynamics aligned.

OldAuditor  on January 31st, 2010

So, you use the Theta-Mest Theory of personal enhancement too?

I am hoping that this lifetime, I will get better at predicting outcomes without crashing into Mest so hard as before.

Thought provoking  on January 31st, 2010

Me too! I don’t need to be hit on the head with a bat to keep me interested in the game!

illusionist  on March 7th, 2011

I think there is a big misunderstanding concerning the term “group”. One would say that a group is a number of beings who are willing to operate according to the instructions of some senior, so as to achieve something, no? I say a group is self-determined co-operation between beings, so as to achieve something.

In the COS it is very typical to charge somebody with a low ethics condition, because he refuses to obey some order. But they omit to examine their own betrayal when they -after they promise freedom as self-determinism and pan-determinism- try to take that away by means of enforcing other-determinism.

I think this is very typical of groups in this society, as I have experienced it. And it should no longer be like that, if we are to have any fundamental freedom on a social scale. I personally distrust those who wish to dominate others, no matter the “good purposes”.


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