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Time may have run out for getting Repayments from the Church of Scientology and its Missions

I know of several people who are long out of the church and still have money on account. They know they are never going to do any more services, but they just haven’t gotten around to asking for their unspent money back. Some have even said that they didn’t want to cause a fuss or upset the staff they used to know.

I know these people have been reading the  grim news about church stats and have all heard about shrinking orgs and vanished missions, but they seem to have the idea that their money is still safe in the org or mission where they paid for services.

Let’s take missions for example. After the mid ’80s,  all missions that I was familiar with operated with no margin for error. Income barely covered bills and little was left for staff pay.  Some missions were subsidized by the mission holder and all depended on the efforts of volunteers to stay open. If someone donated for a major package, that money usually went to pay off back debts so the mission could continue to operate. When it came time to deliver those services, the mission might not still be open. The Long Beach mission sold a package that they could not deliver and then closed. I am sure that this happened in other missions also. I delivered the services to the unfortunate pc because I felt that it was necessary to deliver what was promised, even if it was another mission that made the promise.

Recently I received an email from someone who has $40,000 on account at a mission and he would like to know how he can get his money back. I really don’t know if he can. The Refund Policies still apply, but I can’t imagine a mission today that would be able to honor such a repayment request. I don’t even know if the mission he mentioned is still operating.

Those of you who have money “on account” at some Class IV org, Ideal Org, Flag or on the ship are actually in the same position. They do not segregate your money from regular income. It is spent the day it comes in. Your repayment request, if approved, has to be paid out of current income.

Have you looked at the traffic in your local org recently? They are not drawing in enough public to pay the rent and most staff have to hold outside jobs to survive.

I have been tracking repayment cycles for over a year and it appears that the payments are being drawn longer and longer. In the last few months I have not heard of any repayment cycle paying off. If anyone knows of a successful repayment cycle since May, I would appreciate knowing which org is still paying. The 1993 agreement between the IRS and the COS requires the church to make repayments promptly and that agreement is still in force.

If you send in a signed Release and Waiver to the organizations that are holding your money and request your unused money on account, you may not get your money, but you will be sending a strong message to staff and management that the jig is up. This may jolt some of the more aware staff members into finding out what the church has been doing to cause these refunds.

If you have a stalled refund cycle, drop me an email. I will keep your information private, but I would like to know how bad the current situation is.

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Scott  on August 2nd, 2011

One could also include in one’s … second or third … follow-up, the obvervation that, one is concerned that the Org, having been so quick to take one’s money, is now being unresponsive; that this leads one to conclude that the Org may be insolvent, or close to insolvency; that if this is so, one has little choice but to consult a qualified attorney who can advise one whether to place the Org into an Involuntary Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceeding for the purpose of liquidating its assets and obtaining repayment of as much of one’s money as possible.

Tom Houston  on April 19th, 2012

Thanks ,,, yes just started..but did email to dallas org 2 months ago..lrh communicator call..oh yes this will get handled quickly…2 months later nada…friend told me your site..I’ll try again

OldAuditor  on April 19th, 2012

Tom, I would suggest that you send emails every week and be politely insistent.

Point out that they are not keeping their word when they lie and just keep your TRs in and keep up the pressure.

Read all of my posts on the subject of repayments including the latest one.

Don’t give up.

If you feel frustrated, feel free to send comments to this site and we will see that they get published so others will know what is going on.

D'Anne  on August 15th, 2012

Hi. I’m reading everything. Have $22,000 at Flag. Have drafted a letter… just reviewing all of your writings. Should I send it via email?

Or should I send it via snail mail with a certification from the U.S. Post office that it was delivered?

Should I send it with a Notary Presentment?

My attorney is an entertainment attorney and is most likely not interested in getting involved in this. Do you know of an attorney that handles things like this? Should I cc an attorney at the beginning?

Should I cc Tony Ortega?

Thanks for any input.

OldAuditor  on August 16th, 2012


I wish you the best in your campaign to get a Repayment.

Send your letter or email any way you wish. Address it to the Chaplain at your org.
Make sure you fill out the Release and Waiver and send it with your initial letter to show that you mean business.

Keep sending them follow up emails or letters until you get an answer.

You can copy anyone you wish. They will get upset and claim that this disqualifies you from getting a Repayment, but they are not following policy anymore and the only pressure they respond to is bad publicity. Post your story wherever you can and follow up with news about the insane responses they will send you.

The church is criminal and the only thing that criminals fear is publishing their names. Do not be afraid to name names and publish letters that are off policy.
If you can interest your friend who is an Investigative Reporter for CBS, you should have him follow my effort for a story.

If you can join a class action suit, do so.

Best regards,


D'Anne  on September 19th, 2012

I sent in my Release and Waiver a month ago to Flag. Talked to the Ruds Officer there… the Chaplain said it was not his hat… just the Ruds Officer. She was quite rude. :-) I have heard nothing from her. She gave me a wrong email address (deliberately — because I checked it with her 3 times). I have been sending emails via the Chaplain and just sent another letter via U.S. Post certified. I’m being polite. Specific. It’s Flag. If they are booming as much as they say they are, then they should have the money to Repay.

I’ll keep you posted. If anyone knows anything, I’d appreciate the input. If they continue to stone-wall me I will be forced to hire an attorney. It’s $22,050… I don’t feel like just giving it to them because they are bullys.

If others have gotten a Repayment back from Flag I’d like to know about it. If anyone knows a good attorney who is familiar with this, I’d like their name.

Thank you!

maajaa  on November 22nd, 2013

I would just like to
state for the record that I did receive a full repayment of unspent funds from Pas Org a few weeks ago. I followed David’s protocol to the tee, except for making one call to the Chaplain when I was certainly not tone 40 but mad as a hatter telling him he was no sort of a chaplain to keep money that didn’t belong to him. Two weeks after that call I received a check. So don’t give up. And really, everyone who I dealt with was gracious. It took only 3 months to complete the cycle. Thank you David for making the process clear and easy.

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