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Including what we found in Scientology before it became a cult

Jamie DeWolf tells a story that will take your breath away

Snap Judgment veteran Jamie DeWolf smashes against a towering family legacy with a breathtaking performance.

A searing view of LRH from his great-grandson. The laughs do not start until 6:58.

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Centurion  on August 2nd, 2011

A nuclear reinforced bunker? I think he meant a nuclear blast-proof bunker.

Personally, I don’t think Jamie DeWolf is a very pleasent person. He himself could qualify as a black sheep himself in the eyes of others. A big winer and malcontent, nothing more.

If he thinks LRH was crazy, so be it. But I have seen others classified as sane do a lot worse to humanity.

The complete works of LRH do not qualify as a money only scheme set up as a religion. Sorry, that does not hold up. One does not have to delve so deep into a technically complex approach to start a religion for profit. A simple “guru meditation association” would do just fine…like Bagwan, Maharishi, Yogananda, etc. Less legal hassle and no need to live on a ship to avoid the feds that way.

When you make Scn your own, for you, without external forces trying to make you change against your will, it can be wonderful.

Just my two cents.

OldAuditor  on August 2nd, 2011

Jamie saw a different side of LRH than I did or you did.
I saw only the technology for many years and wondered at its decay into dogma.
I never knew that much of LRH as a person.

Jamie’s grandfather, “Nibs”, was a big player in the early days of Scientology and was one of the many who
abandoned the cause and was fair gamed as a result. What Jamie shows us is the results of that fair gaming
on the generations that followed. I am sure there are many more with similar stories.

To truly appreciate the technology, we need to understand the environment that created it and the environment that
seeks to control it today. Only then can we select out what works from that which is fervent belief. Once politics entered
into the application of technology it became easy to mix opinion with truth and bar people from the Bridge because they
held contrary beliefs based on their observations.

LRH produced some great results. We should fully understand the costs in human lives.

Frustrated  on August 2nd, 2011

Can you do a top 10 list of the benefits of scientology?

OldAuditor  on August 2nd, 2011

With or without the undesirable side effects of being controlled by a criminal organization?

Centurion  on August 2nd, 2011

@ Frustrated:

Assuming proper application and avoidance of the DM altered versions>

1. Gives one the increased ability to find his own answers.
2. Better study ability
3. Higher awareness of environment
4. Expanded conciousness
5. Increased awareness of tone levels and anticipated actions of those at various levels.
6. Increased confront in life.
7. Awareness of ethics conditions will allow better decision making.
8. Better health..if combined with proper diet and excercise.
9. No dogma, or ridgid belief system. Free to accept or reject any part of it you wish.
10. Results unlike any other system known to me personally.

That is my personal list. And the wonderful thing is, no two lists will ever be the same. Such is the diversity of beings and their viewpoints and individual experiences.

OldAuditor  on August 3rd, 2011


Thanks for taking this thread in in a more positive direction.
Jamie DeWolf was closer to Ron than I ever was, but he apparently
never saw the benefit of the technology that was developed by the
cooperative action of many talented beings under Ron’s leadership.
Unfortunately, Ron was more like Simon Bolivar than he ever realized.

Here is my top 10 list of the benefits of scientology technology:

1.The ability to achieve certainty and to develop that ability in others.
2.The ability to duplicate another’s intentions.
3.The ability to communicate freely on any subject.
4.The ability to actually help others who need it.
5.Freedom from overwhelm.
6.Ability to create desirable effects at will.
7.Ability to design workable solutions to problems at will.
8.Ability to write effortlessly on any subject I am interested in.
9.Ability to create and uncreate goals at will.
10.Ability to experience affinity in all of its various aspects.

Watchful Navigator  on August 3rd, 2011

I feel sad for the DeWolf family and I understand their pain and alienation as victims of “Fair Game”. I would never support silencing their criticism and expression of indignation along these lines.

I am even more saddened that they were prevented from enjoying the fruits of the research that LRH pursued quite dedicatedly (I have often entertained the possible truth of the worst parts of the LRH biographies and yet in studying the lectures and experiencing the tech, been left unable to deny the positive benefit intended by Ron which does in fact exist for us). That he left wreckage in his wake and that this wreckage was his own flesh and blood, does not reflect well.

Still there is something to be said for the following basic contributions that almost anyone can appreciate as broadly beneficial when examined closely as to results:

The Way to Happiness – a nice – brilliant, actually – common sense approach to dignified human relations that the world needs so desperately.

The technology and application of the Volunteer Minister program – despite the church PR machine hijacking its public relations value – is a godsend to people in distress in any of the natural disasters that have become a regular occurrence on Planet Earth. Assists save lives.

Drug-handling technologies have saved lives and freed beings from the deep, dark traps that drugs ensnare the individual in. It’s not a perfect, but it is a workable, technology that many credit to permitting themselves a new, happy existence. Freedom from such a trap calls up a sense of appreciation beyond words. LRH did that. LRH cared enough to do that.

So Jamie, we love you and appreciate your candid revelations. We also love your great-grandfather – with all due regret for his shortcomings, including the spiteful vengeance visited on your grandfather – and we so appreciate his contributions to mankind.

We know that the old man let things get out of control, that he had an ego that he allowed others to feed and even got abusive on occasion, but mostly we don’t agree with the cult making him into a god and idol and we hope that one day we will all be able to put all of this – including LRH’s own faults – in perspective.

Do note that David Miscavige is the real source of the ugliness of the attacks that came from the church from 1981 on. L. Ron Hubbard, as LRH Jr. himself pointed out, was held hostage to this thieving usurper and his thieving lawyers who set about destroying everyone in LRH’s family, whether already estranged or not.

No, we don’t believe for one minute that DM learned from LRH to be ruthless, though DM wants us all to believe this widely-disseminated justification. Rather, DM ruthlessly pushed LRH to expire in isolation and then ruthlessly crushed his family and built an empire-cult on the shoulders of those who appreciated the technology for its value to their own spiritual progress.

Fair Game was never okay – even with LRH and Mary Sue at the helm – in light of basic Scientology principles, but DM extended and amplified the suffering it wreaked and “finishing off” LRH Jr. was one of his first targets.

But thank you Jamie, for speaking from your heart and telling it like you saw it. Your views are welcomed by free-thinking individuals – even many of us “Scientologists” – of goodwill.

Fellow Traveller  on August 4th, 2011

Actually there is nothing new here from what’s already been written — whether true or false — about LRH. At least I did not catch anything.

Decent performance in the band of antagonism.

What’s with the Scientology symbol (almost, the triangles are black and the S is red) on his right arm?

Bruce Pratt

Watchful Navigator  on August 7th, 2011

Be sure to watch the Phil Spickler talks (click on link on right side of this webpage – Inspirational Links – scroll down to Admiration and Help) – right around the 3rd lecture of this series, Phil relates his knowledge and personal observations of the split between LRH and LRH Jr., and how this affected LRH’s life. Very interesting.

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