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In a self-centered mudbath of cockiness, the UK Idle Orgs saw the opportunity to shamelessly, tastelessly and greedily leverage on the current riots in England. They used the opportunity of the rampant insanity in the country to prise* more Ideal Org money out of now-frightened parishioners.  

The “Church” is using the opportunity of having people keyed-in to get them to give up money for Ideal Orgs, when it is obvious people in that country will need “spare” money to restore infrastructure.

But no, the “Church” has to circle, like a hungry shark, waiting to nick** any spare change they can before people destimulate enough to realize what their money should be spent on.

The lengthy pointless e-mail doesn’t ask the obvious questions: “If we’ve got Ideal Orgs in the UK now, why did this happen?” “If we’ve got Ideal Orgs in the UK now, how many more will it take until there is sanity in the UK? 100? 1000?”

Greater London occupies 607 square miles.  At one “Ideal Org” every 4 square miles, that means that even if I believed that “Ideal Orgs” make an area more sane, Greater London would need about 115 “Ideal Orgs”.

I prefer to think that we’re looking at the first evidence of Miscavige’s entheta-enmest theory in operation.

After all, LRH says that entheta is based on lies and confusions.  That means that the lies and confusions and false data (exemplified in David Miscavige’s Int Event speeches — and the UK Ideal Org’s e-mail) could be the source of the problems in England, not the solution.

It takes real brass ones to victimize people who are already suffering.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

* “prise” (chiefly British) means to extract with difficulty; pry

** “nick” is British slang for “to steal”

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Watchful Navigator  on August 15th, 2011

This is a classic, but egregious example of having to “HAVE” before you can “DO”! (Didn’t the old man have something derogatory to say about that?)

No real mention of any “DO” for the reader with his country is in total crisis mode. Only a vague future promise of “getting the society the tech it needs” somewhere down the road – conceivably somewhere in the smoldering ashes following a full-scale revolution.

This rather constitutes a state of treason for any sincere social reformer or civilization builder, of which one would expect real Scientologists to eventually become, if they are expanding out into their dynamics like genuine case gain would imply.

Here’s an old winning formula we might want to go back to if we mean to rescue the civilization with our tech:

1) Take the tech of restoring order, calming shock and healing injuries to the people in need (Volunteer Ministers)
2) Educate the persons so helped who have further interest in helping others (Books, Training Courses)
3) Organize the growing movement propelled by demand for solutions (note that shiny buildings requiring the sacrifice of a few upstats not necessary at this stage)
4) Get their trained members co-auditing and moving up in ability and always engaging in #1-4 over and again
5) When you have a calmed-down situation and interested society (“acceptance”), put continually-improving facilities there commensurate with their needs and ever moving upwards towards a more “ideal scene” – NOT – some diamond-studded video-machine facility that will get torn to shreds by the hungry mobs in their utter contempt for your long-term neglect.

That all sounds strangely like earlier, expanding and “fun” Scientology, whose participants for the most part have left or been expelled. Now, doesn’t it?

David MisSavage is truly a cleared cannibal. Canibalize the last remaining loyalists to put in place shiny buildings that cannot and will not survive the coming bang or whimper (from LRH’s old “bang or whimper” pronouncement on civilization without a workable mental technology). He and his followers have driven us out of communication with the society.

That needs to change.

John Doe  on August 15th, 2011

Hmmm. Don’t recall riots like this in London ever.
Could it mean that the scientologists in that city have been rendered so impoverished, so laden with financial problems that their free theta is too enturbulated to make their city a better place?

plainoldthetan  on August 16th, 2011

J.D.: That’s exactly what I meant when I said “I prefer to think that we’re looking at the first evidence of Miscavige’s entheta-enmest theory in operation.”

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