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A huge chunk of lost tech inside Miscavige Radical Corporation of Scientology is that of the Potential Trouble Source.

According to L. Ron Hubbard, a Potential Trouble Source )abbreviated “PTS”) is a person who is in some way connected to and being adversely affected by a suppressive person. He is called a potential trouble source because he can be a lot of trouble to himself and to others. (p.129 of the old, outdated, replaced non-Miscavigized 1989 version of the Introduction to Scientology Ethics book.)

A Suppressive Person (“SP”) is a person who seeks to suppress, or squash, any betterment activity or group. A suppressive person suppresses other people in his vicinity. This is the person whose behavior is calculated to be disastrous. “Suppressive Person” is another name for the “antisocial personality”.

There are other non-Scientology terms for an SP, such as sociopath or (wonder of wonders) the psychologist/psychiatrist-discovered “toxic person” or “toxic personality”. (see http://www.leadership-and-motivation-training.com/characteristics-of-a-toxic-relationship.html)

Since David Miscavige is himself an SP, he constantly strives to automatically and immediately curve any betterment activity into something evil or bad. (ref: lecture 6608C02 SUPPRESSIVES AND GAEs SHSBC-436)

The correct and timely application of PTS technology helps assure that the gains a person gets from Scientology training and auditing “stick”. Neglecting the timely application of PTS technology very often results in the person not getting the Scientology training or auditing they need to really improve their lives.

In HCO P 12 December 1979R AN OPEN LETTER TO ALL FSMs, LRH recommends that

1. You approach the individual

2. Provide him with some kind of introductory service.

2a. Alternate: Sell him a book.

3. Find his ruin on the spot.

4. Get him onto a Dept 17 service which will handle his ruin.

A very common way to perform (2) is to have the person fill out and get evaluated an OCA (Oxford Capacity Analysis).

The OCA shows immediately if a person is PTS. This is good, because PTSness must be handled before any other services are done.

Notice the “G” trait on this OCA (fourth from the right). The “G” trait is “Responsible (causative)” versus “Irresponsible”.

The opposite of “cause” is “effect”. So if the person is “effect”, there’s a good possibility he’s the effect of someone.

A good OCA evaluator will find out who.

If the new person comes up with a who, then his first service should be a PTS course.

In 1982, the Church of Scientology issued a Dept 17 Life Improvement Course called “The Ups and Downs in Life”. By a magical coincidence, I did that course in 1988 and still have the course pack. The vital thing about that version of the course was this section of the checksheet:







So, on the 1982 course, once you learned what a suppressive person was and looked at the influence of SPs in your life, you got an interview and PTS handling. That fits the description of “Get him onto a Dept 17 service which will handle his ruin.”

Pretty cool.

Then, in 1988, the course was redone and reissued as the “Overcoming Ups and Downs in Life Course”.

However, in 1988 the course had been “modified”. Instead of a checksheet step requiring the course supervisor interview the person and send him to Ethics for a PTS handling if indicated, the step had been removed from the checksheet and hidden in the backwater of the course pack like this:






In the past twenty years, I have seen way too many people that need this step simply skip over this boxed “admonition” in the course pack, only to end up without the PTS interview and handling they so desperately need. Part of skipping over the step is that the PTS person…doing the course…gets to decide if he’s PTS and needs a PTS interview. In the 1982 course, the Course Supervisor aided in the adjudication.

Of course, in 2009, a brand new Ups and Downs course was released. I’ve been through the course pack a dozen times with Div 6 supervisors.  Guess what? No trip to Ethics for a PTS interview and handling.

Not even a suggestion.

So, when LRH says . “Get him onto a Dept 17 service which will handle his ruin” Miscavige thinks that’s just a “helpful suggestion”.

There is no “handling” required by the 2009 Ups and Downs course.

So the “Ideal Orgs” are drive-thrus for people who aren’t getting helped with the first barrier to getting permanent helpful changes to their lives.

Take a look at the OCA graph above. I got this “before and after” graph out of a Flag “Source” magazine. The “after” graph shows us that the person’s PTSness was not handled. Yet, the person’s graph was put up as a PR move to show he was “helped”.  As soon as the person leaves Flag and goes home, he’ll rollercoaster (lose his gains).

Because David Miscabbage doesn’t really want anyone to be helped.

And he’s totally willing to lose workable tech in order to not help them.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

P.S. Did you spot the joke in the title of this blog entry? It’s actually impossible to fill an org with PTS people. If you don’t recognize, address, and handle their PTSness, they rollercoaster and drop off lines as fast as you can get them in.


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OldAuditor  on August 16th, 2011

This article applies in spades to those who are on staff in these orgs. They are all PTS, to Miscavige at least, and their group agreement keeps them on post! Their freedom is being kept out of reach.

Per the Tech Dictionary: Insanity itself is simply must reach-can’t reach, must withdraw-can’t withdraw.

It is truly amazing that more staff have not had psychotic breaks.


[...] In my post on the failure of the Radical Corporation of Scientology’s failure to know and apply PTS tech to parishioners, I didn’t mention the effect this creates on parishioners. (/?p=3883) [...]

Sinar  on August 16th, 2011

Great post, hadn’t noticed and was not aware of this Tech degrade causing this non-handling of PTS people and the wins and gains which could have been had in the earlier course, enabling those who did the course and had situations to be more stable!

Perhaps there were too many who came up with DM as the who and the SP?

Henry  on August 16th, 2011

Great observations. I, personally, would like to see your report written up without all the references to DM, the Church and so forth. Just a simple … this is what the PTS Tech says. This is what the Course was like in 1982. This is what the Course was like in 1989. This is what the Course is like now …. And, then leave a big pregnant pause for the reader to draw their own conclusion.

I could use THIS kind of treatment of an obvious technical degrade to email to many people I know … “serious” Scientologists … who would pay attention to it … because they draw their own conclusion.

You do a marvelous job of exposition. Please keep it up!

plainoldthetan  on August 16th, 2011

Sinar: That’s exactly right. The pool of potential SPs was minimized as long ago as the year 2000. I wrote about it a year ago at http://www.scientology-cult.com/pts-sp-tech-corrupted.html.

At that time, the Church was not allowing parishioners to name David Miscavige or an OT8 or a huge famous IAS donor as an SP.

Thus sticking parishioners with SPs and an unresolvable PTS condition.

Suppressive, isn’t it?

Henry  on August 17th, 2011

Like all good suppressions, the ‘prohibition’ of naming DM or other “Execs” as SP’s is founded in LRH’s own writings (albeit an alteration thereof). Somewhere, I don’t recall the exact issue, LRH notes that people who name “Upstats” (I am paraphrasing) as SP’s are themselves to be suspected and reviewed carefully. Sooooooooooooooooo this sensible comment/policy by LRH is misconstrued, misinterpreted and altered to say that if anyone even so much as criticizes DM or “Execs”, that person will be “for it”.

Just another example of the perversions which MU’s generate and why LRH, quite correctly, said that a person who failed to clear their own MU’s, or continued on Post with MU’s, was in liability.

Same is true in life. If you operate with MU’s, you get what you darn well deserve.

Watchful Navigator  on August 18th, 2011

You’re not far off the mark at all. I personally handled at least two staffmembers who went into psychotic breaks. This “must reach-can’t reach” does indeed affect staff severely.

At risk of generalizing, what I see now are old-timers who remember better days, who did actually get up the Bridge with wins sometime in the past and who know no other life, and then young, 2nd generation Scientologists who believe in the myth of the young turk Commodore’s Messengers who “saved Scientology” from the founder’s own wife, by being “unreasonable”, sadistic and cruel.

These are the ones most easily qualified for Flag training and where the David Miscavige valence is most prevalent for copying by reactive mimicry. They come back running “can’t haves” on the tech. In other words, per the tech, they are now SUPPRESSIVE and they make others around them PTS.

In my own case, my ambition to be “cause over the evil out there”, studying PTS/SP and Data Series, finally led me to question the insanity right there flying around me.

Long before I recognized the WHO (David Miscavige) I found myself behaving in a cruel manner with a hateful attitude, and began to realize to my own horror, that I’d better get a grip on this or I would end up committing serious overts and lose my own eternity. One cannot pretend to administer justice and also break up families, which is essentially what we were being asked to do.

Years later I cleaned this up solo auditing, LFBD reads on David Miscavige as the WHO – the SP. I could walk back to post with my head held high and no longer involved or effect of, the insane games flying around distracting us from delivering straight Scientology.

Of course, there is only so much one can accomplish in a deeply PTS environment. But at least I did not blow and was able to rescue a few comrades before getting on my routing form, and recover my personal pride quietly without outing myself in a confrontation they surely would have used to isolate me from the field and break up my family.

If you are still in there, there is help out here. It starts with de-PTSing actions – separating yourself (disconnecting) from these overt acts against the basic purpose of setting beings free and restoring them to their own self-determinism.

plainoldthetan  on August 18th, 2011

Henry: I specifically cite the references you’ve lost track of in my blog posts at /?p=1179 and http://www.scientology-cult.com/pts-sp-tech-corrupted.html.

The phrase you’re groping for is “good hats”.

Frustrated  on August 18th, 2011

Nothing personal to any of you, but, WOW; Aside from bringing to light the obvious outpoints of the current church and corrupt management (Fuck you David Miscavige) you seem to be missing out on life as you knew it before you were in a cult. If I spend a lot of time finding out about my past lives then I am missing time on my current life. If I spend a lot of time looking for PTS then, again, I’m doing the same. IMO this is what the church has done to your mindset. How can you move forward?

I know this may not fit in with your post, BUT, I still love what you are doing to contribute to the demise of the cult.

OldAuditor  on August 19th, 2011

Dear Frustrated, life in the Independent field is far different than it is in the cult of Miscavige. Our lives, families and careers come first and we USE Scientology to help us through the rough spots. We do not allow church dogma to run or influence our lives.

My clients are mostly professionals and business owners. These are people who are constantly meeting deadlines or payrolls and in some cases helping employees to rise above obstacles and accomplish the impossible week after week in a struggling economy. These guys are not missing out on life. On the contrary, they are up to their ears in all sorts of creative activities. They only request auditing when they encounter something they can’t seem to handle on their own.

They are living life to the fullest and refuse to stop because of occasional moments of frustration, anger or despair. They can call and arrange auditing sessions at their convenience to target the source of these momentary blips in their progress.This is the 21st Century and they don’t have to drop everything and fly to Clearwater or LA to address their problem of the month. If they are on my lines, we schedule a session or two until the crisis du jour is handled and they get auditing on their schedule at their location of choice at the time of day they choose. When the session is over, they can go back to work with renewed energy and the knowledge that they have dealt with another long term problem that was stopping them or slowing them down.

Not everyone is eligible for Internet auditing but those who qualify get benefits that are not found elsewhere. Those who prefer to be in the same room as their auditor can find excellent auditors in the Independent field. I refer those pcs to my friends in their area. The real point of getting auditing is that you no longer have to curse the fates that leave you frustrated. afraid, lonely or bitter about life. You can zero in on the sources of the problem and begin to reach your full potential again.

Almost everyone I meet had a time in life when they were really doing well and then something happened that left them emotionally scarred and unable to use their abilities freely. Auditing, delivered correctly, can handle this and restore life and happiness to the individual in a matter of weeks.

You might want to consider this: If a person has done all that he knows how to do in order to resolve a problem in life and nothing has worked, perhaps the source of difficulty lies elsewhere. I and other auditors who follow the Auditor’s Code specialize in locating the sources of these problems and are trained to help the CLIENT resolve the problem, whatever it is. What is not generally recognized is that the auditor (counselor) actually does is help the person locate the problem and gently coaches the person through the steps needed to actually handle the problem, right there in session. The auditor guides the person to the real source, but the person does the heavy lifting required to take responsibility for and handle the problem whatever it is.

Auditing is a team effort and works best for those who are willing to take responsibility for their lives.

David St Lawrence

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