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If you are reading this, you have left the Church of Scientology or are considering your options in that regard. You have experienced the Scientology Nightmare and are seriously looking for other ways to achieve spiritual freedom and peace of mind.

If you are loyal CofS staff, you might want to continue reading in case you are the subject of the next purge. Life outside the church is far less toxic than you have been told. Life outside the church offers more opportunity and spiritual freedom than the the degradation of life on staff or in the RPF under current church management.

Once you have separated yourself from the church, you have a wide range of choices on where you may live, who you may associate with, and how you can enhance your ability to flourish and prosper.

You will find that there are thousands of others who have left the church before you and you will find that they are all over the map in terms of their ability to help you or provide useful advice.

The good side to this is that you will find others who understand your situation because they have undergone the same experiences you have.

The bad news is that some are emotionally shattered or completely embittered by their treatment by the Church of Scientology. Some will be almost destitute and will have few skills that they can apply to finding employment.  These people put their lives on the line for Scientology and are deserving of whatever help you can give them.

The saving grace in all of this is you will probably find your informal support network quite rapidly if you use the Internet and search engines like Google.

There are probably more than fifty different independent networks that have grown up in response to the destructive activities of the Church of Scientology and this number is growing every month. These networks have many different purposes but unlike the church, they communicate freely on the Internet.

If you use the Internet, you will find forums, websites, and blogs that speak directly to your particular concerns.

On the right sidebar you will find links to groups that are trying to do something to carry on the legacy of Scientology, to correct it, or to destroy it for the benefit of humanity

Some of the basic divisions of activity outside of the church are:

Anonymous – Actively protesting the criminal activities of the CofS

The Free Zone (or independent Scientologists or Scientology Freezone) is a term coined to describe a large group of individuals and organizations that practice Scientology and Dianetics independently of the Church of Scientology.  These practitioners base their practice on the original teachings of Scientology’s founder L. Ron Hubbard. Many of the leaders in the Freezone were originaly CofS members or staff.

Independent Field – Tech outside Scientology & Ron’s Orgs. This is a generally accepted term for processes and practices that might have a relation to Scientology because the practitioner was a former Scientologist or because the processes were derived from Auditing procedures. The processes may have no counterpart in Scientology processes.

To keep up with the latest news of church activities and declarations of independence from the church you might want to visit the Blogs I read frequently on the right sidebar. Each of these has links to other blogs so you will eventually find your way to the people and references you are looking for.
Almost all of the Scientology materials are available on line including confidential issues so you have no shortage of accurate information to work with as you decide what you want to do next.

1. If you have unused money on account, there is information online that will help walk you through the process of getting a Repayment.

2. If you wish to repair bad auditing you received in the CofS, there are a number of independent Scientology auditors who are competently delivering auditing to high standards.

3. If you feel that Scientology auditing never addressed what you wanted handled, there are alternative practices offered by practitioners in the Independent Field that may be a better fit to your needs.

4. If you want to locate old friends, there are sites you can post messages on for that purpose.

5. If you want to go up the Bridge to OT without invalidation or want to rehabilitate your State of Clear, there are highly trained auditors in the field who can make that happen.

In fact, there are more highly trained Auditors and Case Supervisors outside the church than there are inside. Many left the church as out-tech and off-policy actions were forced in by current management.

The next post will take up the pros and cons of various theraputic practices and processes that are available in a post-CofS world.

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lunamoth  on February 5th, 2010

You’re providing a very valuable service, here, Old Auditor. It’s a true humanitarian act. I hope this blog is seen by every exiting scientologist, and that it gets thousands of hits! I know that yours was one of the first sites I found that seemed truly safe and friendly, and it has continued to be a good place to come for a sane viewpoint and good advice. Keep up the good work.


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