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In my post on the failure of the Radical Corporation of Scientology’s failure to know and apply PTS tech to parishioners, I didn’t mention the effect this creates on parishioners. (/?p=3883)

LRH says in HCO PL 13 January 1983 THE BUSINESS OF ORGS that Orgs are in the very new, for this universe, business of setting people free.

SPs will find all manner of reasons not to, for this is what they, with their own crimes, fear.

Thus it follows that they cut dissem lines, corrupt tech, suppress and confuse orgs, persuade people to be inactive and resort to other shifts, all quite “reasonable” and “logical” as to why this must be the way it is; so be alert for this and go ahead and set people free.

It’s done with org services well delivered, on-policy, with standard tech.

This is why I so vehemently rail against David Miscavige and his wild divergences from actual tech and policy.

David Miscavige’s actions don’t result in setting people free.

Even with nice fancy buildings that have insufficient parishioners in them and less than sufficient staff in them.

Apparently Miscavige thinks it’s the buildings that set people free, not the service personnel in the org that set people free.

And by having the person to your left and the person to your right have unhandled PTS situations, you yourself find your progress in Scientology doomed.

That’s because some of the most fundamental Scientology is not known or not applied.

HCOB 12 March 1968 MISTAKES, ANATOMY OF, states In the presence of suppressives, one makes mistakes. People making mistakes or doing stupid things is evidence than an SP exists in that vicinity.

HCOB 25 March 1989 MISTAKES AND PTSNESS states In the vicinity of PTS people, one tends to make mistakes, since PTS people make mistakes.

So, even if you’re not PTS, odds the odds are, in the current Radical Corporation of Scientology, that the person to your left and the person to your right are PTS to some degree or another.

So you will make mistakes.

This means it will take forever to get through a GAT drill.

It means you will get sold and buy things you don’t need.

It means you will donate your life savings to a pointless Idyllic Org campaign.

It means you will sign a staff contract and indenture yourself for 2½ or 5 years to doing two full-time jobs not being able to do well at either.

It means you won’t flourish and prosper which, paradoxically, sticks you further in the situation.

It means that the “Ideal Org” won’t be run according to policy or tech. It means the “Ideal Org” won’t be so ideal.

No parking? That’s okay “because DM says it’s an ideal org”.  No student storage?  That’s okay “because DM says it’s an ideal org”.

No advertising, marketing or promotion? Stupid advertising, marketing or promotion? Out-ethnic advertising, marketing or promotion? That’s okay “because DM says we’re concentrating on the right thing: ideal orgs”.

Student and HGC preclears falling on their heads and not feeling Scientology works? That’s okay “because DM says we’re concentrating on the right thing: ideal orgs”.

If you’re progressing slowly; if you’re hearing people saying “That outpoint isn’t really an outpoint because…”, if you’re hearing people saying stuff like “I know there’s nobody on the Dianetics Seminar and there’s no advertising for it and….”, if you’re hearing “I know that Costco and Sam’s Club don’t have Dianetics books in them and that LRH says ‘the dissemination success of a group will not accomplish any security unless books are distributed’* but…” know just one thing.

You’re dealing with mistakes and people doing stupid things.

So you’re in a suppressive environment.

Don’t expect your Idyllic Org to get any bigger or be more productive until the source of suppression is eliminated.

And achieving that means that you’re constantly demanding the resignation and removal from office of David Miscavige.

— written by Plain Old Thetan


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