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An Unexpected Study Win from Audited NOTS

My preOTs have experienced many different kinds of life changing wins on audited NOTs but we discovered a new one this past week, a major change in a person’s ability to study.

This person is a friend of long standing who has always shown exceptional ability to solve technical problems in spite of extreme difficulty in studying technical and other material.

In spite of this barrier, he has always managed to find technical work in major corporations and perform well on the job.

He is in the middle of audited NOTS right now and we were dealing with that part of a person’s OT case which affects perceptions and thinking…

This area seemed to be giving him difficulty as he was studying to become certified in a particular capacity and this required him to study a 600 page manual and pass a test on the material studied. He spent hundreds of hours on the task and it was always painful and frustrating.

We had a couple of sessions and something interesting happened. A day later I received this email:

I wanted to say thank you for your help this week.

On Tuesday I tried to study and didn’t last 10 minutes before I was frustrated and walked away from the book. Then after our session on Wednesday I studied for 7 hours. Wow! What a difference. There is still more improvement to be had in this area, but It’s nice to know that I can push though and get some studying accomplished now.

Thank you,

I do not think we know the limits of what can be accomplished with audited NOTS because there has not been much data released by recipients of NOTS on what exact changes they experienced. I do know that results vary widely and I think that comes from variations in auditor training. OT auditing is generally unsuccessful when done rotely.

In the past we were discouraged from sharing our experiences for a number of reasons but the most likely one was these experiences exceeded the reality of the staff delivering the auditing. This is no longer the case in the Independent field and I encourage the sharing of wins with the proviso that a person with new abilities should choose an audience that can experience them easily. (Second Rule for Happy Living.)

This increase in the ability to study is just one of many miraculous results I have observed or experienced from audited NOTS and I want to see more. I have the feeling that if all other remedies have been tried and failed, one should consider addressing one’s OT case and seeing what can be done.

-David St Lawrence

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Centurion  on August 18th, 2011

Excellent win…

I look forward to OT5 as well. I have heard of many miracles, quietly going unnoticed, from this level. I am glad to see one of them mentioned here.

Press on, press on…

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