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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

Hard working staff finally get their OT levels – outside church walls

I set up this site to help Scientology staff and public make the transfer from a repressive Church of Scientology environment into the real world where ability is recognized and rewarded. That is happening every month.

I also set up a field practice to service those who had been emotionally damaged by their experiences in a church which perverted the original technology and made it into a tool for mind control. I kept my prices as low as possible so that ex staff would be able to get services while they were still trying to rebuild their lives.

It has been almost a year and a half since we started and new pcs are now arriving every month thanks to the recommendations of those who have had wins from their services. Most pcs come here for repair actions but a growing number stay to enjoy the freedom that comes from getting their OT cases handled.

We have another OT III completion this week, a long time staff member who found that it was possible to build a new life outside the church. Here is his story:


Hi David

Here is that success story on finishing OTIII I promised you a week ago. I would have written sooner but I wanted to experience this a while longer.

I never really knew what to expect at the end of this level. The Church keeps a pretty tight lid on this data so there has been little info available. The most I ever heard was a few wins at AO without any real substance and it was enough to entice most people up the Bridge. I was always interested but it seemed so far out of reach at times, like after getting C/S’d to redo my objectives with an expected 2-300 hours in the courseroom, that I finally stopped and took a long hard analytical look at what has been going on around me for the past several years.

It was clear that this was no longer Scientology I found myself participating in. It was a cheap knockoff at best but it felt more like I had been suckered out of my time, money and to some degree, trust. I found myself in this crowd of people and I looked around. Why didn’t they see what I saw? Am I wrong? No, the evidence is clear and there is lots of it but these people who I love dearly are unable to lift their heads high enough to see the lies they have been fed for so many years.

This was no longer my group and it was a little rough coming to that conclusion but I could no longer follow something I did not believe in.

It took a while but I still believed in the tech and eventually started looking outside the Church for answers. Some time later I got in comm with you and the change in how I feel about the tech, and myself is truly astounding.

You were able to handle BPC on Clear and other areas effortlessly to the point that I looked forward to getting back in session which hasn’t been the case for a long time in the Church. My Clear cycle was as I envisioned it would have been in the Church years ago. It was very settling in my universe and seemed to open the door to the higher levels.

Scientology to me has always been a very personal thing. I think people can benefit greatly from the tech but I never preached about what it could do for them but told them it wouldn’t hurt and it might even help. Needless to say, I stopped saying that a long time ago and have been a poor dissemminator since then.

The Grade Chart lists EP’s for the different levels done but that always seemed far too vague for me as I always felt people are different and would experience these levels differently. I had heard the stories about OTIII. Death, sickness and case trouble. Bring it on I said and I am still here.

I didn’t have much attention on attesting to OTIII as you know, but completing that action gave me an urge to move faster than I had before and I can see and experience things in a much different way than I had before.

And, I am now disseminating.


He is also receiving audited NOTS. If this is something that you would like to experience, send me an email.

– David St Lawrence – oldauditor@posiblyhelpfuladvice.com

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Ron Minor  on August 21st, 2011

Great idea. I’ll soon be retiring from my company ….22 years. One idea I’ve had is to offer free or very low cost auditing to staff that i worked with, back in the 70’& 80’s. Almost none ever made it up the bridge even though they put in many, many hours and years. My name is Ron Minor Cl V grad C/S. If intresested contact me at mnor@cox.net

h. alan scott fitzgerald jones  on August 22nd, 2011


Polymath  on August 26th, 2011

I have a technical question.

How would an auditor or C/S realise that they are dealing with a pc (pre-OT?) who is naturally of a much higher case level than their Bridge progress would suggest? Apart from obviously their TA position and loose needle, that is?

The Church put me on repair program after repair program and I made virtually no Bridge progress during the years I was there. My indie auditor and C/S duplicated what they were looking at pretty much straight away.

What were they seeing that the Church missed?

plainoldthetan  on August 27th, 2011

Wow. Tough question. Let me start by saying I don’t think it’s a technical situation. It’s a political situation.

I have had preclears that were on their grades and were exactly correct to be on their grades.

I have had other preclears that were on their expanded lower grades and continuing to force them WITHOUT BEING IN COMM WITH THEM just bypassed charge.

The thing that settles it out a little bit is to USE THE COMMUNICATION FORMULA and DUPLICATE THE PRECLEAR. See Basic Auditing Series 1, The Magic of the Communication Cycle.

But the church doesn’t make auditors that do that anymore.

Auditors with natural TRs, that listen to the preclear and help him as-is his case, are frowned on and tromped on.

Auditors have to do the exact GAT thing in response to a pc in session or they get creamed.

Well, what if a pc’s in trouble in a session and he says “I think we’re just building up mass on my top truncated GPM.”

A GAT auditor DOESN’T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH THAT ORIGINATION, so he just plows past the point and tries to get the current action finished.

Instead of UNDERSTANDING what the pc is saying, and then, if correct, return the pc to the action.

The current POLITICAL approach to auditing is to force the pc into a place on the Bridge and make him suffer there without listening to him.

LRH allows “advanced pcs” to be on the lower Bridge, such as when he talks about “blowing by inspection” in Lecture 6105C12 SHSBC-002 ASSESSMENT and NED Series 6RA.

The problem is that modern auditors, and especially those at Flag, are auditing without the benefit of TRs and therefore perception of the preclear. Modern-generation auditors are worried about sitting up straight and not looking at their worksheets and enunciating and not looking at the meter when doing assessments and three swing F/Ns and a whole bucket of nonsense things that DON’T HAVE BLEEP-ALL TO DO WITH AUDITING.

They do, however, have everything to do with keeping some RTC inspector from assigning you lowers and keeping you out of the chair all week.

I like to think in basics. Like: “Audit the preclear in front of you”. Lecture 6211C20 FUNDAMENTALS OF AUDITING SHSBC-242)

Doing that doesn’t mean you ignore a pc’s originations or deliberately refuse to duplicate what he’s going through.

An auditor works with the pc and C/S to get an R-Factor to the pc that he can have. If the pc can’t have it, you take another shot at it. And another.

Having an advanced ability pc doesn’t mean the pc doesn’t need the action he’s on. But writing and following the program that PARALLELs THE PC’s CASE is now a LOST SKILL in Scientology.

The essential truth is that modern-era C/Ses don’t listen to pcs. They obsessively follow the grade chart to the extent of FORCING THE PC instead of listening to him. And if a pc doesn’t “go along”, he gets sec-checked. (As oppsed to being audited with sec checking, like LRH describes in lecture 6304C30 PATTERN OF THE GPM (SHSBC-289))

One thing David St. Lawrence does in his auditing is he LISTENS TO THE PC. In the HCOB TRs and COGNITIONS, LRH explains why current Church auditing doesn’t produce cognitions and therefore case gain.

It has been my experience that congitions are being PREVENTED if they aren’t occurring.

I can sit down with just about anyone off the street, and, using their OCA and NO METER, get cognitions to occur.

It’s not that hard.

In the Church, however, there’s so much complexity that it’s BECOME HARD.

And pcs in the Church aren’t allowed to communicate. You can’t say it’s illegal to solicit huge donations for “Ideal Orgs”, for example. You can’t say that “8 Int Events per year is just plain intrusive to my livingness”. Or “I think it’s unjust to get KRd for not going to an Int Event.”

If you look at Basic Auditing Series 1, you have to be able to COMMUNICATE to get cognitions to occur.

That’s verboten in the Church these days.

In Miscavology, if a case is in trouble, it’s the pc’s fault. In the independent field, one thing you look at BEFORE even considering blaming the pc is at any out-tech (out-TRs).

You were right to look for solutions outside.

David St Lawrence  on August 27th, 2011

Dear Polymath,

Thanks for your important question, “How would an auditor or C/S realize that they are dealing with a pc (pre-OT?) who is naturally of a much higher case level than their Bridge progress would suggest?”

Plain Old Thetan lays out the reasons why this is not being done and how it should be done. I would like to take the discussion a little further and share with you how simple it can be to see what the church auditors are missing.

What is not generally realized is that EVERYONE has an OT case. The OT case responds to the auditors questions in the same way as the pc’s case does. An auditor has to be observant enough to recognize whether the charge seen on the meter is coming from the pc’s incidents or from his OT case. Read “Nature of a Being” if you have not already.

First and foremost, I try to grant beingness to the person I am helping, then I listen to what the person says and I make every effort to duplicate what the person is trying to communicate.

I make no assumptions about the state of case of any individual and merely ask, “What would you like to handle? and proceed from there. Then we start handling whatever they are most aware of.

Usually they will mention something they have been trying to handle since they got in Scientology. Listening to what they say usually gives me enough information to find out what the church auditors missed.

If they originate concerns about not being acknowledged, I find out what has not been acknowledged, for example have they ever attested to clear, gone clear last lifetime or have been prevented from attesting to some other state of release?

I ask if they have been run on processes that didn’t indicate, had nonexistent withholds pulled over and over again, or been run repeatedly on PTS handlings or other repair actions. If this is the case, I start pulling the string to find out when this all began.

By this time the person is usually saying something about being run on uncharged items ever since they flunked their CCRD.

It becomes quickly apparent whether this person’s OT case has been stirred up and if the upset and wrong indications have ever been handled. Auditor failure to find out who was responding to the auditing questions, will wrap a pc around a tree.

The pc cannot as-is charge if it is not his own. If a pc realizes that much of the misemotion he is experiencing is not his, it opens the door to the handling of his OT case and this can be done in conjunction with whatever auditing action he is getting.

If a person is aware that he is experiencing voices, thoughts and impulses that do not feel like his own, he can be gently coached to communicate and handle the ones that are interfering with his enjoyment of life.

For those who have no attention on their OT case, there are a wealth of standard grade chart processes that will increase ability and raise tone levels.

Experienced auditors can tell the difference between those who are aware of their OT case and those who are not and the auditing will be quite different.

(revised 8/28/11 for additional clarity)

Polymath  on August 30th, 2011

Thanks, David and plainoldthetan, for your detailed answers. I will find and read those references. Great!

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