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We have all been brainwashed – the outpoints are right in front of us

This is an outpoint

I am reposting and updating this 2012 article because it needs to be seen and understood by a new generation of readers.

Brainwashing and outpoints

When we are brainwashed, we calmly accept things that any person off the street would instantly spot as a screaming outpoint, They would not use the highly technical term outpoint, which means illogical or insane, they would probably say, “Are you f**king crazy:?

Many of these outpoints deal with alteration of tech and policy and the church’s efforts to get you to accept these perversions as truth. They quote nonexistent references and usually overwhelm you with their Tone 40 BS until you cave in and go with the flow.

There are other outpoints that are soo pervasive that you stop noticing them after awhile and you dumb yourself down

You stop noticing these outpoints after awhile and it seems like everything is normal. And no, I am not talking about the perennial lack of toilet paper and paper towels in the restrooms or the smell of unwashed uniforms.

I am talking about staff tone levels and auditor tone levels.

I am talking about the low tone level of the delivery team when there is one. We are looking at staff who rarely have enough sleep or food, who suffer continuous invalidation and evaluation from their seniors, and are subject to frequent cross orders and wrong indications.

It is a rare staff member who is able to rise above the suppression and experience unforced cheerfulness. Some do on a momentary basis, but their chronic tone level is somewhere between suppressed resentment and fear.

Most of us went blithely on our way getting auditing or training and never really observed what was going on with staff members. It was an early version of don’t ask and don’t tell even though the misery was plain to see for anyone who wanted to look.

It came to a head for me when I was getting auditing at FLAG, the “Mecca of Tech Perfection”. I was so blown out most of the time that I barely noticed people in lower tone levels. I didn’t avoid them, I really just did not have any attention on low-toned people except when they tried to reg me for things I did not want.

I was so oblivious that I did not realized UNTIL VERY RECENTLY that some of my past auditors were barely holding it together. I did notice that their TRs would go out when I got off some overts and I started to be careful what I said to them so they would not freeze up on me in session.

As time went on, it became clear that the C/Ses were not duplicating me either. I thought at the time that they were just being grumpy, but I did not see that they were so beaten down that they could no longer duplicate the tech and deliver it standardly.

The Problem with Low Toned Auditors

I have spent the last four years repairing pcs who have been uniformly mistreated by church auditors and C/Ses, I realize that it is not a plot to destroy preclears, it is the natural result of management abusing staff members, depriving them of a future and driving them down tone.

Low toned auditors provide low-toned services and this results in mishandled preclears.

How can a pc share a life changing win with an auditor who is stuck in  hopelessness? How can such an auditor detect when a process is complete? His very attitude will kill any F/N.

I suggest that every pc take a good look at their auditor and do not go in with anyone whose tone level is markedly lower than yours. You will live to regret it.

Your auditor may have been told that as long as his breath could fog a mirror, he could audit. Well, he was probably told a lot of things that did not produce a superior product. You are responsible for the quality of your auditing. Look for an auditor who will bring you up tone.

The Problem with Low Toned Staff in General

Somewhere along the line, we were indoctrinated to accept that staff, particularly executives, were routinely low toned and pissed off at us and life in general. How could this not be a giant red flag that all was not well in the organization that was going to clear the planet?

We may have justified their low toned handlings by the fact that they were under stress and we had probably done something wrong to deserve their ire, but shouldn’t we have woken up and seen that staff was less able and lower toned than most of the people entering the church for services for the first time?

I know that I could always tell who the new staff members were because they were the cheerful ones. The fact that new staff are used for the publicity photos should have been a clue that something was wrong, but no, I did not notice that until I had been out for years!

The biggest outpoint of all is that staff lie continuously and after a while, we began to lie to ourselves about obvious things like conditions in the org, stats and progress and our hopes for a future.

Getting Out of the Church Brings People Uptone

The final indicator for me occurred when I first parted ways from the church of Miscavige. My tone level shot up and I was almost giddy for days.

When I received my Super Secret Declare and Writ of Expulsion, I laughed and congratulated myself on achieving a major case milestone.

You can too.

— David St Lawrence

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BBSox  on August 23rd, 2011

I was only “in” for two years, and it took 4-5 years out until it wore off. I’m still angry about that, both at myself and the “church.

h. alan scott fitzgerald jones  on August 23rd, 2011

Well, interestingly enough, ‘brainwashing’ seems, to me, to be an example of a service facsimile, in this way: A point of view adopted to make yourself right and others wrong, so that you are seen to be responsible for the choices that you have made. How could you be? You were “brainwashed” … because your were (a.) trusting, (b.) ignorant, (c.) eager, (d.) trusting, (e.) stupid, (f.) careless … etc. You sucked up a load of crap, victimized by Mr. M, or whomever, because of some service facsimile you adopted on Planet X-1A-365Z during the overwhelm of a major battle … you went blank. Now you are blank when anyone opposes you and this results in you being “brainwashed”.

Of course, the mechanisms are much different than this, but we don’t need to beat ourselves up about this kind of stuff. Our failures to recognize evil when we are being smacked around with it (mine too) are just service facsimiles, which, fortunately, there is auditing to repair.

At least this is one point of view on the subject!

h. alan scott fitzgerald jones  on August 23rd, 2011

I meant “seen to be NOT responsible”

Watchful Navigator  on August 23rd, 2011

After reading Steve Hall, Marty and this blog, I began to understand why my life on staff was so miserable. I started studying more tech and after reading “the Pilot” (Ken Ogger) and L. Kin (both found on the Freezone), and reading lots more of LRH (including the Class VIII lectures where I learned so much about Standard Tech and auditing basics), being fed up with the wrong indications on top of a desperate condition of out-Int and the years of no-auditing on staff, …I started cleaning myself up solo!

I fixed the out-Int within two short sessions. And after some mighty fine progress through correction lists, I got a trained C/S (PlainOldThetan, who also writes here on this blog) to help me through my accumulated charge on out-lists (wrong indications mainly, like “your tech is out, come with me”).

Finally I could walk back into the org up-tone (I could always audit up-tone because I did my Pro TRs for real). And I didn’t have much to do – just some more out-lists (they were deeply layered in the dozen years of DM-enhanced drama) and out-rudiments – before I’d also attested to (solo) “Introspection Rundown Completion”. (No longer feeling like I was on the verge of a psychotic break from the enforced connection to a rock-slammer (another cowardly bully in a long line of them) – David Miscavige)

Let me tell you how relieved I am though, to have handled the migraines (out-Int) and the seething rage (bypassed charge from wrong items). And to be able to go on being effective and helping others from a higher tone level all that I could, in the remaining time on staff.

What is it worth to help rescue a fellow staff – himself under the same black enchantment? Well, priceless. I even helped a psychotic breaker (yes, while he/she was on staff!) to recover to a normal life flourishing and prospering better than ever before. And I didn’t fail to point them to real answers as to why their experience on staff was so horribly un-Scientology.

My pcs are winning because I became an auditor who would think and do for himself, who would pull out the C/S series and the LRH model C/Ses and just C/S “for the pc” instead of wait for permission from someone in the org too suppressed to do so, and who would now call F/Ns before over-running (something I learned as a practical on my own case by the way, auditing solo).

(A release that lasts for 2-3 seconds is still a release! Going past it, like today’s auditors are bullied into doing, is murder on the pc! Suppressive! as LRH once wrote in an HCOB)

Audit yourself, audit others, get auditing.

Study the tech we’ve got together out here. (LRH’s Standard Tech is just great all by itself) And don’t over-run the releases (or the other extreme, short-cut the benefits) on yourself or others.

Pick up those cans. Leave Mr. David Miscavige holding his “grounded” copper rod (he’ll need it trying to figure out who got through her Leaving Sec Check with flying colors – and even had the obligatory 3-swing F/Ns!)

Solo case clean-up rocks! (at least if you’re trained – maybe even if you can just simply read and apply with good duplication) – as does any good auditing away from suppression.

Let’s face it, the orgs of today are too suppressed to make inroads in clearing their areas. We’re on our own.

But we have workable technology and good intention – an unbeatable combination if you get yourself unsuppressed.

By the way, thank you OldAuditor for putting this site here. The links and articles have been a great help.

gorillavee  on June 19th, 2014

Probably the most common way to justify the low tone – clearly an out-point in the midst of the only organization that can make a person happy – is convincing oneself that the situation is temporary. That is yet another effect of the constant promises that the next technical breakthrough, the next release will bust everything wide open. THEN, when the public and money is flooding in, everything will magically be fixed, and everyone will be happy.

Birgit  on June 20th, 2014

My biggest cognition upon leaving the church was, how utterly naive, gullible and stupid I had become during my 16 years as a scientologist.

I have been out now for about 3 years and slowly but surely I´m beginning to feel overwhelmed by a wonderful new liberating feeling of FREEDOM! I´m FREE to be me. I´m FREE to think my own thoughts and have my own opinions, based on common sense. I´m FREE from the church´s constant invasion of my privacy. I´m FREE from being called up incessantly and told what I need to do. I´m FREE from spending all my money on Scientology and I´m FREE from having an eternal bad conscience about never contributing enough. My life no longer belongs to Scientology. It belongs to me and I´m FREE to spend it as I see fit!

What kept me in for so long was blind faith and the everlasting hope of Total Freedom. Never for a moment did I suspect or discover that what I actually got was total entrapment and addiction.

As long as you´re in, you´re utterly incapable of thinking for yourself, because you are taught to think like Hubbard and the greatest good for Scientology. To think for yourself would be considered aberrated, if your thinking was not in conformity with Hubbard or the church´s needs. Thus you gradually, without noticing it, start losing yourself while conforming to the Scientology way of thinking.

Scientology is out to exploit you!!! That is a proven and well documented fact. YOU think Scientology is there to help you and the entire planet go free. The two are a perfect hand in glove match. You´re unsuspecting – and the church will successfully change you into an obedient, faithful till death, unquestioning, dedicated and most likely penniless robot.

This is what I and many others with me have experienced and realized once we got out and finally started thinking for ourselves again.

TRUE INFORMATION is the only way to free oneself from church indoctrination. In that respect this and many other sites on the internet are very helpful and much appreciated. They certainly have helped me in my cutting the strings and going FREE for real. – And so I thank you for this!

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