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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

Coffee Shop Independents – still waiting and watching for Scientology to be nicer like it once was

I originally published this article over a year ago and thought for sure that it would be out of date by now. Unfortunately, such is not the case. Far too many Scientologists are still drinking the Kool-Aid and are afraid to step out of line and be counted.

The one bright spot is the growing number of loyal Scientologists who ARE doing something to bring about changes in the church of Miscavige despite the danger of being abused or being harmed. Many of these brave souls are Independent Scientologists who speak out daily and help salvage those who have been damaged by their exposure to the COS. Others are part of the growing Scientology Underground which operates within church walls and provides support and information to Independent Scientologists to bring about the end of the Church of Miscavige and open up a new era in which the technology of Scientology can be used freely by all as LRH originally intended.

The Coffee Shop Independents are loyal Scientologists who chafe under the irrational demands of Dear Leader and his Int Management robots, but are unable to bring themselves to state openly what they think and feel. They have observed evil, but are unable to take the next step of recognizing that their inhibited communication is the result of fear and that’s Suppression with a capital “S”.

They can only gather in secret at coffee shops and grumble. They dream of independence but are unable to take the next step.

Right there in the “Mecca of technical perfection perversion” and on the “Happiest ship in the world” you can see these Coffee Shop Independents stifling their fear of the unchecked Black Scientology at work.

OTs are declared “Suppressive” or “UnClear” or are put back on Objectives for reasons known only to DM and his cronies. Other OTs observe this and bite their tongues because they have learned that OTs must not harbor disloyal thoughts on pain of expulsion.

Like fish being driven by shadows, these frightened OTs gather in whispering clusters because they fear that they will lose their crumbling Bridge to Nowhere if they speak up or write Knowledge Reports on what they have seen.

They speak in hushed tones in secret about those who have spoken up and have now become “Enemies of the States” who must shunned on pain of expulsion. According to Dear Leader, DISCONNECTION is the only cure for the plague of “Disaffection” that is sweeping the field.

If a loyal Scientologist doesn’t “defriend” those old friends on their Facebook page, the toady squad will come for them and report them for having Facebook Friends that are DECLARED!

Actually, that’s not so bad as it seems. In earlier days churches handled this kind of loyalty problem with stakes and fire.

As a result, we now have a large population of very PTS Scientologists who are hung up in Doubt on whether to shut up and keep their head down or to speak out and be shunned forever and ever and ever… They are slowly by surely becoming coffee shop independents. Having to hide fear and resentment while being regged for IAS nonsense, or library donation scams, or for the latest wrinkle in their Bridge devolution is no way to live, but they hang on anyway in the hope that something will happen.

These poor people post anonymously on various independent blogs and even communicate with “Known Suppressives” like me through hushmail accounts and disposable cell phones.

The more courageous of them are providing useful information on conditions inside the cult, but they really need to get on with life and get a life outside the CofS.

Eventually they can’t take it any more and come out as full-blown Independent Scientologists. One for one, they see spectacular changes in their health and personal well-being even before they get any remedial auditing in the field!

Like Resistance members in an occupied country, our Coffee Shop Independents harbor hopes that some day they and their children will be free again. The time is closer than they know.

It only takes a cognition.

Remember when Scientology used to produce mind-blowing cognitions every day?

We Independent Scientologists still experience them daily, almost at will. Join us if you get a chance.

If you feel that you can serve best by remaining inside church walls, become part of the Scientology Underground.  It will put you at slight gentle cause over the suppression you are experiencing and will hasten the day when you can be spiritually free again.

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