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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

How GAT and church criminality have trapped Scientology pilgrims on the Bridge

I have been receiving calls from readers who are troubled by their Scientology experiences. One is seeking legal redress for the criminal actions of the church, one is seeking alternate ways to continue up a Bridge that is visibly crumbling, and another is working her way through a repayment cycle.

Common to all these calls is the facility with which staff members lie about anything and everything. The famous “Deliver what we promise” is a long-vanished tradition. The new tradition that is insisted on by the tyrannical COB is “Get the Stats up, or you will be toast!”

Staff are trained through TR-L or regular abuse to lie with a straight face and to attack anyone who questions their motives. Preclears and students who do not want to be screamed at quickly learn to keep their doubts to themselves.They learn very early that their clear status can be revoked at will by any staff member with a grudge. This can happen even when they are on their upper OT levels. Asking too many questions can get you put back on Objectives for hundreds of hours of unnecessary auditing.

This is criminality at its worst, using the bait of eternal freedom and deliberately keeping it just out of reach by arbitrary decisions and perversion of a powerful technology to suppress dissent.

GAT, otherwise known as the Golden Age of Tech is a complete perversion of the technology developed by Ron Hubbard. One of the most egregious perversions is the redefinition of a Floating Needle by David Miscavige to mean a needle that swings three times with a constant width. Floating needles vary in width and examiners and auditors are now crammed to only recognize the Miscavige F/N. As a result, pcs find themselves experiencing a win and a release only to see the auditor staring fixedly at the meter to see if the pc is done. This break in the auditor’s code will kill a floating needle in seconds and the pc continues to get more auditing commands after the process is complete.

If the pc survives the session, she has to face the examiner who stares fixedly at the meter waiting for it to play Dixie or three equal swings of the needle whichever comes first. The pc usually fails the exam until they learn to think “happy thoughts” when they sit down at the examiners station.

But wait! There’s more…

OTs who are solo auditing are also trained to look only for three swing F/Ns. As a result, they often overrun themselves on the most simple actions – and they often cannot repair themselves.

When they try to run correction lists on themselves, they are still using the three-swing F/N rule and will screw up the correction list royally. When someone has dug themselves into a hole through bad solo auditing (because they were mistrained) and then tries to repair themselves, the F/Ns will often be small and quite brief at first. Invalidating those F/Ns can spin someone because more and more case is being restimulated and nothing is being handled.

One PreOt was running a repair list and a question kept on reading and the more she persisted in trying to repair herself, the sicker she got. Since she was trained to look for three-swing F/Ns, she was prevented from doing the correct actions which would have been to recognize when the process was complete.

I have tremendous respect for those who still manage to think for themselves with all of this suppression going on. What they are experiencing is not Scientology, it is a complete and suppressive perversion designed to make people suggestible and obedient. Those of you who have questions deserve answers and you will find them outside the church. You are not going to like all the answers but you deserve to have the chance to make up your minds.

There is a lot of LRH technology in use in the field and people are having incredible wins like we all did in the old days (before Miscavige). Read everything you can get your hands on and make up your own mind as to what is best for you. I am sure that you will find someone who is more than willing to deliver the services you need whether they are training or auditing.

All you have to do is look.

–David St Lawrence

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Centurion  on August 30th, 2011

You nailed it, David. Perfect description of the Golden Rape of Tech.

I experienced that same thing the last time I received auditing at ASHO. I had an ok session. It was a progress program session. Nothing earth shattering,,,correction lists and such. I had been out of session for a long time.

I was feeling pretty good, and then went to exam. The 15 year old examiner was pleasent, very upstate looking, and cordial. I set there, just as I always did, calm and quiet. I am sure I was smiling slightly. She looked at me, then the meter, then me,,,,then the meter……then me……..meter, me, meter, me, meter………..

Then, she thanked me, and asked me to put the cans down,,,,,then told me to wait in the other room….I was then given the R Factor that I had red tagged.

It was a first for me. I really was arc broken. I was overcome with the feeling that “something is not right”. And, it was not with me. I felt just fine, no attention on anything except the exam.

Well, needless to say it was the last time I had a session there. I used to look forward to sessions, but I left there not caring to ever return.

After I red tagged, I had a brief session, and basically originated that I was ok, but the exam was somehow not right….bing……F/N.

Went back to exam and I guess I had a 3 swings F/N, because I passed.

I feel for all those who are being grinded away in sessions like these and thinking it is them and not the altered processes that is the problem.

Watchful Navigator  on August 30th, 2011

Well I’m out of there. At least off staff. Quietly preparing my family for the hard times ahead, including and especially the realization that this “church” guided by David Miscavige, has been ruining LRH’s legacy.

What a squirrel cage they have going in there! Those that decided not to come out of there with us from that mess, can just live with the consequences. Because it’s getting like… oh, so obvious.

(Unfortunately, there are staff who, like me until recently, decided to make this their career and really know no other way of life – even Scientology kids joining staff who have no marketable skills – that’s what’s left!)

Failed cases cycling down the bridge (think “reverse spiral” or even, “spun-in”). This is the result of the Flag-trained, policing DM’s F/N version and also, like the article points out, giving the untrained powers that they should not enjoy, like reversing LRH on the state of Clear.

It really is that bad in some areas.

Oh, it’s not all bad. But remember that injustice to one is injustice to all. (Unfortunately, that piece of wisdom never made it into the Scientology culture, and under David Miscavige, justice has been so perverted it’s not funny).

No checks and balances left to correct abuses.

No “group petitioning” allowed to correct these injustices (that’s “suppressive” remember?). Just a lonely line to the RTC computer in David Miscavige’s office that assures you’ll get your 100 hour Objectives program in lieu of Clear for daring to “Keep Scientology Working” (like I did for innocently daring to report – “like a good girl” – long before I realized what was really going on).

scholar  on August 31st, 2011

I had to look up TR-L in the glossary online. A training routine where they learn to lie effectively?

Holy Cow!

I have never seen that one before. When was that added?

scholar  on August 31st, 2011

I’ve seen a few evade answering truthfully. That’s lying through omission if a person has a RIGHT to know. As far as I’m concerned it’s still deception.

It seems this conflicts with “Answer people’s questions” in the green vols.

Courts decide against those being vague. So it puts them at risk too.

I’d add that some of those “acceptable truths’ fall into being deceptions. Only time an acceptable truth should be used, at least imo, is when someone doesn’t have a right to know something…say something personal. However, it’s better to just not answer in some cases.

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