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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

Workable technology has just produced a third OT III completion this year

When I ran the South Bay Mission in Redondo Beach, I had the privilege of working with a fantastic team of dedicated staff members and volunteers. With their help, we kept the doors open for ten long years in the face of ever increasing insanity on the part of church management.

I was a Grad V auditor and had audited in the HGCs of Celebrity Center, Los Angeles Org, and AOLA before I took on the role of Mission Holder. I saw the introduction of arbitraries take their toll on the public and staff in these upper orgs and resolved that I would deliver standard tech to my preclears and not let arbitraries interfere with the delivery of the services my public had paid for.

In spite of my best efforts however, my pcs and staff members who went clear and shared the clear cog were not handled correctly by any of the upper orgs we sent them to. All were adjudicated not clear and one for one stopped their progress up the Bridge at that exact point.

I resolved that when the time came I would connect up with those pcs and staff members and handle the wrongs that had been done to them in the name of Corporate Scientology.

It’s now 16 years later and I am finally working with some of those old pcs to get them up the bridge where they belong. In the process, I have gone back to the basics which once made the practice of scientology great. I cheerfully ignore the “now I am supposed to’s” if they do not contribute to the well-being of the preclear. Auditing sessions are a joy to deliver as we are always  addressing what the preclear/preOT wants to handle.

We have had two OT III completions in the last month and now we have a third OT III completion.

I worked with this young man many years ago and he was one of the staff members who supported me to the very end. I was very pleased to deliver the services that finally allowed him to acknowledge his true state of case and recognize when he first achieved it.

Here is his success story:

Hi David,I realized on Monday of this week that I needed to attest to OT 3.
My last session had not dealt with my OT case, but with decisions I had made. I knew there were still entities to handle, but my attention wasn’t on them, and I was easily handling things in my environment that had previously given me a lot of problems.

After today’s session we discovered that my attesting to OT 3 is far more overdue than just a few days.

I can finally move on. It feels good.

If you are a stalled clear or an OT who is not doing as well as you wish, let’s talk.

— David St Lawrence

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Centurion  on September 3rd, 2011

Wow, that is great news….

Someone from the same mission I started at is now an OT111 in the independent field. I wonder if I know them, or know of them.

In any case, well done and thank you for sharing your win.

OldAuditor  on September 3rd, 2011

Yes you do.

When you are ready, the same opportunity exists for you. 🙂

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