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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

We have a new Expanded Grade IV Ability Release

Completion of Expanded Grade IV produces the ability to face life without need to justify own actions or to defend self from others. One is able to move out of fixed conditions into ability to do new things. One loses the need to make self or others guilty or to demand sympathy. The completion of this level changes life for the person and those around him.

This weeks completion has this to say about completing Expanded grade IV:

I have attested to completing Expanded Grade IV … and boy, howdy, did I finish this wonderful Grade!

As far as I can tell, my Grade IV has been out since I popped out of the womb!  No kidding.  Probably longer than that. But, I can distinctly recall feeling this kind of animosity towards others, and myself, my whole life, making myself, and others wrong, and being secretly happy that others were making each other wrong … mostly because of errors, or mistakes, or other infirmities I perceived in the beingnesses of others.

In particular I used to rail about how others’ points of view, in particular, were funny, or odd or just WRONG … and I used to feel superior to others because I could see things that they could not.  It is a funny thing. Now, when I see people, and I do see them more clearly than I did before, and I notice something about them which is not-optimal, it is just an observation. It doesn’t come with a kind of inner glee at how ‘screwed up’ they are.

How wonderful it is to simply observe, notice and not evaluate myself and others!

If you have a desire to regain old abilities or to develop new ones, we have handled the normal barriers of time and space that might prevent you from getting auditing when and where you need it. Secure metered sessions are available to anyone with a high speed Internet connection and a desire to achieve the wins that come with standard application of workable technology delivered according to the Auditor’s Code.

We keep our pcs and preOTs winning with our on-call services that let them keep producing while receiving auditing tailored to their exact needs.

David St Lawrence

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