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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

Choose your services and auditors carefully

Regaining abilities is not an easy ride and the path is not taped out for us.

Contrary to what many have been taught, the progression from apathetic existence to personal spiritual freedom does not occur as a clearly defined series of well-identified steps.

Efforts to cram preclears into the Church of Scientology sausage machine and turn the crank until they emerge at the other end as Operating Thetans has proven to spectacularly unsuccessful. Suicides and broken lives are far more common than happy people who are capable of helping themselves and others to achieve wanted goals.

Those auditors in the field who actually listen to their preclears and deliver services which resolve what the preclears want handled have a much better success rate than the services currently delivered by the Church of Scientology.

The services provided are not necessarily different. The important things is that the services delivered in the field are what the preclear wants. That is when the preclear is truly in session.

If you are not getting satisfaction from your auditing and are not getting the gains you expect, you need to communicate to your auditor. Some cannot read your mind and need to know what you are thinking. Auditors are there to help and most do the very best they can to see that you get spectacular gains.

If you are sitting on unspoken thoughts, you are no longer in session and will get no gains from the time you spend in the chair. If things aren’t going well talk to your auditor. This is not the Church of Scientology where unkind thoughts are forbidden. If you have unkind thoughts about your auditor or about auditing share them with someone and get the problem handled. If your auditor does not handle your problem, then you need to find an auditor who will handle it completely.

Sometimes the problem is not in what your auditor did or is doing. You may have skipped some vital action in your past training or auditing that is preventing you from progressing and is causing you to doubt your sanity and is damaging your confidence. This can be something that is very hard to spot until you find an auditor who has handled that exact problem in the past. Don’t give up until you get answers that make sense to you.

If you find yourself in trouble, the first step is to find an auditor that you can communicate with and who makes you feel safe in session. The next step is to share everything you did not get in your auditing or training. If you have told all and have found the right auditor, you will be on your way to regaining the abilities you lost or achieving those which you should have gotten.


-David St Lawrence

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plainoldthetan  on September 10th, 2011

David: this is one reason the GAT is a fat old failure. Auditors and C/Ses don’t learn this approach to case handling. Everyone is cookie-cuttered into “do it our way or your failure to get results is your fault”. That’s why I wrote http://possiblyhelpfuladvice.com/?p=1378.

h. alan scott fitzgerald jones  on September 11th, 2011


Frank Davis  on September 12th, 2011

Thank you for writing this. In 43 years of auditing, and out of the RTC since 1986, this has been how we operate. It almost did not occur to me till the last few years that many were still in the RTC or SO mode of thinking and doing. The results those auditors get are often tepid. And PCs must be honest with the auditor.
The majority of auditors nI see fumbling around in the field are not adequate to handle what was once basic skills…complete ruds, knowing and being able to truly do effort processing, really knowing what a Service Fac is, how to truly find and handle and not handling ENOUGH of them.

Overall  on February 23rd, 2012

Wonderful post. Thank you.

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