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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

Stable Datums and the Tone Scale – part 2 of a series

Stable datums can help us organize things in the presence of confusion or they can be used to block off any perception of the confusion. There are many ways to establish a stable datum and they assist our survival in proportion to where they lie on the tone scale.

The Tone Scale – short version

The tone scale is a gradient scale of states of being with enthusiasm at the top, antagonism in the middle, and apathy near the bottom.

Individuals and organizations operating near the top of the tone scale seem to flourish and prosper and improve the survival of those they deal with.

Individuals and groups lower on the tone scale spend most of their time fighting other individuals and groups. They are chronically angry or antagonistic and life is a constant struggle because everyone else seems to be against them.

Individuals and groups that spend most of their time in a state of grief or apathy are not surviving well at all. Life feels pretty damn hopeless and there is little expectation that things will ever get better.

Stable Datums at Different Tone Levels

Near the top, the group and individuals in it are highly analytical. They search for different viewpoints in order to broaden their own reality. They might adopt a stable datum like that attributed to Buddha:

“Believe nothing until you have experienced it and found it to be true. Accept my words only after you have examined them for yourselves; do not accept them simply because of the reverence you have for me.”

Ron Hubbard said something along the same lines in the last paragraph of “How to Study Scientology” published in February 1959:

“So, the only advice we can give to the student is study Scientology for itself and use it exactly as stated, then form his own opinions. Study it with the purpose in mind of arriving at your own conclusions as to whether the tenets you have assimilated are correct and workable. Compare what you have learned with the known universe. Seek for the reasons behind a manifestation and postulate the manner and in which direction the manifestation will likely proceed. Do not allow the authority of any one person or school of thought to create a foregone conclusion within your sphere of knowledge.Only with these principles of education in mind can you become a truly educated individual and a good Scientologist.”

Down in the middle, the group and the individuals in it are bluntly authoritarian. They defend their own reality and attempt to undermine other realities. By 1965 the Church of Scientology had slid down the tone scale to antagonism and adopted the stable datum of KSW #1 which contains these statements:

“Therefore actions which neglect or violate this Policy Letter are HIGH CRIMESresulting in Comm Evs on ADMINISTRATORS and EXECUTIVES. It is not “entirely a tech matter” as its neglect destroys orgs and caused a 2-year slump. IT IS THE BUSINESS OF EVERY STAFF MEMBER to enforce it.”

“In all the years I have been engaged in research I have kept my comm
lines wide open for research data. I once had the idea that a group could
evolve truth. A third of a century has thoroughly disabused me of that idea.
Willing as I was to accept suggestions and data, only a handful of suggestions
(less than twenty) had long-run value and none were major or basic. ”

“Our technology has not been discovered by a group. True, if the group had
not supported me in many ways I could not have discovered it either. But it
remains that if in its formative stages it was not discovered by a group, then
group efforts, one can safely assume, will not add to it or successfully alter
it in the future.”

“When we do instruct somebody properly he becomes more and more tiger. When we instruct half-mindedly and are afraid to offend, scared to enforce, we don’t make students into good Scientologists and that lets everybody down. When Mrs. Pattycake comes to us to be taught, turn that wandering doubt in her eye into a fixed, dedicated glare and she’ll win and we’ll all win. Humor her and we all die a little. The proper instruction attitude is, “You’re here so you’re a Scientologist. Now we’re going to make you into an expert auditor no matter what happens. We’d rather have you dead than incapable.”

Near the bottom of the tone scale, the individuals and the group are in grief or apathy and exhibit a complete withdrawal from conflicting reality. There are thousands of people who have left Scientology because of incorrect application of tech or policy. Many have been mishandled and have had no subjective reality on the gains that can be achieved through the correct and compassionate application of technology. Many of these have adopted these stable datums:

“Scientology is a complete ripoff!”

“Scientology kills!”

There are no OTs!”

The Churches of Scientology should be destroyed along with all of the Hubbard nonsense!”

Evaluating Stable Datums

There is no evaluation possible at the two lower tone levels. Both sets of stable datums have been driven in by force or abuse.

KSW #1 is enforced by the paramilitary priesthood of the Sea Org thouugh punishment or verbal abuse. The bitter stable datums at the bottom of the tone scale are the product of painful experience and are basically engrams that can only be run out with careful processing.

At the highest level, individuals are able to investigate and analyze the stable datums they adopt and are free to alter them at will. This power of choice is not available at the lower levels of the tone scale.

How do you feel about the stable datums you use in life?

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scholar  on September 18th, 2011

Very, very good article David. I can certainly see how this has happened in my life. I’ve been the effect of the para military forced version. Not good!

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