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My Mission Statement – OldAuditor

For 20 years, my main purpose in life was to deliver Scientology auditing and set individuals free from the spiritual traps they had gotten into.

It was the most rewarding occupation I had ever encountered.  The wins my preclears and PreOTs enjoyed enriched my life and strengthened my purpose to bring spiritual freedom to all who would have it.

When political machinations in the upper levels of the Church of Scientology began to make stats more important than real products, I fought back with knowledge reports until it became apparent that upper management was not only in on the game but was driving insanity down into the lower orgs and missions.

I applied the Doubt Condition and withdrew from active involvement in the church for many years. I was actually hoping that the senior executives that I knew and respected would wear their hats and correct the off policy actions that were taking the church down.

Such was not to be the case. One man was able to circumvent the safeguards established by LRH policy and establish himself as tyrant in charge (COB). The executives who should have acted to prevent this organizational degradation have been locked away in a shed near Gilman Hot Springs, CA, for the last two years. They are not likely to get out on their own.

I have been on the sidelines too long, waiting for someone or something that would provide an opening to reforming the delivery of Scientology technology. The emergence of the Internet with blogs and Twitter gives us to tools to communicate effortlessly to anyone anywhere. Those who understand the comm formula and the Tone Scale have an opportunity to change the Scientology world for the better.

Some independent scientologists are working actively to bring COB to justice and to free those who are under his influence before further damage occurs. I believe they need to be helped.

Others are delivering scientology technology in the field so that those seeking spiritual freedom can continue to achieve it in a sane and coercion-free environment. I know they deserve my support and I expect to be joining this group  in the  near future.

Until then, I will be posting on this blog and hosting discussions where appropriate to facilitate the expansion of delivery by independent scientology groups.

I will publicize success stories as they are forwarded to me and will promote groups as I receive information about them.

I will also continue posting my experiences in Scientology in a continuing effort to rehabilitate gains and cognitions for others.

I have also created links to sites that are inspirational and to sites that have information every scientologist should know. Be aware that the information on the latter sites is mixed with originations from individuals who are still stuck in some painful incidents, that’s why the link is titled “Hard Truths and Natter”

If there are things you would like to see on this blog,  you are always welcome to send me an email at [email protected]

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Colleen K. Peltomaa  on December 8th, 2009

Dear Old Auditor,

Thank you for holding this space and for deciding to rejoin the ones who are still winning in scientology and in their auditing. I expect great things from you :-)

I left the CofS several years ago and circuitously found my way through the Freezone to my current auditor who is taking me on a straightforward path to basic-basic clearing. I’ve already had the Clear key-out and am continuing on the chain.

Clearing is now an avocation for me and my life will never be the same again. Outside the CofS I made a safe environment for myself and I have more freedom of expression and response-ability.

With the personal understanding of fixed polarities and how to “unfix” them it is now very very understandable how all games can be win/win.
At first it seems like a tedious linear upstream effort until a certain momentum is reached and then one enters a quantum world of blessed change.

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