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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

How to avoid being declared by the Church of Miscavology – by Jefferson Hawkins

There are some classic articles  that need to be reposted every year. This article by Jeff Hawkins from his Leaving Scientology blog is still as true to day as it was in January 2010 and will be true as long as the doors of the Church of Miscavology are still open. We support all efforts to expose the abuses of the church and to coax those under its control to leave of their own accord. Read this article and forward it to your friends while you still can.

How to avoid being declared by the Church of Miscavology

January 8, 2010


1.  Try not to notice policy and tech alterations or violations, If you should notice them, try not to think about them.

2.  If you’re told to redo a course or a level, or get more Sec Checking, at your own expense, just do it. Don’t ask questions, and never object.

3.  If you’re told to buy new editions of books or lectures you already own, and trash your old copies, don’t ask questions. In particular, don’t ask why LRH’s words are being changed.

4.  Never, never ask for an LRH reference that justifies what you are being told to do.

5.  Don’t write Knowledge Reports. If you must write a KR, write it on another  field Scientologist or a lower-level staff member. Never, never write a KR on a senior executive or David Miscavige.

6.  Never question or challenge David Miscavige. If you are told something is an order from Miscavige, just smile nervously and mutter “brilliant…brilliant.”

7.  Show up for all the events without fail. Smile and clap at the appropriate points.

8.  Believe everything you are told at events and in Scientology magazines. Never question the “expansion statistics” they give and never, never independently fact-check anything you are told.

9.  If the Church tells you to buy something, buy it.

10.  If the Church asks you for money, give it to them.

11.  If the Church tells you to disconnect from someone, disconnect, even if it’s your spouse, your parents, or your children.

12.  If your underage children are recruited into the Sea Org behind your back, never make any objection or complain about it. Just smile and nod as you say goodbye to your child.

13.  Don’t ask questions like these.

14.  Avoid internet searches wherever possible. If you have to search on the internet, make sure you never, never go on any site the Church doesn’t want you to.  Like this one.

15.  If the Church tells you not to read something, don’t read it.

16.  Always answer the door if Church staff come to see you, no matter the time of day or night. Invite them in, listen to them, and give them whatever they ask for.

17.  Always answer the phone if the Org calls. Listen to them and do whatever they say.

18.  If you are called in to the Org, go immediately. Put everything else on hold.

19.  If a friend leaves the Church, disconnect from them immediately. Be very careful never to ask them why or listen to their story. Ideally, clamp your hands over your ears and go “na-na-na-na-na! I can’t hear you!”

20.  If someone tries to tell you about staff abuse, policy violations, tech alterations, crimes or anything else the Church doesn’t want you to hear, just get up and run out of the room, like Tommy Davis did on ABC’s Nightline.

21.  Donate every cent you can to the IAS and Ideal Orgs. Go deeply into debt.

22.  Do what you are told.

23.  Read what you are told.

24.  Go where you are told.

25.  Think what you are told.

If you do all these things, try to blend in, keep a low profile, and avoid eye-contact, maybe, just maybe, you can avoid being declared by the Church of Miscavology.


For more essays by Jeff Hawkins, go to http://leavingscientology.wordpress.com/

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Penny  on September 30th, 2011

Brilliant. Guess I just could not do all that and so now I am free. Free to reclaim all my earlier wins and reject the suppression. Yes, suppression, of wrong indication, kr’s that went no where, Nazi type RTC standing over me the last time I was on course, altered tech, tired, exhausted staff members, dead staff member; Enid, Ruth from ASHO, Gretchen, disappearing staff members! Where is Herber? Look, read, confront. The corporate church is in shambles and people are leaving in droves. Get a clue, wake up and LOOK! That’s all I have to say.

Vít Profant  on October 1st, 2011

I remember that article and I also found it to be one’s of Jeff’s best. Thank you for reminding it to the world.

plainoldthetan  on October 1st, 2011

This particular article of Jeff’s was one of the first things I discovered on the internet that let me know that I was not alone in my conclusions about Miscavige’s church.

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