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More advice on requesting Repayments from the Church of Scientology

UPDATE –  Here is an excellent example of the first email to send to a Chaplain when you wish to request a repayment:

Dear Chaplain,
Please see the attached document, which I will also mail.
I no longer feel that the Church of Scientology can deliver what I
paid for and want my money on account back. To be clear, this is money
I earned and put on account there; it is not the Church’s money.
I want the money returned immediately and I will not come to the org
and do a routing form. Please send me a check for $$$, and once it
clears, I will blend quietly into the shadows and you will not see or
hear from me again. According to the IRS/CofS agreement, I am entitled
to get my money back and I don’t expect to have to get a lawyer to
press suit in order to accomplish that.
I have attached a signed and witnessed Release and Waiver Form. Please
send this and any other necessary paperwork to the Claims Verification
Board immediately.

Here is an updated summary of the key points to observe when requesting repayment of funds on account. Read my other posts by searching for “repayments” in the search bar on this page.

The basics are still in force:

1. The 1993 agreement between the IRS and the COS requires the church to make repayments promptly and that agreement is still in force.

2. Your only contact for handling repayments/refunds is the Chaplain. Everyone else is a waste of time.

3. All repayment requests must be approved by the Claims Verification Board. This will ONLY happen after you submit a signed Release and Waiver Form to the Chaplain.

4. You DO NOT have to fill out a refund routing form, no matter what anyone tells you.

5. You DO NOT have to go in and be interviewed by anybody!

Please commit these to memory so you will have a ready answer when some exec calls you and insists on your coming in to “discuss” the matter or get an “ARC break session”.

Some new wrinkles appear as the orgs get more desperate:

1. Some high level executives are injecting themselves into the process in an effort to overwhelm the unwary with friendly overtures to “work out a solution to your upsets with the org. They like to make phone contact so they can bring their Tone 40 training to bear on your indecisiveness.

Do not get reasonable. Once you ask for money back, any friendship you had with any of these people will disappear instantly because you are now the ‘enemy”. You can be lied to and they say anything to get you to come in for a meeting or a “reconciliation” which is basically a chance for them to gang up on you and scream at you for being an SP or a Squirrel. etc.

They are panicking because so many people are asking for refunds because the church is no longer delivering standard tech.

2. In Australia, the orgs are asking escapees to sign a deed giving up their rights to speak out about the church and they are also assessing an “administration fee” of 1.5% to 10% of the money requested.You do not have to agree to either of these documents in order to get your money back. Make sure your lawyer is copied on all correspondence concerning anything like this.

How long does it take to get your money back?

I received a recent email saying that it took 20 months to get a repayment. It depends on the organization and how effective you are at managing the cycle. You should be prepared to send WEEKLY EMAILS while your repayment cycle is in progress. Copy your lawyer and the orgs Legal officer once the cycle is underway but continure to direct the email to the Chaplain.

Some public try to bypass the Chaplain and they send letters to the top executives in the org. This is specially true of celebrities who were on a first name basis with the executives. This is a complete waste of time as you became fair game as soon as you asked for your money back. They will tell you your account is empty and will add bogus charges at any pretext. Be prepared for all sorts of excuses and falsehoods.

What do you say in all of these emails?

When these people ask about folders and routing forms, just repeat slowly as if talking to a cult member, “Where is my Waiver and Routing Form now? When did it go to the Claims Verification Board? Why did it take so long?”

If they claim you have authorized charges to your account, ask for signed documents proving that you approved the charges. This right now is one of the biggest areas of criminality you will have to deal with. Staff members make unauthorized charges to unused accounts in order to make unreal targets.

No matter what they say about having to do this or that in order to get your money back, insist on finding out where your Release and Waiver is and when they will cut the check.

FOLLOW UP EVERY WEEK! Be polite but insistent. Tone 40 with arc is best..

Remember, these staff members are thoroughly suppressed and cannot complete cycles of action without being interrupted and being given cross orders. They will make mistakes and will say ANYTHING to get you to leave them alone. If you have not read Robotism by LRH, you should do it now as this is what you are dealing with.

You will get your money back if you persevere.

It must really suck to be a staff member these days, but that’s what they get for following an off-policy management team. If they had any integrity, they would be out of there in flash and helping to deliver Scientology in the field where it is done standardly.

Example of a Release and Waiver. This one is for the Freewinds but you can mark it up for any org. If they do not like your form, they will send you another one to sign.

The important thing about sending in the Release and Waiver with the very first letter is that they will know immediately that you mean business.


Good luck!

– David St Lawrence

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AnonLover  on October 2nd, 2011

“It must really suck to be a staff member these days”

I lol’d… indeed, it must suck. But it’s really great to see your persistence in keeping up with the hassles endured by those seeking repayments of unused funds.

And here’s hoping an ever-growing flood of refund requests rain down on ALL orgs, for a very long time to come.

MafiaWog  on October 3rd, 2011

Just curious and/or putting it out there, but is there some sort of collective of individuals who have requested refunds, and documented every step of the process, hopefully finding some serious criminal actions?
I ask because it could be a VERY useful resource which can directly threaten their IRS 501c3…Just the 20 months alone, if shown to be routine, has to have some weight behind it. Toss in bogus charge attempts (and their revelation and subsequent excuses), the 10% thing, and a pattern of hindrance would be easy to show and wield as a means of…well whatever is deemed appropriate.

Is this in existence, or even a possibility?

MagicOkra  on October 4th, 2011

What I, personally, think is interesting is the possibility … you’ll have to ask a good lawyer about this … to make a claim against the Executives, PERSONALLY, for failing to follow Org Policy, i.e., LRH Policy, which is the published standards for their actions and behavior, and which is represented to the Public as the standards and policies which will, in all instances, guide the Organization’s behavior … on the theory that in failing or refusing to follow LRH Policy, the Executive, or whomever, is acting “ultra vires” … meaning outside the scope and breadth of their authority to act on behalf of the corporation for whom they are working. Claims against individual Executives for violating their statutory fiduciary duties to the Organizations by failing to follow precisely worded and clear LRH Policy on such matters could very well come back to bite THEM.

Susan  on January 4th, 2012


Would you be willing to talk to someone who I have been helping to get a refund? I have sent him your articles pertaining to refunds, but he has some questions.


OldAuditor  on January 4th, 2012

I am willing to talk to anyone who has read my articles and has questions.
My auditing schedule is so heavy these days that I can only handle repayment questions by email.
They can email me at oldauditor@possiblyhelpfuladvice.com

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