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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

How do we salvage dedicated staff members before they succumb?

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The Church of Scientology is being carried along on the shoulders of the few hard working staff members who still deliver service with ARC according to the ideals we all once shared.

In the robotically paranoid Miscavige  church  these incredible staff members stand out from the usual “No Sympathy” tone level and radiate friendliness, compassion and a desire to help others.

There are only a few and they are fading fast as the GAT enforces robotic TRs on auditors and the new Miscavige ethics policies enforce sanctions on all who would entertain questions about any aspect of how the church is run.

Gang bang sec checks are not just for staff these days. If you balk at donating to the latest IAS crises or to an Ideal Org project, you are subject to abuse and an SP declare. In fact, your continued absence from events will bring you under scrutiny by scores of management terminals.

According to multiple reports, it is getting harder and harder to find people to talk to rationally in the church. Staff is under such pressure to produce that many are are merely automatons pushing stats in every way possible.

Yet, in spite of this, there are those who appear to be cheerfully enthusiastic about what they are doing and others who are still trying to operate in an on-policy manner in an increasingly off-policy church. These are extremely valuable individuals and I feel there should be a way to communicate to them that we value their contributions and want them to get the recognition they deserve.

If we do not reach out to them and let them know that they are highly valuable players who deserve an opportunity to achieve their goals in a non-invalidative environment, we will watch them succumb to the oppressive mindset that characterizes current Scientology management.

Many years ago, I had the opportunity to speak with Heber Jensztch about an ethics cycle he was in disagreement with. Based on the data he provided, it was an arbitrary action and I asked if he has queried it. To make a long story short, he was being assigned to the RPF and he decided to abide by managements decision instead of keeping in his own code of honor. As far as I know, this was the first of these arbitrary actions and his agreement and breaking of his code of honor led to where he is today.

I have watch other fine staff members I knew succumb to the pressures and insanities of Miscavige’s militant church. Griffee Blythe and Debbie Cook come to mind as well as my first auditor, Ted Cormier. There are dozens of others whose names I have forgotten as they were sucked under by the savage ethics and insane arbitraries originating from church management.

When I get a cheerful greeting from Marc Bosserman in LA or a friendly email from Doug Steele at Flag, I commend them for the way they communicate and for the care they show for public. I really do not enjoy telling them that I have no intention of ever returning for services because of the off-policy actions of church management.

I would much rather initiate a conversation asking if they are achieving the goals they set out
to achieve when they first joined staff. I think there is a ruin there for many staff members and taking it up in a friendly manner might lead to being able to salvage a staff member before they become so degraded that they slide into the robotic and essentially inhuman Sea Org valence as ordained by David Miscavige.

I have seen at least one fine executive who is already on her way down. I used to admire her for her standardness in applying her technical and administrative knowledge. Recently she showed that she has pushed that standardness way back out of sight. She asked why I was writing on the Internet as she has read all of it and it is totally untrue. When I told her of my research results and my concern about Heber and Guillaume being kept under guard at Gold, she urged me to come in for an ARC Break session.

I still have affinity for her based on my earlier experiences, but she is no longer a terminal I would trust for advice or for services.

I have the feeling that we should be able to develop an “Indie Dissemination Drill” for extracting staff from the hellish situation they are in. Once it is piloted successfully, we should develop a version for steering public away from the abyss that has replaced the Bridge.

I am sure that there are independents who are already using some version of this. We just need to spread the word and become more effective at helping staff to escape if they are ready for it.

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Stefan Tunedal  on February 24th, 2010

This is a good point.
I have been communicating with two staffmembers after my independence went public. One of them went to study KSW after talking to me. There was one thing that I did which I think worked: I passed along information to him only when he asked for it and only in small portions.
He is no longer talking to me, but still.

Li Po  on February 24th, 2010

Yes, very important. As a former old timer staff member, it’s sometimes heartbreaking to see those dedicated people I am respecting so much. I am thinking about “An essay on management”. Even if the top management become suppressive, the theta of the goal maker persist in the heart of the members, and the group still survives (at least for a while) against all odds.

alex  on February 26th, 2010

Thank you for writing this. I sometimes get ridiculed or feel the counter intention when I say anything positive about the church, usually something along the lines of their being valuable, dedicated, and good people in it, who may not understand what is happening. (That and the decades of work as represented by organization and MEST that should be serving all our interests, not one mans vision)

Sometimes the outpoints get generalized as “the church” or even as “scientology”. This in exactness is not the path to understanding, and an optimum solution.

I suspect that the gradient needed though for some still in the church is shallower that is usually being applied.

Robert Worstell  on March 1st, 2010

An interesting point a friend brought up – he used the “Essay on Personal Integrity” to undo the effects of the C of $ on him.

I consider that the best way to handle this bunch is to use real $cn on them. Like the Way to Happiness in treating them as you would like to be treated. And the PTS tech in being nice, polite, and asking if they’ve found this to be true for themselves.

Telling those people that you are really, really much happier and peaceful since leaving staff or services – that you harbor no grudge against anyone there and simply aren’t interested – this is really a big hole in their ARCX handling. You can’t be put “in session” if you aren’t interested in the first place.

Asking how they are personally doing and being honestly interested in them would be a first step. Really, this looks to be that if they continually find people who they contact are happier and better off since leaving $cn, it would force their thinking to lock up – and no amount of FDSing would work.

Another approach would be to find your old friends on staff and write them “good roads and fair weather” letters which are simply efforts to get back in comm with them and see how they are doing – telling them all the wins you’ve had since you left staff or quit receiving services. And then pile it on by asking how their schedules are and how their own case progress and training is going.

Those actions will tend to “restimulate” failed goals and very possibly get them starting to think for themselves. If you then followed this up with how you were looking up references LRH made in his tapes or books and studying the original authors – finding that there was an intense amount of new data available that LRH never mentioned – this also will give them pause.

And everyone should blog about their own experiences, both the bad or non-optimal ones they had under the C of $ management, and also the great wins they are having since they’ve been out and living a “normal” life.

Hope this helps.

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