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Including what we found in Scientology before it became a cult


Many Scientologists and non-Scientologists have never seen an actual Sea Org “contract”. (You can see a scan of one at the end of this article.)

The key part of the “contract” says

I, ___________________ DO HEREBY AGREE to the religious commitment of membership in the SEA ORGANIZATION, and dedicate myself to achieving the goal shared by Sea Org members, which is to bring about spiritual freedom of all beings through the application of LRH’s technology.

Being of sound mind, I do fully realize and agree to abide by the purpose shared by Sea Org members which is to get ETHICS IN on this PLANET AND UNIVERSE and fully and without reservation, subscribe to Sea Organization discipline, mores and conditions and pledge to abide by them.


It turns out that any contract lawyer worth his salt can shoot holes in this contract blindfolded.

See some actual legal analysis at http://www.proandcontracts.com/2011/02/18/scientology-sea-org-contract/.

Basically, the Sea Org religious commitment (contract) does not carry the legal requirements of a contract and is therefore not legally enforceable.

But my point today is that this clause should be focused on: fully and without reservation, subscribe to Sea Organization discipline, mores and conditions and pledge to abide by them.

Note that nowhere in the contract does it say that the signer agrees to study, use, and apply the writings, spoken words, and philosophy of L. Ron Hubbard.

It says that the person agrees to do what he’s ordered to do without regard as to whether it’s Scientology or LRH….or not.

Not by coincidence, it was this phrase that kept me from signing a Sea Org contract.  I knew it was non-specific as to what the “mores”* were, and after hanging around Sea Org orgs for many years, I’d seen too many times what the “mores” entailed.

I couldn’t subscribe to them “without reservation”, so I wouldn’t sign the contract.

This is the damning loophole that someone like David Miscavige can use to, for example, issue an order that Sea Org members cannot have children, or insist that women have abortions (subsidized by the US taxpayer) even if they don’t want one.

Everything that we’ve seen that’s extreme, stupid, ignorant, know-bestish, and non-LRH in the Int Base can be traced precisely to this clause.

All that needs happen is for some megalomaniac to issue a verbal or written order that counters LRH tech, policy, or philosophy, and whoops there goes the neighborhood.

To me, this by far exceeds the heinous outnesses in the contract that the lawyer brings up.

The clause even allows a usurper like David Miscavige to take over the Church, as most of the people standing in his way will feel bound by the clause.

It allows David Miscavige to use Church funds to buy Private Detectives and henchmen that harass and vex parishioners and ex-parishioners.

It not only allows David Miscavige to physically beat and imprison others without due process, it also allows David Miscavige to order people to do the same. And those people cannot refuse or they’ll be subject to the whims of the psycho-in-charge.

If anything, Tony Ortega’s review of LRH’s life missed the mark by a mile.

What he should have or could have concentrated on is how the actual works and intentions of L. Ron Hubbard have been twisted and thwarted by evildoers since LRH’s  death.

It’s my conclusion that LRH didn’t dictate the uberpsychotic actions of Miscavige so much as LRH’s writings, like the Sea Org contract, left the door open for Sea Org insiders to create, manipulate and perpetuate a culture of the uberpsychotic.

Here’s a scan of a Sea Org contract.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

*mo·res (mor’ays), n.pl.Sociol. folkways of central importance accepted without question and embodying the fundamental moral views of a group. —Syn. customs, conventions, practices.

Number of views:2203


Centurion  on October 22nd, 2011

It would be a great contract if it only allowed a SO members to work on the spiritual betterment of another.

DM certainly lives a life way outside the definition of a minister. He is more like a Fortune 500 CEO.

It’s funny. All those recruiters who reged me for years to join the SO, ALL have left. EVERY one of them.

Rich Cohen, who I liked a lot when I was at AO, always was nice to me. But, after I refused to join the SO, he looked at me like I was a bug, and never said a word to me again. He shortly was transfered to another org and I lost track of him.

I always wondered what happend to ol’ Rich. I wonder if he left. He impressed me as one dedicated SO member. But, I lost respect for him when he decided to treat me like persona non grata when I refused to join the SO.

LRH says be true to your own goals,,,,and he was right. He was so so right about that.

Bruce Pratt  on October 22nd, 2011

One wonders if this is the same SO contract of LRH.

One also wonders about the state of affairs where it’s so much easier to go all ad hominem than to keep focus on the object of the exercise.

Me, well I do prefer the focus of the object of the exercise. I ain’t anywhere near perfect, but I like your insights, POT, and they assist in the correction(s).


MafiaWog  on October 29th, 2011

So…when were these contracts started? Are there scans of previous versions available, if they existed from the 60s or 70s?

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