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The Current Church of Scientology


The church organization was designed as a top down command and control system. Even the “justice system” is weighted so that the unsupported word of almost any Sea Org person bears more weight than that of a trained OT public person.

Once a suppressive individual gains control of a top down organization through a coup, there is no way to unseat this person, especially if they have carefully discredited all who might have challenged them.

David Miscavige has managed to do this and has supplanted LRH as the goal maker for Scientology and has replaced any theta goals with MEST goals designed to flow money and power to himself.

Read “An Essay on Management” 9 Jan 51 for a full description.

Scientology public and staff are indoctrinated from their first days in the organization that Source is not to be questioned nor are the motives of the group itself to be questioned. At the highest levels, this translates into following orders and taking actions that are illegal, inhumane, and immoral without question if the need arises.

As the public person moves up the Bridge, they are convinced to make more agreements that limit their freedom of choice. If they achieve higher levels of perception and greater understanding of life as they progress up the Bridge, they are simultaneously forced to deny what they are able to perceive.

They may gain a greater understanding of life, but must learn to ignore or not-is invalidation and abuse if they are to continue up the Bridge. This degradation is deliberate as OTs are notoriously hard to control once they can think for themselves.

Replacing David Miscavage will not change the church culture which was designed by Ron himself. Ron was a benevolent dictator most of the time and the church produced viable products until Ron went into a long decline and no longer had first-hand information to work with. Church policies will reflect the sanity of the person holding the top spot. There has never been an effective check and balance system for the church.

It cannot stand up to the scrutiny of the Internet and may possibly implode in the years to come.

The Future:  Networked Independent Practitioners and Groups
(Name to be determined by the survivors)

Independent Field Network

Independent Field Network

I see the field outside the church evolving into a network of practitioners and groups with varying technologies but some common agreements on quality of service, mutual support, and mutual defense.


I see these mutual agreements being the result of an Open Source movement to develop field policy for the benefit of all practitioners and their clients. I do not see much of the current Green and White Policy being included.

Internet Organizations have some properties that brick and mortar organizations cannot match. They are independently run nodes that are connected to every other node on the network. Connections are determined by need, not by orders from a higher source of power. Any terminal in any node can access any other terminal in any other node and if denied, can search for information about that terminal using a search engine.

There is a continuing search for information and communication about that information so that perverted comm lines get exploded almost immediately.


It is becoming apparent that much of the technology that produced desirable results was not created by LRH and it would be appropriate to research these areas and recover anything that was lost when LRH claimed it as his own.

Study Tech was developed and tested by others. NOTS was developed and tested by others. An Open Source spiritual technology research effort might attract many of our senior technical people who could be revitalized by the prospect of finding the full set of workable technologies and testing them for use.

Agreements can be hammered out quickly on a cooperative basis. Organizational hierarchies can be formed on the basis of abilities and and needs instead of by executive fiat. There is a constant review of published works so that mistakes and poorly conceived ideas can be caught at an early point.

The Open Source approach to development attracts those who want to get things done. Someone will probably come up with a bright idea for Internet training centers offering distance learning and coaching for auditors and practitioners of every stripe. Coached meter drills can be done with a webcam setup to show the auditor and meter.
Supervision of study and doll drills can also be done remotely.

Russian auditors are already doing remote auditing and remote Case Supervision,so I see no reason why a motivated team can’t come up with ways to use the internet and extend counseling in ways that have not been considered before.

The future of the field

If the driving goal is to develop a workable technology and workable policies that can be adjusted to meet market needs and to safeguard Clients and Practitioners, I think it will be accomplished in a relatively short time. The goals must include:

1. A way of estimating what can be delivered to a client
2. Delivering what is promised
3. A means of handling failures to deliver so that they do not repeat and that customer satisfaction can be obtained.

I see the key is that we in the field need to act in a coordinated fashion so that we can present a united front to handle regulatory bodies and competitive organizations who might seek to license us or to drive us out of business.

It promises to be an interesting time. I’m glad I’m here to see it!

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Mary McConnell  on April 5th, 2010

Hello, here is a post by Larry Brennan who helped set up the corportate structures for the church, discussing how an OSA person can help get rid of DM. It elaborates more on the CST matter I wrote about. I think you will find this interesting. It was written in the event an OSA person saw it and wanted to do something to change the situation in the church. Really anyone wanting to get rid of DM can plan and apply this with the right logistics set up. Here ya go:

11 Hours Ago post #1

Just for the heck of it, I thought I would repost here a posting I did on another forum yesterday:


On the 1,000 to 1 chance that someone from OSA who has doubts will read this and want to look into it, here are some thoughts for you about legally removing David Miscavige. Hi David!

“To OSA folks who lurk here and who in their hearts would like to see David Miscavige removed from power:

As a corporate, legal matter it could be quite easy to remove Miscavige.

All you really need is the support of whoever are the RTC Trustees and a copy of the RTC bylaws that show how to remove board members including the Chairman of the Board.

If it is still like it was in my day when I helped design such corporate papers, RTC is legally run and controlled by three “bodies”: the trustees, the directors and the officers.

You may find that it is still true that there are between 3 and 7 trustees and that their sole purpose is to elect the board of directors. Trustees must be given access to all records of the corporation, they fill vacancies in the board and they have the power to remove a board member. I believe that to remove a director the trustees must vote unanimously to do so and they can remove a director when the director no longer qualifies to be a member of the board. Possibly though you only need a majority of trustees to do this. Check your current bylaws.

As far as directors go, there are maybe 3-5 of them as per the bylaws and one is listed as the Chairman of the Board (which will be Miscavige). As per the bylaws, at least this was true of the bylaws we prepared in the early 80s, no director can be a trustee.

The board members have normal corporate powers generally assigned to board members. This includes them appointing the normal corporate officers such as president, secretary and treasurer.

The senior most power in those three groups within RTC (the trustees, the directors and the officers) is thus the trustees through their power to control the directors who in turn control company business via the officers or otherwise.

As David Miscavige is a director he could not also be a trustee unless the RTC bylaws were changed on this point since my days in there. This means the trustees can remove Miscavige and he only controls them through intimidation and the like.

Reasons for removal of a director by a trustee can be found in the RTC bylaws. They used to, and probably still do, include such things as:

1) no longer being in good standing with the mother church (CSI);

2) no longer a proven executive as shown by statistics (your empty orgs betray the fact that there must be horrible key statistics under Miscavige’s reign);

3) violating the goals and purposes of RTC as will be laid out in the bylaws. Check them out. They likely include things like having to follow the creed of scientology, having to comply with the laws and having to follow some listed star-high goals of RTC. Easily you will find reasons here to remove Miscavige.

So you OSA legal folks who want to remove Miscavige with a view towards stopping the horrid abuses he oversees and/or carries out just need to get the trustees to remove him.

Perhaps do something like this:

a) find out who are the trustees and board members of RTC and list them;

b) just for the heck of it, do the same for the “mother church” CSI;

c) find who on those lists are no longer still active in the management of organized scientology or who otherwise are not there and thus no longer meet the qualifications of the positions as per the bylaws;

d) now see who is left as the trustees and directors of RTC and CSI once you take off the list those covered in “c” above;

e) what you have left are the current trustees and directors of RTC and CSI. Look at the trustees of RTC. Can you trust them as ones who could potentially stand up to Miscavige?

If the answer to “e” is “yes” do up a unanimous written consent of the trustees pointing out how Miscavige is no longer qualified to be a director and removing him as Chairman of the Board. Do the same for any other directors in his camp also doing abuses.

Take this and those trustees and any director willing to fight with you to one of the main scientology corporate attorneys saying you are the main officials of the corporation, you are hiring him/her to help you remove this cancer from your organization and want it carried out immediately. Having an officer with you, like maybe the president, could also be helpful although not mandatory. If you know any top corporate scientology attorneys who already show they dislike the abuses it would be a plus to go with them. Probably best to stay away from attorneys who have also personally represented Miscavige and who anyway are not likely highly competent corporate attorneys (like Yingling or Drecher).

He/she can tell you exactly how to do it. Work out the details of carrying this out such as escorting Miscavige off the premises, getting his keys to company cars, houses, etc. removing him as signatory of any accounts and the like. As well include the internal PR of announcing it to all staff.

It would be a plus if you also could get the trustees/directors of CSI to declare Miscavige no longer in good standing with organized scientology. This alone would legally disqualify him from being a board member of RTC.

Once you have done the above, clean up the trustees/directors in CST and CSI to ensure you just have people who are not abusive and not puppets to Miscavige.

(As a side note, if you could only get to the trustees/directors of CST who want to see the abuses end, there is a clause in a CST/RTC contract where CST can cancel the contract to RTC and the intellectual property rights that go with same should RTC place the rights in danger. I suggest Miscavige has placed them in danger in many ways, not the least of which is the utter collapse you are seeing in scientology worldwide. The attorneys who could have helped on this matter were Sherman Lenske, Meade Emory and Leon Misterix but that goes way back to the early 80s. I don’t know if any are still around though. I could give more details of this as well if needed. Doing this would be poetic justice as CST is really setup to be the way to start organized scientology all over again should the current structure with RTC. CSI, etc collapse. It was designed that way with a view towards defending against attacks from outside the structure. How just would it be if it was used from the inside to oust the bad guys as above).

OK look, I know this may not be possible as perhaps none of you OSA types who read this will have the courage to try it. And anyway who knows who are the trustees/directors now? Maybe none of them have the courage to do this either.

But it’s worth looking into and possibly would be a lot less difficult than you might think. Plus, this posting is likely going to end up in some OSA files somewhere and who knows who will read it some time down the line and realize how easy it really is to remove an abusive dictator like Miscavige or even, through CST, start organized scientology all over again.

I have been asked a number of times to help support removing Miscavige from power through some form of coup and declined each time. That is not because I did not care. I declined because I wish to have nothing to do with organized scientology in the future and have no desire to be a scientologist in any way. I also advised against the plans suggested to me as I felt that they were ill advised if not illegal.

The above is my final response as someone who helped design the whole corporate system, who once ran OSA and who ran legal outside of the courts for more years than anyone else.

Once again, those running organized scientology in a destructive way are far easier to remove from the inside than from the outside.

If you want to take out the great abuser, get some courage and do it. Check out the above as a possible legal way to carry it out if you and some trustees are willing.

If it doesn’t work fine, figure out your own way. Just stop complaining about Miscavige and his abuses if you are in a position to do something about it yet choose to do nothing.

This corporate stuff is really designed to stop attacks from outside of it be they civil actions or governmental actions. It is not nearly as strong for stopping attempts from inside of it to remove bad leaders. It’s doable if the trustees agree. You just have to have some courage and do it!!

Realize that Miscavige is truly a coward and controls you through fear and intimidation. Get over it and do something, legally of course. If you don’t and you are in a position to do something, you become just as responsible for the abuses as Miscavige IMO.

FWIW, some random thoughts.

Larry Brennan”

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Become a Teacher  on June 19th, 2010

When I was younger I used to be more tolerant of different religions, but as I’ve grown older I see more and more of some of them and the way they undermine or discriminate against certain parts of the population. Interesting write up, thanks.

Marjorie Chon  on April 4th, 2016

Thought-provoking blog post , I learned a lot from the information , Does someone know if my company would be able to find a fillable CA SI-100 form to work with ?

OldAuditor  on April 5th, 2016


This will give you all of the information you need.

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