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Las Vegas Org promotion features tennis pro James Springer

Three of these promo pieces have been sent out,  one right after the other, from the Las Vegas Org where James Springer is evidently doing his Scientology Basics. He is studying one of the best basic books available. James has been teaching tennis professionally for more than ten years.

I hope he get the gains he is expecting before the church starts exploiting him and crush regging him for every cent he earns.

James appears to be engaging and outgoing. He is also quite colorful. Perhaps the church hopes to use him as an attraction for fans or for other celebrities.

Fortunately, if he decides that he deserves a life of his own and that he is not cut out to be a cult member, he can get the gains he is looking for in the independent field.

I had originally identified his org as the Phoenix Org because the promo was also sent out from there.

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plainoldthetan  on October 24th, 2011

I always love how the Church comes up with “catch phrases” that can be so easily morphed into the truth.

In this case “join the club” can be easily changed to “join the clubbing”.

Just like “join the movement” was so easily changed to “join the movement — bran or prune juice”.

Tee, hee.

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