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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

You can do your part in spreading the truth about corporate Scientology

We want to thank our readers for providing much of the data that appears on this site.

Many of you are still trying to help staff members deal with the insanity that pervades corporate Scientology and some of you are staff who are doing your best to keep the original purposes of Scientology alive.

You can always write to us and be assured your privacy will be protected. Use a hushmail account if you   are under surveillance. We make every effort to anonymize your information so it cannot be traced back to you.

We are trying to publish the complete truth about Corporate Scientology and that means everything that matters: the good, the bad, and the ugly. There are still good people in the church although they are fewer each month and we would like to report any commendations you would like to pass along.

In every criminal organization there have been decent people caught in a difficult position who did their best to make things go right. We are happy to acknowledge those who are still fighting the good fight.

Unfortunately, these people are an extreme minority. The majority of staff members are caught between a rock and a hard place with constant cross orders, unrealistic targets and zero resources. In order to survive, they lie, they pillage unused accounts, and they act like piranhas around unwary public. They are degrading themselves every day and their abuse of public trust is sinking the SCN TITANIC lower in the water every week.

Cockroaches scatter in the sunlight and corporate madness cannot stand the light of public scrutiny. If you would like to bring an end to the corporate insanity that is destroying a once beautiful applied philosophy, please share your information with the world.

Send your emails to plainoldthetan@gmail.com or oldauditor@possiblyhelpfuladvice.com


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OttoMagic  on October 30th, 2011

I, previously, was of the definite opinion that ‘so many things are so much more important in life than the criminality of the hurch of Scientology, that it is an utter waste of time for anyone to so much as lift a finger in its direction’.

And, as a corollary, I thought, ‘Well, the people there got themselves there, it’s their responsiblity that they are there, and it is their future which will be affected by their determination to support that criminal organization.’

I still think, mind you, that once the criminals who have perverted the Church of Scientology are apprehended and incarcerated, that all of the people who supposedly ‘have a good heart’, should be roundly cuffed about the head and ears and put on hard labor for their “treason” as it were.

Maybe I am being too harsh.

However, I now have come to the point of view that those who want to ‘save’ the Church of Scientology from the criminals who now run it … they should, certainly, do so. And, more power to them.

Maybe eradicating just that little bit of evil being perpetrated on the World by the criminal Miscavige and his cronies (and, believe me, the evil being done in the name of Scientology is small potatoes, compared to the rest of the resident evil on this planet) will do something very important. It will show that evil doesn’t always win and you can lose a battle or two, but win the fight in the end.

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