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Including what we found in Scientology before it became a cult

Most. Degraded. Scientology. Video. Ever.

The musical approach is right out of “Up With People” and every possible success button is pushed repeatedly to get you to donate to the biggest fraud in Scientology history.

Well, it looks like the cult has alerted its lawyers and the video was pulled. Fortunately, many copies were downloaded and this video will continue to reappear from here on out.

Tony Ortega at the Village Voice found the lyrics to the song through Why We Protest.

Read the lyrics carefully. The use of thug imagery says a lot about the fall of Corporate Scientology from its original position as an applied philosophy.

Against impossible odds.
And deceptive facade.
One group outshines, man – just look at the signs.
See we winning all over the place.
Giving solutions to the world and the whole human race
We ain’t never gonna back down, leave town, play the clown.
Phychiatry and SPs you know we take ‘em down.
See the purpose ingrained.
It’s burning in our blood.
They the passing storm.
We the unstoppable flood.
See, cuz we the IAS.
And we’re dauntless and defiant.
We confront even the giants, yo.
Handle anyone barring freedom for all.
Cuz you know when we win then nobody falls.
So bring it harder y’all.
Let’s make it stronger now.
Unite as one, answer the call.
Come on, and we’ll forever be the winners!

Chorus: IAS. Dauntless and defiant.
So resolute. There’s nothing we can’t do.

Scientology ads and the PSA’s.
Let’s play them 24/7, watch them clear the haze.

We’re lighting the path that Man has sought so long.
And now the search is over, the truth is out, the mystery’s gone, see.
That’s why I say there is no letting up
’til all the people are free.
You know it’s up to us.
With Narconon and Criminon, Applied Scholastics.
New AOs in the conts.
Yo, it’s truly fantastic.
Cuz there ain’t no limit to what we can do.
So I wanna see you up your status.
Yeah – you and you and you! And you too.

Chorus: IAS. Dauntless and defiant.
So resolute. There’s nothing we can’t do.

From the VMs down in Haiti.
Who saved so many lives.
To the Cavalcades spreading the help so wide.
You see we unite for human rights and restore for
Man all that belongs to his life.
The Way to Happiness.
Brings the calm and the peace.
Helping all reduce crime – even the police.
Psychotropic drugs – we’ll make a thing of the past.
Expose the fraud of the psychs.
And watch them dwindle real fast.
We got islands of sanity ’round Ideal Orgs.
Let’s make the islands the sea by creating even more.
The dwindling spiral.
We’ll turn it around.
We got the greatest campaigns
this world has ever had.
So keep the force going.
You know we’ll never rest.
Cuz as a matter of course.
We be the very best.
So stand proud, shout it loud.
That we the IAS!

Chorus: IAS. Dauntless and defiant.
So resolute. There’s nothing we can’t do.

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Centurion  on November 19th, 2011

I see the orgs are turning into music and video production sets for promoting IAS. Just another example of “fundraising” instead of delivering tech.

I wonder how many auditors could have been made with the costs of this production.

plainoldthetan  on November 19th, 2011

Challenge: how many milliseconds of face-time does LRH get in this expensive (but stoopid) video?

LO  on November 21st, 2011

here you can still find the video:

John Doe  on November 22nd, 2011

A mercedes with a license plate, “IAS”?? With 6 or 8 staffers draped on the hood?? WTF? “Lame” is not strong enough to describe.

Out of valence, anyone?

Miscavige’s Glamour Poster Girl  on June 12th, 2013

[...] the “dauntless, defiant” message is being underscored by using a poster girl who looks like Penelope Cruz or Salma [...]

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