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Phil Spickler Remembers LRH

Phil Spickler, who is even older than Old Auditor, has produced a remarkable series of videos which you can access through the “Phil Spickler” link on the right sidebar. This is a transcript of a video:

PJ Spickler Remembers LRH

Oh, the times they are a-changin’ and we hope our fellow listers are doing as well as (or better than) could be expected. Let this afternoon’s entertainment start by raising our curtain, which has emblazoned on its beautiful velvet folds “The way out is out.”

Dropping ‘way back down the time track for a moment, into that period called the 20th century, whose years all began with 19- something, let us, as time travellers, set the date for 1955, and the location as Phoenix, Arizona, USA; and since we will be invisible to the people of that time and place, let’s see what L. Ron Hubbard and Company are up to.

Well, having successfully completed and published a marvelous book called _Dianetics 55_, Ron is also engaged in making a series of lectures to the public at large in Phoenix; and while each of these lectures is being given to audiences sometimes small and sometimes larger, it is to our great fortune that they are being tape-recorded and can, to this day, in our 21st century, still be found and enjoyed. These are NOT the “Phoenix Lectures” that were later made into a book called _The Phoenix Lectures_ — those lectures were being given to (I believe) one of the doctorate courses that were being given at that time. But the lectures that I’m talking about were expressly designed for what were referred to as the “raw public,” and were being given by an L. Ron Hubbard who was at that time a very young 44 years old and who was a pretty happy, very high-toned, extremely vigorous guy whose body and health thrived very well in that great southwestern American desert region.

It was a time when Ron was very active in one of his favorite activities which was motorcycling, and dressed like a cowboy, he and other like-minded wild Scientologists were given to racing powerful motorcycles across the desert toward a given spot in the distance at high speed, the game being to do it without changing course, no matter what got in front of you.

Anyhow, coming back to that public lecture series, one of Ron’s favorite targets for humorous and well-deserved criticism was the Catholic Church. And he was very fond of pointing out the Church’s very successful operation to control the spirit, minds, and bodies of those who fell under its thrall before they attained an age where they could reason and discriminate and choose for themselves; and how contrary that was to the ideas of Dianetics and also Scientology in the direction of spiritual, mental, and physical freedom. And yet, by many of the standards of Planet Earth, the Catholic Church might be considered a successful organization — but success in terms of what? In terms of vast hoards of money, in terms of owning more real estate on Planet Earth than any other group, in terms of having a worldwide public or congregation that has been implanted to believe that the Catholic Church is the only way to achieve salvation and to go to Heaven — repeat, the ONLY way — and the alternative for every other living person who is outside the Church is to go to a very unpleasant Hell, where they will live forever.

Well, from a certain type of church’s standpoint, that’s considered successful religious delivery. But as I’ve mentioned, Mr. Hubbard, in both serious and humorous ways, was very critical of that church and its notions of how to deal with spiritual possibilities. Ron often referred to the Pope as “Dr. Pious,” and the priests as his “witchwater boys,” and tended to make quite a bit of fun of the Catholic Church, its Pope, its pomp, its circumstance, the fact that it took itself with utmost seriousness, since it made no bones about it being The Truth that it was the Only Truth and the Only Way to spiritual salvation and freedom, and woe betide anybody over the centuries that attempted to disagree or oppose that church.

So anyway, Ron had pointed out at that time that the Church of Scientology, which was a pretty young, pretty new church, was different in all respects from the Catholic Church, since in no way, shape, or form did it represent itself to be the one and only true point of dissemination and representation for and of the one and only true God; nor did it seek to conquer Earth by gaining utter and complete control of the minds and souls of men through fear and intimidation and promise of fates worse than death, nor would it ever establish something like the Catholic Church’s Inquisition to strike fear and terror into the hearts of those in and outside of the Church who in some way had offended it.

So Ron’s promise for the Church of Scientology was that it had no brief to gain control or dominion over people, but to actually free them from the slaveries that earlier religions and practices had subjected so much of mankind to. Ron in more than one lecture took up these matters and used that church as all the things that Scientology as a church would never be or do.

So here was our 44-year-old Ron Hubbard, who had a pretty neat wife who was occasionally having a baby, who liked to get together with staff and students informally, who liked to tell funny stories or jokes and was open and receptive to humor. And although most of us held him in great respect, and some of the lower-toned people like myself in awe, his human, humorous, and playful beingness was much in evidence. It was a time when it was considered possible to achieve OT-hood, and without question there were a fair number of people who exhibited tremendous abilities and capabilities from the type of auditing that was prevalent in those days.

I think it’s essential that latter-day Scientologists who never got to know L. Ron Hubbard in what may have been his golden period need, even if it’s second hand through people like myself, to get a feeling for the original Hubbard and the viewpoints that he held and exercised in those days. Those days, through the 1950’s and up into the early days of the 1960’s, was/were the period when the basics of Scientology were created and codified, and when Ron’s greatest genius was present and accounted for.

When I wish to find a datum or a stable datum with which to align his later writings, I refer to the aforementioned period: Axioms, Logics, Prelogics, Auditor’s Code, Code of a Scientologist, Creed of the Church, the Factors, etc. etc. and on and on. I also refer to the person, the being, called Ron Hubbard and his viewpoint and expressions of it during this Golden Age of Dianetics and Scientology. Ron definitely had a pretty long run at being brilliant, and the fact that age, poor health, and the inability to get objective tech, ethics and admin applied to his case(s) eventually added up to an L. Ron Hubbard that was quite different from the L. Ron Hubbard of the 50’s and very early 60’s.

And in order to shorten this memoir, I’d like to point out that he then, in his later life, modeled the Church of Scientology very much after the Catholic Church and its worst abuses, up to and including internal and external secret police in the form of the GO, and probably continued with that group called OSA. He created excommunication in the form of expulsion and declare of suppressive persons; he brought the fatal flaw of the Catholic and other religions and churches and declared that Scientology was the ONLY WAY to whatever it is all these religions promise. As mentioned in another post, he turned the Church of Scientology into a religious business, and he created a warrior-priesthood called the Sea Org to use muscle, force, intimidation and other indignities to keep the faithful and the not-so-faithful in line, a job that was once held by the Jesuits of the Catholic Church, and may still be. In other words, if you can find, historically, a list of any and all of the abuses of the Catholic Church, you will find, with few exceptions, all of them in place in the Church of Scientology, and put there by the latter-day old, physically ill, and unhandled-case that that really wonderful guy devolved into.

I think it’s true to say that Ron was not able to have people burned at the stake or overtly physically tortured to death, and he was unable to institute a true bloodbath between the fundamental Church of Scientology and the reform group or protestant group that came forth from it in the way that Catholics and Protestants killed one another for centuries. But using the unpleasant groups that he created within the church, such as the SO and the GO, he caused plenty of pain and unhappiness and ongoing despair among those folks and/or groups deemed to be heretical or disenchanted with the church and Ron over the years and into present time.

But the L. Ron Hubbard that I knew and loved, and who generated such a wonderful game to play, is and will always remain for me the real and only L. Ron Hubbard, and my personal stable datum for evaluating all that followed.

Thank you for listening. Most sincerely (especially for me),
P. Clarence

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elizabeth hamre  on November 23rd, 2011

That was a great article and you have my agreement, since I too am on old scientologist who remembers nothing but good and the “good” has continued after leaving the church with wonderful outcome since I am a solo auditor who has not stopped the sessions after OT 7. It is Ron I thank for the Technology which has given me the way out to embark on the greatest adventure as any spiritual being can have, experience. Elizabeth Hamre

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