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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology


When you experience “magic”, it usually the operation of a technology that is not fully understood. When you encounter such technology, things will happen that appear to be “miracles” because you are experiencing results that cannot be explained on the basis of what you already know to be true.

If the results are desirable, like a major improvement in your health or state of mind, you can experience a complete resurgence in your willingness to experience life in all of its aspects.

This truly feels like a miracle and you will probably be crushed when it appears to be short-lived.

Don’t be crushed. This is not a matter of faith or proper reverence. The “miracle” you experienced was merely a benefit of an advanced technology and you need to learn how this technology works and how to get more for yourself.

You have two choices:

Accept what happened as a personal miracle and become the effect of any changes that occur including disappearance of the “miracle”. This choice will put you permanently at effect of outside forces and influences.

Or, recognize the possibility that an advanced technology is involved and resolve to learn all that you can about its uses and risks. This course of action will put you at cause over your future.

When you are exposed to a technology that far exceeds anything you have ever experienced before, several things can happen.

You can be overcome with delight as this opens doors to possibilities that you could only dream of before. Following that, you can be crushed with disappointment and bitterness because the “miracle” didn’t last.

If you are aware that miracles are the result of applying senior technology of some sort, you will start looking for the explanation and limitations of what has occurred and will be able to recreate the miracle at will.

You can apply this to your auditing results:

You have been given a session of some sort and you come out of session with a new appreciation of life. You may have achieved a new state of awareness and your control of your relationships and of your surroundings has increased by several orders of magnitude. People start liking you and customers want to do business with you. You feel a sense of power and increased responsibility and your body may start feeling younger and more energetic.

Life is good and you are fearless and free for hours, days, weeks, even months, until it all stops and you actually feel worse than before. You now feel hopeless and betrayed and the little voices in your head are saying, “You should have known better” and “What a waste of time and money”.

If you are a believer in “miracles” your faith is probably shattered and you can spend months getting over your disappointment.

If you recognize that technologies have limits, you get in comm with your auditor and tell him you fell on your head and want it handled immediately. He will get you in session and you will invariably discover that your big win occurred because you handled a huge chunk of the forces that were holding you back…and this action cleared the way for more malignant forces to emerge from the unconscious darkness.

Once you gain an understanding of the immense magnitude of the spiritual forces that exist and can affect you, you become much more businesslike in handling your spiritual welfare. You percieve and handle what you can and then are prepared for the next wave that appears. You begin to understand that your gains are real but they must be maintained against forces that would have you compromise your integrity or invalidate your knowingness.

Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom in the spiritual realm as well as in the physical universe. You must learn to recognize and handle threats to your spiritual survival as well as threats to your physical survival.

Learn as much as you can about the technologies that make your spiritual life better and create your own miracles.

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