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More 2011 IAS event flim-flammery

The other PhoneyGraph from the 2011 IAS event that immediately struck me as lying, disingenuous and manipulative was this one: 

As with most of the “statistics” shown in the 2011 IAS event, the “stat” labeled “PLANETARY HELP” remains undefined.

This PhoneyGraph doesn’t even have the I.Q. challenging slinky-style data line that other PhoneyGraphs in the event had.

Take a closer look at the slide (it’s not really a graph).

It shows SMI contributing to the 70x expansion of global help. Mike Rinder has already decimated the 2011 IAS event’s pseudo-coverage of Mission activities here. And don’t miss the dissection of the truth of what’s happening in the Mission network as detailed by my new hero Gabriel here.

If nothing else, the arrow coming out of the SMI logo should be going the other direction…out of sight over the horizon in a direction away from the viewer.

And does anyone recognize that logo with the paired hands about to grasp each other?

Yes, that’s the I-HELP logo.  The logo of the Scientology sector that used to promote, manage, and expand the actions of field auditors in the world.

Alas, I-HELP’s only presence is this electronic manifestation of its logo.  I-HELP is dead, dead, dead. 

Six months ago, when I went into the CLO West US to visit the I-HELP office, it was empty. The crickets could be heard chirping through the silent hallways.

Field Auditing has been ethics’d into oblivion.

So neither of those sectors could have contributed to expanding planetary help by 70x.

There’s other disingenuousness built into the slide. There are blue “expansion arrows” that have no Scientology sector logo at their base, creating the false impression that the 70x expansion is truly global.

Think about another thing.  70x is 7000 percent.

Is there any half-awake non-hypnotized person who actually believes that figure has been achieved?

Let’s look at it this way.

Write down a list of 70 non-Scientologists you know.

Did Scientology’s “help” help all of them?  Any of them?

Whoops! None?

Wouldn’t Scientology’s help have to “helped” all 70 of your acquaintances for Scientology’s Planetary Help effort to have achieved a 70x expansion?

I mean, there’s you. That’s 100%. Your 70 friends would make it 7000%.

This is what “Neutron Davey” Miscavige is missing.

The ability to present a stat that passes a 15-second sniff test.

Swing and a miss, Davey.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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OldAuditor  on December 15th, 2011

I see that the performance was too awful for one member of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 reviewers in the audience.

I’m glad you watch the videos so we don’t have to.

plainoldthetan  on December 15th, 2011

The intended joke in the graphic has more hidden subtlety: Only the human wants to blow his brains out. The robots are perfectly happy.

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