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OTs from Europe and Russia Visit Golden Era Productions – hilarity ensues

Aida Thomas and her husband David hosted a party earlier this month for OTs from Russia, Switzerland, Germany and other parts of Europe.

Max and Erica Hauri and a group of OTs from RON’s Org had come to Los Angeles to meet other Scientologists, make new friends, and spread Theta in the environment.

Many of Aida’s friends and PCs  from Los Angeles participated and you can see the enthusiasm that exists in the Independent Scientology community.

The visitors from abroad planned to spend several days in the LA area before going to the Independent Scientology Convention in Las Vegas.

You can see the entire article on Aida’s website: A Very Theta International Scientology Gathering

Max Hauri and the OTs from Europe and Russia toured various Scientology organizations in Los Angeles and were welcomed by the staff members at AOLA, CCI, LA Org and the LRH Life Exhibition. They were given tours of the premises and a Russian friend reported that the visitors were very impressed with the visibility that Scientology appears to have in Los Angeles.

One of the high points on their itinerary was a planned visit to Golden Era Productions in Gillman’s Hot Springs in Riverside County California. They did get to look in the gates but were prevented from visiting so they made the most of it.

They received a chilly welcome from Golden Era staffers who claimed they were trespassing and threatened repeatedly to call the police. These threats were made while the visitors were standing in the public right of way. The ease which Sea Org staff lie  and make claims that are obviously false shows the desperation these staff members experience when facing friendly visitors.

The next video shows the extreme contrast between the cheerful mood of the Russian and European visitors and the fear exhibited by highly trained Sea Org personnel when confronted by independent Scientologists.

For more videos and interviews with Max Hauri during this visit to Golden Era Productions, vist Aida’s website: http://aidathomas.wordpress.com/2011/12/08/theta-arrives-at-golden-era-productions/

Interestingly, a friend of mine who attended the party at Aida’s said that the enthusiasm of the Russians reminded her of the enthusiasm that American Scientologists used to show years ago before the Miscavige era.

It is my hope that we can regain that sense of enthusiasm by applying the technology as successfully as  Max Hauri’s group does. Tools do not produce results if they are not used. Those of us who know the power of the technology need to keep it from going out of use.

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Centurion  on December 18th, 2011


Good job on trying to get the cult members to actually practice ARC, which is something they don’t even fathom despite it being part of what they teach.

That blonde SS camp guard was especially rude. I cannot believe how frantic she was; like a duck hit on the head with a club.

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