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More IAS 2011 Miscavige misdirection

Other puke-evoking PhoneyGraphs from the 2011 IAS event were presentations of how the “humanitarian” efforts of Scientology were being delivered single-handedly by David Miscavige to downtrodden illiterate denigrated peoples across the planet, thus uplifting their societies and salvaging them for Scientology.

Or something like that.

Let’s see how effective the efforts of the IAS are by looking at some shots from the 2011 IAS event.

Here’s one that shows the hammer missing the nail by a mile. Apparently, 20% of Columbians have The Way To Happiness books. To be taken seriously, that means that you could stand on a street corner in Medellin and stop 10 random people. Two of them would say that they have a TWTH book in their home or on their person.

Do you think that’s true? Has it been proven by survey? Or any kind of test?

The population of Columbia is approximately 46 million. So that means that Miscavige is telling us 9.2 million copies of TWTH are in Columbians’ possession.

This begs the immediate question: are these booklets actually in the possession of Columbians?

Or is it that 9.2 million copies of TWTH were passed out?

Have you ever walked down a street where Scientologists are passing out things. OCAs? TWTH booklets? Free Dianetics session coupons?

Have you ever looked in the nearest garbage cans and litter bags? And gutters?

They’re packed with the discarded free things shoved into people’s hands by Scientologists.

Admittedly, a few of the oh-so-valuable free handouts make it into someone’s hands.

But not the bulk of them.

Miscavige isn’t telling us that TWTH booklets are in someone’s hands (like the PhoneyGraph says).

He’s telling us he sold 9.2 million copies of the TWTH booklets at $1.50 each to people who thought they were doing some good with them.

Actually, he’s telling us he sold 93,467,934 TWTH booklets at $1.50 each in the past ten years. That garnered proceeds of over $140,000,000.

Just like we can’t find 93,467,934 persons that have actually read, word-cleared, checked out on, and are using the TWTH precepts in their daily lives, we won’t be able to find Miscavige’s secret money drops that are hiding the $140,000,000.

And what good was provably done with 93,000,000 TWTH happiness books over the past 10 years?

Well, I just saw a special on National Geographic Channel which illustrates how in the past few years the cocaine traffickers  in Columbia have been constructing “semisubmersibles” — low-profile boats that are designed to smuggle cocaine from Columbia to the United States by evading radar detection.

Drug- and law-enforcement agents inside Columbia report finding fully submersible cargo-carrying submarines in various states of completion.


Apparently the massive “just say no to drugs” and TWTH campaigns touted at the 2011 IAS event are making the drug producers and smugglers smarter.

But they’re not stopping the drug production and smuggling on the Columbian end.

And they’re not stopping Americans from buying the stuff up and disappearing it up their noses, either.

In fact, the 2011 IAS event, with all its fancy graphic presentations, didn’t present any graphics showing us what good the so-called IAS humanitarian programs are doing.

Other than draining Scientology parishioners’ pocketbooks.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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just curious  on December 21st, 2011

I wonder if Coca Cola issued approval on the use of their product name/logo, positioned with the church of scientology, used by the church of scientology in their promotional material?

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