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We say “Happy New Year” with the best of intentions, but what would it mean if we could actually make it come true? Would you be willing to risk feeling happier and possibly getting things done that you have not been able to do so far?

One of the best ways to do this is to rehabilitate your power of choice.

That may seem too simplistic to you but it only seems that way if you have never experienced what it means to fully exercise your power of choice.

As you recover your ability to make choices, you become more at cause and you begin to take control of your life in ways you never expected. To an amazing extent, you become master of your destiny.

People who have lost the power to choose have subjugated their will to the control of others. To put it bluntly, they become slaves of that which stops them from making choices of their own volition.

It all begins quite innocently when you adopt certain stable datums to hold off the confusions of life. As a child, you hear, “Don’t listen to him, he’s a Communist/Fascist/Capitalist/Anarchist/Child Molester/(whatever is scary at the moment).” You substitute a label and an attitude for actually getting on communication with the person and being exposed to new ideas.

When you reach adulthood and encounter Scientology in your search for the “ultimate truth”, you have some transforming experiences and you adopt other stable datums in your efforts to align lfe to your new goals and new friends:

“L Ron Hubbard is Mankind’s greatest friend”
“The Sea Org exists to get ethics in on the planet.”
“Your eternity is dependent upon you being in Scientology and supporting it”
“Scientology is the only hope for Mankind”
“The KSW #1 Policy Letter must be followed with no deviation”

To the extent that you accept these stable datums without exercising your powers of observation to verify them as true, you have given up your power of choice. If you are not permitted to evaluate the truth or usefulness of a stable datum, it becomes aberrative to the degree that it does not apply to real life.

Like the famous example of “All horses sleep in beds”, following unexamined stable datums produces real conflicts between what you expect and what really happens in life.

If you have stable datums you are not willing to evaluate in a new unit of time, you are not going to be able to change your life or to get case gain in auditing. Life is going to become more and more frustrating because the tools you are using to run your life are just not working.

Your auditing was quite frankly a disappointment and you are less confident after several OT levels than you were after completing the HQS course. You used to think you were clear but now you are just confused. The IAS is after you for another donation and you feel that is wrong somehow, but you are afraid to cut yourself off from your eternity as a “freed” being.

So, you solved that by escaping from the church, and you are still trying to apply “Standard Tech” but you don’t know whether you should use the 1950s version, the 1960s version, the 1980s version, the GAT version or what. You have not made the transition from being an indoctrinated church member yet and you are looking for guidance from someone who is “standard”.

Perhaps you should start at the beginning and decide whether you were in a cult or not before you try to decide what choice of lifestyle and technology will set you free. Read these articles and you may find that your willingness to make new choices has increased:


The bottom line? If you carefully examine the stable datums that form the boundaries of your life, you may find yourself recovering your power of choice and are moving up to new states of activity.

If you try this and cannot make any headway, try contacting an auditor in the independent field. Many of them will be able to help you. Just select the auditor you feel most comfortable with and experience a happier new year.

- David St Lawrence

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Eileen Clark  on December 24th, 2011

Below is a reply to an email David sent me, it is just as appropriate as a response here. My biggest beef in trying to do my post in the SO was the increasingly difficult to overcome viewpoint of “no help” because of the enforced views coming down the org board. In my view, the remaining staff are operating from the non-LRH dictum that there is “no help” for so many that have been brushed aside, or worse audited to death, literally:


This is excellent. So glad you simply laid things out so clearly and concisely. Those described by you were often included in the “fringe”, which was a gross auditing error and gross misapplication of organizational policies.
These desperate or despairing souls were the ones who many times ended up on my lines. Only now do I realize exactly why that was so! I am aware of being imperfect in many ways, but believing there is “no help” is not in my universe.

I do not and will never believe that if LRH had been around to receive communications concerning what was happening with certain cases that he would have recommended “no help” and “no auditing”. Which is essentially what occurred, too many times, after the misapplication of incorrect programming that showed “no case gain” or “resistive case” giving the justification for false labels.

Bless you for the willingness to help unreservedly and without preconceived ideas, bias and prejudice, yet not off your own bat, but researching LRH writings and lectures to find answers. In my book, that is standard practice and is the one noticeable huge glaring elephant in the middle of the room outpoint in the current regime run by David Miscavige.

I am so pleased and proud to be your friend.


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