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Auditing and Coaching Develop OT Abilities that Matter

I have personally observed a vast range of extraordinary abilities exhibited by people in all walks of life and I am sure that it is possible for many people to achieve most of those abilities through the right kind of training and spiritual counseling. My test for any of these abilities was, can it be used to help others, can I learn it and teach it to others?

The answer was usually no.

On the other hand, in Scientology as it existed during the last half of the 1970s, I received auditor training at the Ft Lauderdale Mission and Miami Org that opened up my awareness to the existence of OT abilities and I strengthened these abilities every time I audited others.

I found that OT abilities which let me help others got stronger through use. Since they were employed in the service of others under the rules of the Auditors Code, there was little reason to fall into using them in a destructive way.

Your experience may vary, but I found that abilities wither when they are used to harm another. More broadly, any action involving OT abilities that results in having to withhold the fact that the abilities were used creates an immediate dwindling spiral. Committing overt acts with an ability seems to be a quick way to lose the ability.

This is why auditing and coaching in a high ARC environment increases your ability to know what someone else is thinking and what they have on their mind to share with you.

Here is a simple example. If you have ever coached the ashtray drill which trains one to put an intention into an exact spot, you, as the coach, better be able to spot where the intention is being placed and how well it is being placed. Anything else is a tech degrade and you turn out a student who feels the whole drill is a fraud. Once the student realizes that the coach can actually “see” where the student’s intention is going, the student starts validating his own abilities.

If you have ever seen a pro wordclearer in action, you will have experienced OT abilities in action. I knew several wordclearers who could spot misunderstood words on a page as they walked by just by the amount of student attention splattered in the area.

As an auditor, there are parts of the auditing communication cycle that are unspoken and the auditor who does not know what the Preclear is thinking has to fake it. Well trained auditors can actually duplicate what is going on with the Preclear.

In Basic Auditing Series 4R, Communication Cycles Within the Auditing Cycle, LRH describes seven communication cycles within the Auditing Cycle and four of them are unspoken communications originated by the PC.

An auditor needs to get up to the point where he “knows” what the PC has said yes to, and he “knows” when the PC is no longer looking within, and “knows” if the PC is ready for the command, and “knows” when the PC completed the answer and received the acknowledgment. LRH says that is doesn’t matter if it is telepathy or not, it is still Cause, Distance, Effect.

The auditor who has been well drilled by a coach with normal auditor OT abilities, soon knows when he “knows” what the PC is doing and when he doesn’t.

When receiving auditing from an auditor with these abilities, the PC knows he is being duplicated and his comm is never cut.

On the Auditor side, he or she gets to share someone elses space to such a degree that they see the same events and experience the relief when the incidents are discharged. The PC gets case gain as he cognites and so does the auditor plus the auditor gains certainty and more knowledge with every session he delivers.

Auditing under these conditions increases an auditor’s OT abilities. Auditing in a suppressive or invalidative environment caves auditors in. Unfortunately, there were more of them than not as the years went by.

I was auditing at AOLA when the MAA burst into the auditing room and halted the session because my PC has just been declared by some squirrel Ethics Officer at the PCs home org. Neither the DofP or the CS saw anything wrong with this. I transferred to ASHO to finish my Grad V internship. (The Ethics officer was later declared, but there was no correction to the HGC staff who let the session be interrupted.)

The ability to duplicate the PC and know what the PC is thinking is an OT ability that many auditors in the past were trained up to achieve. I did not see that ability in my Flag auditors in the late Eighties, so it may have dropped out as the ethics gradients steepened and caring for the PC was relegated to a lost art.

If you want to exercise your OT abilities, brush up your skills and start auditing! There is no upper limit that I have seen.

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