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2011 IAS event — more Miscavige lies

This next graphic from the 2011 IAS event begs the sniff test.


As in previous events, a parade of television corporation logos march across the screen.

But, this time, only four logos appear.

Let’s see, there’s ION TELEVISION, NBC, FOX, and the HALLMARK CHANNEL.

Now I watch NBC and FOX. I’ve never seen a Way to Happiness PSA on either network.

Has any one of the readers of this column?  How about Hallmark or Ion?


Please report if you’ve seen any TWTH PSAs on those channels.

I’m not buying it, though.

How can Miscavige claim to say they’re being shown when they haven’t been seen?

Unless…the evil television networks are taking the Church’s money and not giving anything in exchange.

Now, THAT’S wasting money in orders of magnitude!

—  written by Plain Old Thetan

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PJ  on January 3rd, 2012

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Polymath  on January 4th, 2012

Yeah, and “respect the religious beliefs of others?”

Except when they’re Independent Scientologists, of course.

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