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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

Are you as free as you want to be?

Easily Confrontable  🙂

The mere fact that you are reading this post suggests that you have already come a long way from being afraid of Scientology management.

I commend you for taking the first steps toward regaining your power of choice to choose your friends, to speak your mind, and to ask questions about issues that concern you.

If this is one of your first ventures in exploring the world outside the walls of the CofS, you should be aware that there are many more of us out here than there are left inside. Many of us are trained auditors, word clearers and ethics specialists who are still helping people live happier lives.

We do not have the monolithic organization and oppressive policies that characterize the once great church of Scientology. We are networked by a common interest in helping others and we understand fully that delivering services by following the Auditors Code is the only way to truly help others.

We further understand that services must be tailored to individual needs. Some of you have survived years of invalidation and evaluation as staff members and might benefit from some high ARC repair actions on the proper gradient to recover your original spirit of play. Others have adjusted to life outside the church and are looking for specific booster actions to give them more control of some particular area of life.

What ever your needs are, there are practitioners who deliver it outside the CofS, with a complete absence of crush registration cycles and brutal ethics programs!

Former church of scientology public are pleasantly surprised by the high ARC handlings they receive when getting services from independent field practitioners.

To give you some idea of the differences they see, there is a new section on the Workable Technology Forum titled Wins from Training and Tech Delivery outside the CoS.

For those readers who have been asking for help, I am happy to report that I am ready to deliver services again. As an OT VII, Grad V auditor, I am trained to deliver Life Repair, Grades, HRD, FPRD, Confessionals, Ethics handlings and almost every correction list known to man, but my primary interest lies in rehabilitating former staff members and those who have been mishandled by the Church of Scientology.

I am happy to discuss your needs and to help you work out solutions that fit your current lifestyle and resources. There are a wealth of tools that are available to help you progress in the direction you wish to go. Some of them are programs you can do on your own with a little supervision when you need it.

If there are practitioners who might be more convenient for your geographical location, I will help you connect up with them. If you need help, I am sure that we can work out a solution that works for you.

I can be reached at oldauditor@possiblyhelpfuladvice.com or on Skype at davidstlawrence-oldauditor both voice and video connection.

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Fellow Traveller  on March 30th, 2010

Not yet, so, workin’ on it. Thanks for the offer.

Bruce Pratt

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