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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

My New Year’s Wish for you

My earnest wish is that you recover your insouciance and transform your life in a desirable way this coming year. There are amazing changes you might experience if you can see your way to making new choices.

Life as an Independent Scientologist can be a mind-blowing experience for those who recover their power of choice and participate in creating a new future.


We are getting case gain without the approval of cult leadership.

We start attaining OT abilities in weeks instead of years.

We are handling what we wanted to handle when we first entered Scientology.

We are experiencing the wins promised in the very early days of Scientology.

And finally, we are actually becoming insouciant in the face of all opposition!

From the viewpoint of those locked into the cheerless dogma of the crumbling Miscavige cult, we independents are guilty of violating the basic tenets of Corporate Scientology serfdom every time we accomplish any of these actions.

Once you escape the continuing make-wrong of Corporate Scientology, you have a chance to discover what can be done by following the early precepts of the Scientology philosophy. When you study the material that exists and make it your own, you will find that using the technology is far simpler and more effective than you have ever suspected.

Some of you have left the COS buildings, but you are still spiritually stuck in the COS mindset. This can take some time to spot and to work through. It took me almost a year to separate completely from the patterns I adopted in twenty years of active service as an auditor and Mission Holder. It is difficult wearing a Scientology identity and trying to live a normal life. One gets freaked out at seeing people thinking for themselves!

I would wish the happiest new year of all and suggest that you first keep an open mind, contrary to all that you have been taught in the corporate church. Here is a way to make 2012 a fantastic and life changing year.

Look for results, look for right indications and look for a return of your certainty whenever you deal with an independent auditor.

If these are present, you stand a good chance of getting the gains you want and of recovering from the injuries of the past.

If you keep looking for certainty by ONLY seeking those “who trained under Ron” or have accumulated various church certifications, Class VI, VIII, IX, XII, whatever, you run the risk of getting GAT trained robots. The machinations of the COS have degraded their labels and you have to look at the individuals themselves.

There are excellent field auditors but you are not going to find the one you need until you stop reading labels and look at how they make you feel when dealing with them. A huge Ideal Org building does not guarantee good service nor does an auditor with lots of certs and a commendation from Ron.  A lot has happened in the last twenty years and you need to look for actual results and decide for yourself.

When you discover that you can determine what works for you, you will be on your way to achieving spiritual freedom. It doesn’t matter who is delivering services, what matters is if those services are right for you.

Here is to a new year in which you get to exercise your power of choice and regain your insouciance.

David St Lawrence
Grad V, OT VII
Independent Auditor applying the original Scientology Philosophy

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Eileen Clark  on January 3rd, 2012

Well, you certainly held back on that communication….not!
Well spoken, my friend.
Step right up, folks. The future is yours, it is all about choices.
Happy New Year David and to everyone!!

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